Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dressed up for Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Today for the first time, DH, TG and I dressed up.
It's not something I want to make a habit of but it seemed appropriate to what TG dressed as.
I know it's not my husband's cup of tea and it lead to some harsh commentary but it turned out well afterwards.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st pumpkin carving

TG carved her first pumpkin today. She carved the right eye while I carved the different shapes she wanted.
"Nose. Rectangle."
"Are you sure? Ok, rectangle nose."
I think as a mom this was more fun and thrilling than anything. I'm not artistic. I've only carved a pumpkin a handful of times but today was like the first time.
I could do no wrong.
Sure, it was super basic but it about doing it with her that made it the best.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins vs Jack O Lanterns

TG isn't keen on jack-o-lanterns. She much rather prefer a whole pumpkin.
This I learned at the Jam-BOO-Ree and the Pumpkin Sail.
Maybe once she sees how are jack-o-lantern is made she won't be so afraid.
She's also not to keen on stilt walkers.
She likes jugglers though.
In general she is apprehensive of all strangers. I prefer it that way.
She doesn't take anything, even stickers from strangers or folks she see's weekly (church). She points to me or DH. We take the stickers and then she will come to grab one.
DH says this is good. He doesn't want her to take anything from anyone.
At the playground, if another father or mother offers help and it's not one of the moms and dads she knows well, she will stare down the person and then come to me and bring me over to where she is.
I hate to raise a cynic but in this city, sometimes you just have to be better safe than sorry.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

DH Parenting Influences

DH and I differ a little in this aspect of parenting. He has no problem dropping our child off at a neighbor's place.
Although I've done it on occasion with friends, it's not something I feel comfortable with especially with folks I'm not as friendly with.
DH constantly tells me that it's important to use resources.
I agree but I suppose my childhood spent with babysitters and what not leans me away from doing so.
Plus, I like to spend time with my kid, even when she's asking me to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep for the tenth time.
Part of it is I don't have the ability to spend as much time with my daughter as I would like. Because of such, I try to hold onto the time I can even if it's while we are making a salad or taking a bath.
DH says that I spend way too much time with her and that it's imperative for him to allow our child to have as much playtime with other children. This may come from his parent's insistence he only stay home and not socialize.
I think TG has a happy medium where all she does is socialize with DH and with me we occasionally socialize but for the most part explore and learn through everyday environment interaction.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parenting Styles

How you parent is a combination of how you were parented and how you weren't parented but you wished you were parented.
For me, because of the times, my parents had to work and had many babysitters and care programs.
Because of such, I have leaned my parenting style towards personal time together.
I'm not into babysitting and I prefer to incorporate our daughter into what we do daily, however mundane it may be.
TG helps mop the floor and wash the laundry. She helps us walk our dog and care for our puppy.
She reads with me and cooks with me.
Yes, it can be difficult at times and sure things probably get done faster without but I think it's important for her to know that we as a team do things and that no one is above doing even mundane things.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Words to Live By

For you were once darkness,
but now you are light in the Lord.
Live as children of light. -- Ephesians 5:8

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall winds blow change

I have a theory.
Yesterday was a great day for many reasons.
We spent time together as a family.
The weather was gorgeous.
My daughter was absorbing and learning like a sponge.
I listened to my daughter's cues and meltdowns were minimal.
We were out of the house.
Remember how I said I don't feel comfortable and at ease at home anymore? Well, it's as if I lost the comfort of my skin.
Well, yesterday and part of Friday, I found my skin again and it fit.
I think I'm finding more comfort outside of home.
I don't know if this is part of the autumn change or something else. I just need to be outside of the house and the longer I stay away, the better. Maybe I just need a break from the walls.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I need more days like this one.

