Saturday, January 31, 2009

Words to Live By

"Everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened." -- Matthew 7:8

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rookie Moms to the rescue

Heather and Whitney have this fantastic book out that all new mom’s should check out. The Rookie Mom’s Handbook isn’t like most books out there for new moms and expectant moms. You’re not going to be charged with a list of ‘to-dos’, checklists or milestones that turns a rational sane woman to an absolute nutcase. “OMG, Sarah hasn’t reached a milestone. What now?”
RMH isn’t an anecdote book that may cause you to chuckle but leaves you a bit less knowledgeable. It’s the book I turn to when I want to feel like an accomplished mom and woman. When I’m knee deep in diaper changes and laundry and the last meaningful conversation I can recall is about the consistency of liquids expelled from my child, I turn to this book to bring be back to reality.
It offers great activities to do that won’t break the bank, are completely do-able and stage appropriate. Most importantly, they are activities that are fun, easy to do that always seem to leave me smiling and feeling that much closer to baby. Plus, they don’t leave you feeling as if you are following some regimented developmental guideline.
From the first few pages, Heather and Whitney gently coax you out of that cocoon of post partum new mommyhood. Let’s face it, if you are like me, you read enough books about pregnancy, labor and delivery, baby gear and baby safety to write your own little reference guide. What friends don’t tell you is that you should have been spending that time on reading or illiciting advice from veteran moms on the big job. The big job ain’t carrying the baby nor is it delivering the baby but what to do after the baby arrives.
I may have delivered my precious baby in July but in August I was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia of being a new mom. “Now What?” may be the title of my blog but that was my literal mantra during those early post partum weeks. You become so overwhelmed, the easiest thing to do is to hermitize. Not only do you lock yourself into your own world, you begin to lose grasp of your own self. The activities Heather and Whitney suggest in RMH help you regain your sense of self and bond with your baby.
I received this book a bit late in my new mommyhood but reading back on the activities, which are categorized by month, made me smile and wish I had this book sooner. For the next 6 months, I plan to journal an activity based on a suggestion from their book or website. If you haven’t checked the website out yet, do so and add it to your favorites. It’s filled with great activities for you and kid and all moms, SAHM and WM, can do them.
I recently completed #125: Be a Dad for a day. This challenge was interpreted to mean, drop my to do lists and my checklists and just chill. For one day, I stopped being the Girl Scout Matron, packing for all contingencies . So what if I don’t have extra mittens or an entire parka in my gigantic bag. I grabbed my ergo carrier, packed baby in, grabbed 3 diapers and some wipes and went out sans diaper bag. I walked around, did errands, stopped and checked out little shops and let time slip by. I stopped obsessing about nap times, feed times and diaper changes and just meandered my way through the day. It felt actually liberating. I browsed aisles at the local stores and chatted it up on my cell phone with a friend while BG came along for the ride and took occasional naps. I came home feeling less like a Sherpa and more like a mom confident that she can be a carefree, devil may care mom, at least for a day.

Forget that High Fructose Corn Syrup Ad

Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury "HFCS has replaced sugar as the sweetener in many beverages and foods such as breads, cereals, breakfast bars, lunch meats, yogurts, soups and condiments. On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average." -- Washington Post

I'm guessing corn refiners are going to pull this add now:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Eats: Veggies and Fruits, Oh My!

BG is 6 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old.
BG has enjoyed eating solids for the most part. She has had avocado and sweet potato. A little word on sweet potato, it passes right through my daughter. It has caused DH to exclaim, “Maybe she should continue breastfeeding until she’s 7.”
She still loves breastfeeding. In fact, I think she drinks more nowadays. Just today, when I came home, I hugged her and held her in my arms. She smiled and then placed her mouth on my bare shoulder and tried to nurse. After a few sucks, she pulled away, looked at my shoulder, touched it and made a frustrated exclamation. I chuckled and freed my left breast for her but before I could reposition her, she curled in began drinking sitting up on my arms.
This whole eating thing is still a big challenge for me, psychologically but we are moving along and for the most part I believe our approach is best for both of us.
Every evening, BG sits with us at the table, whether she eats or not. DH and I eat our meal while DH periodically feeds her. Essentially, I’m trying to instill in her the importance of eating as a family and sitting at our family table, even if she’s not eating. I think this helps her with increasing her desire to eat. She’s emulating us and hold her spoon often. She likes to hold her cup and put her hand in her bowl. DH and I keep her food outside of the bowl for now as she pries it off of the suctions and throws it here and there.
We’re also giving her sips of breastmilk from her cup (a non-sippy cup) with our help. She seems to be learning how to drink.
Next on our list to try are apples, string beans, pears and bananas.
I’m actually having fun and enjoying making BG’s food. Being able to make my child’s food not only eases my mind but also makes the whole meal that much more special to me. I make the meal, DH feeds her the meal and as a family we enjoy the meal.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Words to Live By

Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them.-- Romans 12:6

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you?

Looking back on today, I can honestly answer the question, "Where were you when the first Black American president was inaugurated?" with "I was home dealing with a massive clogged ducts problem.

I spent the first morning with a hot diaper compress slapped on my right breast. Sexy.

Between compresses, I had my baby nurse to help alleviate the pain.

I'm sure this isn't the picture I had intended but I won't forget it.

Thanks go to all the ladies that offered their advice and sympathies for my plight.

So I'm sure most of you weren't dressed as attractively as I was with my hot newborn diaper slapped onto my boob, but take a moment and write where you were so you can look back on this with your kids later.

Ok, watching the inauguration I couldn't help smile at the nervousness of President Obama as he took his oath. It was very endearing and made him human.

I also grew respect watching First Lady Michelle Obama. Everytime I see her with her kids I grow in admiration. She takes pride in being a mother and if I recall an article in one of the many family magazines I've read she said that she is first and foremost a mother. She truly is a role model for many women who juggle wife, mother and self.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love is honorable.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my Love Dare. It’s been a hard entry. I thought it would be easier but it is one of the more challenging ones. I thought it would be easier as I understand and desire to honor my husband. The exercise is to completely give myself and my attention to my husband. It’s been hard. I feel like I give myself to my baby, our home and our family to the point where I really don’t consider my feelings and my needs over their needs. I want to honor my husband but any chance I get where I’m not caring for my baby, I’m multitasking home chores, work and family chores. Yes, I’d like to sit and watch television or spend time with my husband but the dishes still need to get washed. The meals need to be prepared. The breastmilk needs to be stored and pumped.
The readings included an example of dishonoring your spouse by not focusing on him/her completely. I fail this miserably as I’m always multitasking when my husband is around. I always feel like I have limited time and with another adult, I can be do more. Yes, occasionally we’ll sit and watch a program together but on an average night, I have a list of items to do to prepare for the next day or make my life easier the next day.
So I’ve held off on writing this entry hoping to fit a time where I can try to accomplish this test but I don’t truly feel as if I have been able to do so it. I’d like to but I haven’t.
It’s doesn’t mean I don’t honor my husband. I do but I need to show him a little more but I’m just feeling a bit spent right now. I’m tired. I’m chasing time. I’m fighting for my rights and failing. I don’t feel like I have more to give right now.
On the other front, I’m trying and I think I’m learning to not sweat the small stuff. I’m focusing on my 2009 resolution to choose life and not expect. 2009 is the year of me, the year of no expectations and the year of daring and I’ve been really focusing on expectations or the lack of. I think it is getting better for me every day. Now if I can focus more on me and more on my dares.

Slowly but surely mom and baby are growing stronger.

BG is 6 months, 1 week and 5 days old.
So BG finished her 5 days eating avocado. The first day was a bit stressful for me but she’s been a true champ eating 1 ounce at each sitting. I’m so proud of her. I’m also proud of my letting go. It has been no secret that I’m reluctant to introduce the solids. I remind myself that her eating solids isn’t a farewell to breastfeeding. It’s been a private struggle but everyday I see my little girl smile while she eats, I’m happy. BG has now moved onto sweet potatoes. I plan to make pears and squash next.
It hasn’t been easy as I get flack for the foods I choose to start her off with. Sometimes it’s said in a joshing way but when you hear almost every day that a certain food is disgusting it only makes me think of the trials I will face when she truly understands what is being said in front of her. It makes me angry and hurt. I work hard researching what foods to start with. I try very hard to overcome my irrational fears to feed her solids every day. I work hard to come home on time and feed her at a decent hour. I don’t need the extra hurdle to jump over.
Anyway, letting go of my worries about her starting solids is a big accomplishment for me. I’m very proud of myself and it’s one of those things that I can’t share with everyone. Some folks think it’s black and white but it’s not. So here I am announcing how happy I am that I jumped this hurdle. I’m sure I’ll have more hurdles regarding solids but I’ll jump them one at a time and one my own.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Words to Live By

A soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse one crushes the spirit.
-- Proverbs 15:4

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Failing Miserably

"The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfolding your personality into the person you want to be... Be gentle with yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right attitude toward others." - Wilfred Peterson

It has been 15 days since I choose to live for 2009. How am I doing? I am lapsing so it is time for some pep talking.
I rescheduled my dental appointment to accommodate my family's schedule. I could have held firm as it wasn't an emergency but I relented. I am also sabotaging my haircut because subconsciously I can't believe I am choosing myself over my family.
Right now I am on my way to get my haircut, a free student haircut. I hope I make it in time. I desperately have desired a haircut since I gave birth. I’m tired of my long hair and want something short and easy to care for. Unfortunately taking care of my hair went away along with my manicures, pedicures and occasional baths. Now I’m just happy to get a quick shower in and I ponytail my hair or bun it.
I have to remember that it is important to take care of me. This is for me. I deserve it. It’s not that I don’t value myself. I do value me. It’s just when dealing with my family, sometimes it’s easier for me to make everyone happy and make sure their stuff gets done before my stuff. I can deal with my tantrum for not getting my way better than my family’s. I just put my needs on the bottom and I need to learn to reprioritize and put some of my needs up on top once and a while.
Apparently this isn’t easy for me.
This morning, after a night filled with dreams and checklists of work to-dos floating in my head, I woke up feeling as if there is so much to do. I started going through the lists home and work and quilting myself for wanting to take some time to get my haircut. Why didn’t I do the laundry last night? Why didn’t I write up those emails for work? Why didn’t I give my daughter a bath last night?
I snapped at my husband because while I changed BG’s diaper, fed her, worked on some work emails and bathed her, he slept. I snapped because I expected him to wake up and offer to give her her massage and dress her so I could finish some work and get some breakfast in my belly. Instead he greeted me with, “ why are you bathing her? I need to use the bathroom so bad.” I know. I know. Part of choosing life is also not to have expectations.
I snapped at him for chasing me around the house with my cell phone. Yes, it rings. I’m busy. If it’s an emergency they’ll call back. I will check my voice messages when I’m done. I know he means well. He wants me to carry the phone with me because many times I’ve missed his calls because I’m in another room or working or caring for the baby. But I work full time. When I get home, I have to cook for the family. I have to prepare the solids to teach my baby how to eat. I have to breastfeed. I have to bathe her. I have to get her to sleep. I have to do the dishes. I have to collect the laundry. I have to clean and organize the breast pump and breastmilk. I’m a tired mom. I just need 5 minutes for myself in the bathroom. I don’t want the phone chasing me in the loo.
I know it would be easier if I didn’t need to do so much but I do what I have to to make my family life easier and to get the opportunity to do the things I want to do with my family. I remind myself that there are others that do far more than I do and I also do what I do to make my life easier with my family. Part of making my life easier with my family is to be a sane mom and that means taking a little time for myself.
I shouldn’t feel guilty. I deserve this. My kid deserves this.
Ok, I officially sabotaged my haircut. I missed the appointment for a free flipping haircut. I need to work harder on myself. I am losing my choose to live dare and to top it off DH has no clue who I am sometimes. He thought I was paying for a haircut. I haven’t paid for anything for myself in months. I have to be better on myself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Chronicles of Solid Food

BG is 6 months and 5 days old!
We're starting solids today.

On the menu today is avocado. Yum to mom, yuck to pop.

Yesterday, DH set up her high chair. After putting it together and realizing he put the legs on backwards, he uninstalled and reinstalled it. Kind of reminds me of the crib installation. It's very cute and although he wasn't laughing last night, he'll probably smile about it in the future.

