Friday, February 05, 2010

Laurie Berkner's I'm a Mess is my theme song today but in a good way

TG likes to take apart my husband's wallet.
As of today, my husband is now missing all of his bank cards and a few ids. We have no idea where they may be. When I hinted they may be in the trash, my husband was rightly upset.
I'd like to think my toddler wouldn't throw anything but trash in the trash but she may have a different definition of trash than us adults have. Heck, she ran around with the toilet plunger the other day much to the disgust of my husband who nearly did a Silkwood on her following the plunger incident.
Surprisingly, I'm turning out to be more of a laid back mom when it comes to messes. I was wondering how my OCD would be and if I'd be some Mrs. Pristine type of mom.
So far, I'm probably more open minded about messes than my husband.
For example, I don't feed our daughter. I let her feed herself, even if that means she uses her hands, every utensil on the table including ours, spills most of it on herself, the floor or the dog etc. DH cannot stand this and will feed our daughter. For him it probably seems more efficient. It takes less time and it's less messy.
For me, I'm all about her having fun exploring her food and listening to her tummy. I'm also keen on her mastering utensils. You can't do that without application. Guess that's what you get when you learn to use chopsticks at an early age.
Even with painting, I'm pretty laid back, I think. Clothes and the floor can always be cleaned. Today, while TG was making a birthday painting for her grandmom, she Jackson Pollack'd her feet. I thought it was cute and took a picture. I drew the line when she tried to grab my phone with her purple/orange/turquoise hands.
Honestly, I probably don't mind so much the crayons on our wall because I know they are washable and in a totally revealing admission, I love the fact my house has signs of kid life in it. I sometimes complain about having to wake up at 3am to tidy up toys and broken crayon pieces but I don't mind so much because it's evidence of kid fun. I want my child to never feel confined to some Victorian childhood. Dresses with matching hats and shoes are great sometimes but there is something to be said about a tee-shirt and jeans/sweatpants.
Now if I can only somehow get DH to hide his keys and wallet or put them away.