I had the best day in a very long time today.
All this stress with home and work has been really bringing me down and making me a sourpuss.
Today was a blessed day.
At mass, I prayed long and hard and have been asking Mary to give me some guidance as I battle these feelings of anxiety. I still don't understand the hippie commune life that DH seems to enjoy but I'm trying.
I'm also realizing that many of my prayers of late have been for me and my anxiety but I'm going to switch it around and when I feel the need to pray, I'm going to do so for others. I need to get away from me for awhile.
After mass, I expected to take TG for a day while DH stayed home and studied. Instead, he offered to drive us and stay in the car and study.
Since our events were on the west and eastside of the city, I didn't protest.
Our first stop was a book reading by a NYC mom. Her book, Soup Day, seemed like the perfect book for us right now. TG loves her soup. The author was also gracious enough to offer activities. She had coloring events and glueing and cutting and even homemade soup. TG is still a tad young but had a great time glueing alphabet noodles onto her soup bowl.
TG took a nap in the car as I completed some household errands and then we headed over to see her favorite band, Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players.
She woke up and exclaimed, "Go See Justin?" We arrived and let me tell you, she was strumming her guitar, dancing and even went to the front of the stage. DH and I recalled how the first time she saw him, she was reluctant to leave my lap. Now, she's running around, doing her made up dance routines and singing along. Every time we see them, she seems to blossom even more. Oh, yes, she had her own routines for specific songs. It's hysterical. She is two and a choreographer.
Afterwards, we went to grab a bite to eat and then spent the evening at Central Park awaiting the witch of the lake. TG skipped the pumpking painting and carving and went straight to storytime and the playground.
We had fun naming the different costumes and then when the sun set, we all gathered at the edge of the lake to look for the witch of the lake and the caravan of jack-o-lanterns. Kids can carve a pumpkin and submit it to be part of the evening parade.
It's a lot of fun as kids try to find their jack-o-lanterns in the dark.
I was wondering if TG would be afraid as it is a bit spooky having a witch paddling a canoe full of lit pumpkins but she turned to me and said, "She's swimming like a duck!" Yes, TG, the witch is swimming like a duck.
We headed home and I thought she'd be pooped from all the activities but as soon as she saw Tash, she was ready to go again and spent some time with her dad playing with Tash.
I honestly had a wonderful day today. It was nice to have little breaks with DH, even if it was just to eat together or drive around but it felt really nice to be together and still get things done we needed or wanted to get done.
I think my husband felt it too as he said he had a nice time as well.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

No accidents

I'd talk about potty learning and how my daughter consistently goes to the potty when she's alone at home with me sans diaper but even that doesn't seem as awe inspiring or as congratulatory as I would like.
Right now, it seems like it's just another highlight of our parenting style differences.
I have no problem having my daughter sans diaper in the privacy of our home so she can learn to sense when she needs to potty.
DH expects that we should go from diapers to underwear once TG maintains a dry diaper. (I understand DH's apprehension. I've been there too but honestly, if I had a diaper on, I'd probably pee in it instead of stopping what I was doing. Sadly, that's because I have no time in the day with all the grown up to dos. If I was a toddler and I had to choose between playing with my toy train set or going to the potty and waiting for Mommy or Daddy to wipe me, I'd probably stay by my train and pee into my diaper.)
I'm pretty proud of TG and myself for growing to the point where she has learned to pee in the potty. I'm proud of myself for growing to the point where I trust her and allow her to go sans diaper for such a long period of time. (I have a lot of stress over bodily fluids and my husband's leather couch. It makes my nervous stomach act up just thinking about it.
I know it's a long road still but we've both grown together and I'm pretty proud of our accomplishment even if it seems small in the larger scope.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is my haven?

Sometimes I feel as if the one place I should be allowed to be myself, I can't. I can't be relaxed at home. More and more, I feel as if my home is no longer my comfort zone. That cannot be good.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big ball of stress

I really dislike hearing, "Why don't you stay home and relax."
I'm not sure if I'm the only one that cringes when they hear this statement.
Honestly, I don't know any woman who is a mother or a wife, sometimes, who would just stay home and relax.
Do you know how and when this statement would work? Anywhere else besides the home, at least my home.
Why don't you go to a spa and relax.
Why don't you get a root canal and relax.
Why don't you get your annual physical and relax.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not building a rocketship yet

I'm seriously in a I hate people mood. (I'd search for the cat cartoon that I'm referring to but I barely have time to write this spew of thought.)
Sadly, this only confirms I'm a crotchy old woman as my birthday has passed and all I seem to do is complain about people.
I had another epiphany. Interruptions during mealtimes only remind me of how much it irks me that we don't have a real mealtime as a family.
Someone is always missing or one of us has to run around either trying to find something as background noise (some folks aren't keen on quiet dinners) or the same person is cleaning up poop or pee from our 10 week old puppy training area.
Mealtimes mean so much to me, especially since I'm bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan and cleaning said pan.
I sometimes feel like DH thinks I'm making a big deal out of mealtime. I think he thinks I want Norman Rockwell. Well, shucks, who doesn't, but I also understand that's not realistic. I just want to be able to have all of us sit down and not have one of us pop up as if we were a gopher game.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have to teach her to wipe too?