We placed her in it while we ate dinner. Honestly, I think we may be better off keeping her in the swing and on breastmilk as this kid has discovered the entertainment that is throwing items on the floor and watching her parents pick them up.

Still, she looked like such a big girl sitting in her high chair sharing our family dining room table.

The guidebooks say to give mix 1 tablespoon of avocado with breastmilk to make it super liquidy. The goal is to learn taste and the feeling of the spoon. We shouldn't expect her to eat the whole tablespoon/ounce of food.

The docs would like us to try 1 tablespoon/ounce for 1 meal a day for a bit. I should breastfeed her first and then give her some of the solids. If she seems put off, don't force it and try again another day.

I've been apprehensive about this as I've grown fond of breastfeeding but all my fellow moms say that I have to remember that this doesn't take the place of breastmilk and that the majority of her calories will come from me for a while.

I'm glad I'm not the only mom who felt reluctant to start. Another fellow mom said the same thing to me last week which put me at ease. Another mom also told me to expect an increase in laundry as if laundry hasn't multipled since the birth of BG. I'm guessing I should up my stock in stain remover.

Ok, you just had your first taste of anything other than breastmilk, although to be honest, it was 1 part avocado and 5 parts breastmilk.

You weren't loving it but you weren't hating it.

Dad wanted to feed you the most so I gave you a few spoonfuls and let your Dad feed you the other 4-5 spoonfuls we managed to get near your mouth. I think your Dad was pretty anxious and wanted the opportunity to participate in the feeding aspect.

In the middle of the feeding, you started crying so we tried taking you out of your high chair and having you sit on my lap. That helped a little. We also tried feeding you breastmilk from the spoon to acclimate you to the spoon.

After 4-5 spoonfuls and an awful lot of crying we cleaned you up and gave you the breast. You seemed more than grateful and currently are sleeping in my lap.

The whole experience wore you out or as your Dad said, "It's pretty traumatic. Imagine someone decided to cram strange substances into your mouth?"

A few moms told me that frozen avocado in the cube containers should hold well and not brown too much. I mixed the avocado with the breastmilk and stored them in 1+ ounce containers. Hopefully the avocado will hold well.

We filmed your first taste and took plenty of pictures. I'm guessing we're going to have a lot of film and photos of your eating adventures.

Your Dad doesn't understand why we should continue with the same foods for 3-5 days and I explained the whole allergen testing and digestive enzymes acclimating. He said if he knew this he'd advocate for chocolate as the first food. I'm not sure of the logic but I'm guessing your Dad and you may be making a few trips to Dylan's Candy Bar when you are older.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Words to Live By

Everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath,
for the wrath of a man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. -- James 1:19-20

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Love Takes Delight

We can sometimes get caught up in the quagmire of everyday life that you forget to enjoy your spouse. Today’s exercise is to reconnect with your spouse by purposefully neglecting an activity you would normally do so you can spend time with your spouse doing something he would love to do.
You are going to laugh but I gave up sleep or more precisely, my sleep routine and sleep. Since I take the night shift my nights usually go like this, come home, relieve DH, prep bottles of milk, clean pump parts, pack parts, make and pack lunch, start dinner, breastfeed, eat dinner, bg starts her nap, go through some personal email, bg wakes up, play with her, get her ready for sleep, lay out clothing for tomorrow, pack bags, make dinner for dh, get baby to sleep (and/or bathe her). After she’s asleep, I spend some time with DH as he eats his dinner, we sometimes watch a tv show and then I get ready for bed (shower, decompress & sleep).
I gave up the shower, decompress part and spent extra time with my husband.
We took that time to watch a movie, a whole movie. Usually, I watch 30 minutes and then pass out or tend to our baby. This time, I watched the whole movie without getting up once.
It was nice and I think my husband really enjoyed it because he tried to put on another movie right afterwards. It was nice to just sit there and hold hands and watch a movie and not stop ever 15 minutes to either tend to the baby, tend to ourselves or talk about the baby. I made an effort to not talk about our baby during the movie. I think I slipped twice.
I think I learned that my husband doesn’t need much, he just needs me and me alone sometimes. I forget how much of me has been taken from him and reshifted to our baby. He hasn’t complained and I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I should try to make a more concerted effort to spend a bit more uninterrupted time with him.
How did I feel about this exercise? If you asked me this when I first started the dare, I’d probably say that I could feel resentment to losing some much needed sleep but I don’t feel that way. Yes, I was super tired but I’m not planning to do this everyday and in all honesty, I don’t blink at losing sleep for my baby. It is tough as I know my time is limited and there is so much to do but I need to prioritize my husband too a bit.
I am still following my New Year’s resolution of focusing on me but this is for me. A happy kid is a happy mom and a happy husband is a happy wife so I will try to give my husband some uninterrupted me time at least once a week.

