Monday, February 15, 2010

NYC apartment + ball tent = playroom

I wanted to know for sure what TG's shoe size was so we headed down to a local shoe store. Of course, before we even got there, she fell asleep in the car. DH and I sat in the car waiting for her to wake up. Now most would ask why didn't we just wake her. Well, she's teething and her sleep has been off and well, you just don't wake a sleeping child according to our experience. You cherish and savor the quiet and the reboot.
Turned out ok anyhow as when we went in I noticed the prices were rather steep. The exact pair of sneakers she had on were priced at $49.99. I had purchased them at the outlet for $20+.
We took the opportunity to have another husband/wife date. DH picked up some lunch and we sat in the front seat noshing and gabbing. We then beelined to Toys R'Us which I believe is his favorite store at the moment. He's like a kid in a toy store.
DH filled the cart up to the brim with toys. "Hey look, Buy 1 get 1 free on infant toys!" "Honey, she's not an infant anymore." "So, she still likes it." "The shelf life is small. Put it away." "You're no fun."
We ended purchasing a collapsible ball tent maze and a wooden xylophone. Can you guess who picked what?
Oh and DH can't stand the aisle with the McDonald's toys and make your own Twinkies. He says it's no wonder the US leads in childhood obesity.
Now, I'm going to be honest, I thought the ball tent was this small affair. The box was compact and the photo made it look like it was kid sized. What they didn't tell you was those kids had to be at least 6-7 years old.
Holy moly, my one bedroom apartment has this ginormous maze taking over half our living room.
Of course, TG and DH took to it like it was their own private clubhouse. When it's quiet and TG isn't visible, I look for the rustling of the tent and know she's playing in there.
DH immediately scheduled a playdate and showed off TG's new toy. One boy ran around it curious yet cautious. The other one took TG's lead and immediately jumped in and crawled around the maze.
DH relaxed on the sofa and took turns throwing balls into the basketball hope on the other end.
Guess the package was right, fun for ages 3+.