Just as I was feeling pretty positive about our potty learning progress, it just dawned on me that I have to teach my child to wipe. Well, not now as she's only two but still. Oh good grief. That alone should be a merit badge for parents.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Plays well with others, not

Maybe it's not about being open but my boundaries.
My boundaries are such that I enjoy a person's company but when I get home, I like to get home. I like to put on my monkey pants and literally carry my toddler on my back while I make dinner. Ok, maybe I could hold off on the back carry a little bit.
DH believes we don't have the boundaries anymore.
Our other neighbors that flank us on the left do. They have two boys and the only time we see them is occasionally at the park or in the laundry room.
That's about it. Friendly banter, occasional play and that is it.
One mom suggested that it would have been easier for me to adjust if a playdate was established. Another mom said her general rule is unless we know each other, the witching hours (4-6pm and 6-9am) are off limits.
I think they are both right. I think the unfortunate timing of the first three encounters (right after work, first thing in the morning and first thing in the morning) is what set me off. Add to it my husband starting it off and leaving me to finish it. That wasn't tempering the smoldering flames.
If we established a playdate to get the kids together, I'd probably be more comfortable with future impromptu pop overs.
Lord knows that with TG's other neighbor friends, we've each helped each other out with a witching hour last minute get together.
So now I have to rectify this with some kind of social etiquette. I suppose I'll just schedule a playdate with her kid. I mean, isn't that what you are supposed to do anywho or am I just a cynical loner New Yorker?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Social Butterfly, my tuckus