Reflecting on 6 months of parenthood...

I know this sounds odd but I didn't realize how much having a baby would change my relationship with my husband. Don't get me wrong, I think it is changing it for the better. What I mean is I didn't realize how our relationship would be one of the top focuses of my new role as a mother.
Yes, I love watching and documenting my child's growth but in a strange way, I find myself leaning more towards documenting the growth of my relationship with my husband. It's scary, fascinating and something I know for certain I'd like to look back on later in life.
DH and I have started to share our different views regarding parenting. We've been pretty amiable about it and I think for the most part we've begun to try to allow each their opinions and ideas. I think we both know there will be plenty more we'll have differing views on in the future.
I think the hard part will be when we need to have a collective front. I figure that probably will happen during the toddler years. Who am I kidding, my kid is probably formulating ways to use our differences as we speak.
As for now, we share our opinions and try to support each other and find common ground for we both know there is not a set guideline for parenting. The best parenting we can do for our daughter is to be parents and to be human.
As a couple it's very different and I feel a lot of guilt that my husband is not my only priority anymore. Part of this has always been my tendency to put him on the top of my list. I'm slowly realizing I need to put myself on that list too (see my 2009 New Year's three things). Still, after the day is done, I do wish I could be a little more of the old wifey to him. He hasn't expressed that he misses me but I bet he does a bit. Today's exercise in The Love Dare reminded me that I need to not get bogged down on the to dos.
Parenting is probably the hardest job I've had so far and it is an all consuming job. It's not a job you can leave behind at 5pm. Ok, who has a job like that nowadays anyhow. It affects all aspects of your life in ways you had no idea it would. Your relationships are built, destroyed, altered or enhanced by it. Your views and opinions are structured around it. You are defined by it.
Ok, I know everyone says your job shouldn't define you but I have to say parenting does define you. How can it not? Your life changes so much when you become a parent. What you thought before and how you were before becomes this distant persona. How you view life and your values change to the point where who you were and who you are now can be very different.
For me it is. I don't want to spend my life rushing about anymore. I don't want to sweat the small stuff. I don't want to race. I want to savor and cherish. I want to give my time to meaning. I want to focus my energy on what is good or what can become good.

6 months old: Growing, Eating, Sleeping and still Poop obsessed

BG is 6 months old!
Holy moly, where did the time fly?
Today, my daughter is half a year old.
We went for her 6 month routine check up and vaccinations yesterday and of course the subject of solids came up. I’ll be honest, I’m not too keen on this as I’m so proud of how far I’ve come breastfeeding. I feel like my turf is being invaded. Silly as that may sound I know that I can’t stop her from growing up and if I’m like this with solids, Lord knows how I’m going to be with other things like going to big girl school or what not.
So the doctor said we should plan on introducing foods this month. She wants us to start with 1 tablespoon a day. If she isn’t keen on it, wait and try again another day. That’s slow enough I suppose.
I think DH is excited about this. I could be wrong but I think eating solids somehow is linked with him participating more in her food needs. I’m not too keen not only because I love the breastfeeding time with her but also because solids means, more gear, more mess, more weird poop drama and more worries but you can’t stop progress.
So last night, I perused my favorite BPA free baby gear website and purchased some spoons, bowls, individual ice cube doodads and food bibs. I also read my bible, Kellymom, and started formulating a plan.
Most of the moms I know have started solids past 6 months. Some have 7-8 month olds and are still only feeding them 1 oz of food. According to most of the breastfeeding moms, this seems normal so I shouldn’t feel so much anxiety over this.
I’ll keep you posted on the feeding front when I finally figure out what we’re going to do. We’ll probably start with a small meal in the evening when I come home. I’m leaning towards avocado/breastmilk first.
Oh, on the mug front, I received my replacement mug yesterday! I’ve been treating it like it’s an Oscar. I also refuse to put it in the dishwasher and have been handwashing it. I love the cup. Everytime I see the picture of both of us smiling back at me, I get all giddy. I’m probably going to be the mom that wears the shirt you get at the fair with your kids face with some weird backdrop.
On the sleep front, BG still enjoys her sleep but since I’ve returned to work, we’ve moved towards co-sleeping although occasionally we’ll transfer her to her crib. I just love the bonding I feel with her in bed plus she started waking up more and more during the night which led to a very sleepy deprived mommy during the day. Honestly, I think the wake ups were for feedings as she doesn’t like to drink much from the bottle and also to just spend time with me as I’m away during the day.
I don’t have anything against it and actually like the special time together but I know DH is more akin to having her sleep in her crib, a very expensive crib that took him a very long and frustrating night to put together.
Oh, I like my pediatrician, don’t get me wrong but maybe because I’ve been around so many clinicians, I just don’t feel the need to meet these ‘standards of norm’ all the time. The first few times I met with her she told me that formula is totally acceptable. I understand the reason she says that but I didn’t need to hear that. Now she’s saying that my baby’s sleep pattern is shifted and she should be sleeping solidly from 7-7 without a wake up and we should work towards this. Ok, you don’t need to tell me 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep would be great but honestly, I don’t think I can get 12 hours in straight, although nowadays with so many plates to juggle, I probably could.
My issue is, what’s wrong with my baby’s sleep schedule? She gets the recommended amount of sleep daily. So she naps later than most babies. That’s her body’s clock. Her sleep schedule is approximately: 12-1pm, 3-5pm, 7:30-9pm, 10-7am. The docs recommends a sleep schedule of 10-11am, 2-4pm, 7pm-7am.
Sometimes I feel like the guidelines are great but they are just guidelines. Sure, I’d love to have my baby sleep through the night so I can spend more time with my husband but I figure as she gets older, her schedule will shift again and she’ll get used to sleeping longer and eventually completely by herself.
DH is more of the ‘standard’ conventional parenting and thinks we should follow the doctor’s recommendations as close as possible. I take them as recommendations and figure I know my baby better than they do but I respect their advice. I think I scarred my husband with the pre-birth classes that he calls, “crunchy and hippy dippy.”
I’m the farthest from being a hippy but I do value the theories of attachment parenting and I am a proud mom who wears her baby, breastfeeds and co-sleeps. I think I have a good relationship with my baby and we both can ‘read’ each other well. I guess this is one of those things that my husband and I will be working through as parents. I’m sure there will be plenty more for us to have differing opinions on and we just need to respect each other’s ideas and find a happy medium.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Where everybody knows your name

BG is 5 months, 4 weeks and 1 day old today.
She knows her name or at least responds to it. I call her and she turns my way. She now searches for me or her dad. She’s aware.
It’s incredible how her smile can illicit such warmth and happiness and how heart wrenching her cries are to me. I delight in spending time with her. I love her inquisitive nature. She’s learning and discovering. She has questions and you can see them as she touches and plays with her toys or my hair or my face or my hands.
She doesn’t like sitting still for a story time but I figure in time that will change.
She still dislikes tummy time even though she’s got a strong back and neck control.
She rolls to the side but still doesn’t roll over.
She sits with help but hasn’t used the tripod to hold herself up yet.
She has a little bald patch on the back of her head but it isn’t flat.
She loves her little ring rattle and can play endlessly with it.
She smiles whenever her dad or her mom walk into the room.
Blowing raspberries at 9:30pm instead of sleeping has become a regular occurrence.
She’s ticklish on her tummy, chest and sides but not her feet or arms.
She loves it when I make her toy giraffe or toy duck talk using funny voices. She loves the conversations I have as ‘BG’s mom and her giraffe/duck.
She sneezes in multiples.
She naps three times a day naturally: 12-1pm, 3-5pm, 7-8pm. She then goes to sleep from 9:30 (although she really conks out around 10:30) to 7am, with an occasional quick wake up at 5am. We tried getting her to sleep from 7pm-7am but that led to more late night waking.

Thursday, January 01, 2009