DH: You are just going to have to suck it up.
This is the response I get from my husband after he remarked that I'm giving a snarky face to our new neighbors.
I can't help it.
It's not that I don't like them.
They are nice folks.
There kid is nice. My kid likes there kid.
My problem is this...
They moved in I think last week.
On Thursday, I had a particularly long day at work. DH told me TG had not napped all day and that 4 playmates came over for a playdate. I expected the house to be a mess. I expected my toddler to want to nurse and cuddle. I expected the puppy was going to poop himself crazy and I'd have to clean up his wee wee area.
DH had school, so he was rushing out the door. I was exhausted an resigned myself to a crazy night with the hopes of a quieter tomorrow. The elevator door opens and I hear voices in my apartment. Actually, I hear that my front door is open and the voices are echoing in the hallway. DH has a tendency to leave our front door open as if he is Cosmos Kramer. Whatever.
I don't even step into the apartment and I can see my husband running like a chicken with his head cut off. He has a paper due and he's late for class and he needs a stapler. My neighbor is staring at me with this, I'm sorry for ambushing you look as her daughter is running around with my daughter. The puppy whining for my attention as she can smell me before she can see me. I have the beginnings of a headache and meekly smile and start hanging my coat up. My daughter immediately runs to me, hugs me and asks to go to bed and nurse. DH kisses me goodbye and leaves me there with the door open with our neighbor, her kid, a tornado of a living room (markers strewn everywhere, a slide laying on its side, stickers covering the wooden table and chairs and shopping cart, toy food thrown everywhere and half our alphabet mat taken apart.
I try very hard to smile but I'm in no mood to make idle chit chat. TG is mauling my breasts asking to nurse and so I ask politely if she minds if I nurse. Now, it's not like I'm asking. I don't know why I say I ask. When I nurse in public I ask as a courtesy. It's more like, "I'm about to whip my boob out. Just an fyi." I mean 1) is anyone going to really say 'No?' and 2) if they did, I don't think I'd be friends with them.
Anyway, I don't know if she made this up or if it was true, but she quickly grabbed her child and said she smelt a poo diaper and bee-lined home.
Did I feel bad? Yes but I also felt like I was justified in feeling the way I felt. It was nothing on her persay but just the circumstance. I figured we'd have another day when I wasn't just running home to a disaster area and the kids can play and we can make polite conversation.
That was Thursday.
On Friday morning, I woke up feeling a bit better yet still tired. My brother's wedding and the week in general wore me out and I was looking forward to relaxing a bit. DH kisses me good morning and says he needed to go study after breakfast. I'm making breakfast. DH opens the door to throw out dirty wee pads when I hear, "Good morning." In runs a toddler. Ok. At this point I kind was still tired and groggy and making eggs so I don't know how the conversation went but I do know that when I made it outside with breakfast, our neighbor's daughter was in our house playing.
Ok. That's cool. I will eat breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on some clothes and try to socialize. I'll try to be polite and make up for the tired antisocial me from yesterday.
DH: I figured you wouldn't want the house packed with people so I told them we'd take care of their kid while she went back to their apartment.
Ok, whatever.
DH kisses me goodbye and leaves me with my daughter and my neighbor's kid.
At this point, I decide, DH would want me to look sort of social so let me do his 'leave your door open' so I appear to be open and welcoming to folks.
I open the door and immediately my neighbor is peering in. "Everything ok? Should I take her?"
PG: No. No. They are doing good. Hope you don't mind but she's eating eggs here. She saw TG eating and wanted some.
"Sure. Sure. Thanks."
As I'm pouring water for the girls to drink, my neighbor pops his head in again. "Hi! Honey, it's time to go. Your nanny is here."
Now, I'm going to guess it's the wild and crazy setup where our daughter as has taken over our entire apartment and my daughter, can't forget her, but kids have a hard time leaving our place. There have been times where I literally carry kids out to the door for the parents. I feel awful about it because I feel like I'm saying, "Here, take your kid." but I guess I am.
Anyway, she goes and I politely say, "It's ok. You can come back again to play."
Flash forward to Saturday.
Do you see where I'm going with this, folks?
I wake up realizing that my child has one pair of clean jeans left and I've resorted to wearing my Christmas 2009 pajamas as I've also run out of clothes. DH usually does our laundry on Thursdays but unfortunately it remained a giant heap in the corner of our bedroom.
So I decide before we head out to a birthday party, I'm going to do at least TG's and my wash. Before even going to brush my teeth or wash my face, I grab the bag of dirty laundry and beeline downstairs to the basement.
DH: I'll do the laundry. She has a pair of jeans left.
PG: But I need laundry.
DH: Like you don't have any clothes left?
PG: Yes, I don't have any clothes left.
Now, anyone who lives in NYC in an apartment knows Saturday morning is the worst time to ever try to do laundry. Everyone is vying for the 7 washing machines and 6 dryers that are available.
I make it downstairs after taking the local elevator. Why is it whenever you aren't dressed for public consumption, haven't brushed your teeth, combed your hair or washed your face, you meet everyone you don't want to meet?
I turn the corner to the laundry room and it was a lost cause. Every single machine was in full use, a line of dirty laundry carts was piled reserving the in use machines and neighbors were vying for space on the folding tables.
I resigned myself to wearing my jeans one more day and grabbing a work sweater to wear.
Well, at least I can have a nice weekend breakfast and maybe even grab a shower before anyone else sees me.
I head back upstairs and as soon as the elevator doors open, I see my neighbor standing in front of my door which is wide open.
Now, I know I made the face but come on people.
"Hey. Just wanted to invite you guys to the playground."
I smile and DH finishes the convo as I go to make breakfast.
That's when DH said, "What is the problem with our neighbor? Don't you want our kid to have friends she can play with?"
Ok, it's not that I don't want my kid to have friends with. I don't think I need to say that but come on. Three days in a row during the worst possible time to ambush me!
DH: Well, I'm going to get her dressed and take her to the playground to play with her.
PG: We are getting ready to go to a birthday party.
DH: Well, it's not good for her to just stay indoors for the next hour. What's she going to do? Nurse? We're like gypsies.
Now, I'm not a social queen. I hate socializing. Sure, I'll meet with folks but not every freaking day. In my husband's mind, my child has to see a particular set of friends every freaking day. I mean to the point of every day they all do something together. Monday is library day. Wednesday is Zoo day. Thursday is museum day.
Ok, I get it but every freaking day?
So is it true that I have to suck this freaking thing up and just deal?
Is there something wrong with me because I would like her to attend events with other kids?
Is there something wrong with me for wanting to have a quiet indoor time with my daughter?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Time

I think the issue between my husband and myself and friends is that in my husband's eye, our apartment should always be open.
For me, I prefer family time and family time takes precedence over friend time.
For me, dinner at the table as a family is important. For my husband, not so much. It used to, ok, it still does, annoy me that I have to be the one who sets the table, cooks the food and still call out at least three times before he comes to the table. He doesn't eat dinner with us often as he runs to school at night so the days he is around, I'd really like him to eat with us. But schedules always prohibit it. Either TG hasn't napped so she's super cranky and wants to start bed early or DH has to clean up dog poop or I have not time to make a meal. Why do I always have to cook? If I hear my husband say, "But you like to cook" one more time...
For me family time is sacred. Family time also includes Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, DH believes that Saturday and Sunday should also be open to playtime with her friends that she sees practically every day.
Far be it for me to deny her play time but there is something to be said about a family outing or family time together.
As a child, I remember every weekend was family time. My dad would work incredibly long hours but every weekend, he made it a point to do something with us. It meant alot and left a large impression on me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friends, Yours and Mine

Last night I went to Mom's Night Out. Once a month a group of moms in our neighborhood get together to have a drink and decompress.
I missed it last month because DH had school.
I asked him to skip class this once just so I could go. I really needed it.
It was too short in my opinion but much needed.
I was exhausted and tired but after the day I had, I really wanted to have other moms to commiserate with.
It made me realize something that I've voiced before but it's coming up again.
I like to have my daughter interact with other kids in our neighborhood outside of my husband's circle of kids. Unfortunately, DH doesn't see it in the schedule for that to happen. So I try to do so when I'm with her.
It makes it more tiring for me but it really means a lot to me so I try.
Now the past week has been awful with timing because we've been dealing with the repercussions of a crazy schedule for my brother's wedding but I need to get back to it again.
There isn't anything wrong with the kids in my husband's circle. I love them all. They are great kids and they make me smile. I'd just like TG to continue her connections with some of my friends too.
DH says that he can't make it to play time with them because of scheduling conflicts and that he abhors any structured classes.
I'm not saying she needs to be scheduled for every class but I feel like that may be the only way to get her to meet with new people or see some of her old friends.
DH: It's not like she's old enough to do these arts and crafts at these classes.
Well, I proved she is by taking her some classes and letting her actual do some. I also proved it by making my own arts and craft projects with her at home and she did them. I think that's just an excuse.
Maybe it is more of a openness thing. I'm not an open person and DH wants everything to be open.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More potty talk

Today, TG stopped what she was doing, told me she had to sit on the potty and went to the potty and immediately proceeded to pee. She had spent an entire hour without a diaper on.
We were in the midst of a very strong duet of 'We are the Dinosaurs'. She plays the acoustic guitar and I play the bass guitar (a toy guitar we removed batteries from due to its annoying factor). Actually, I think my daughter thinks any electric guitar is a bass guitar. Her favorite artists all play acoustic guitars.
Anyway, we are still following our child led potty training and so far so good. I'm actually beginning to think that size 5 may be were we stop with everyday diapers. Now, I know I'm nowhere near the end of potty training. I have naptime training, bedtime training. outdoor training, poop training and whatnot to contend with. I also know there are setbacks. She was fine peeing on the potty at 18 months but when she turned 2, she wanted nothing to do with it.
Maybe I'm just looking forward to not losing my wallet on diapers every month but for now, I'm just going to smile and savor the accomplishment for the day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blowing bubbles underwater

I taught my child how to blow bubbles in the water.
Since I'm taking baths with her now, I figured, I might as well show her a thing or two.
We tried in swim classes but let's be honest, swim classes at 6 months of age is for Mom to get out and try to socialize and feel like she's doing something beneficial for her child. Meanwhile at 6 months old, if you are feeding/nursing, changing diapers and providing some stimulation via reading and occasional walks, you are doing fine.
In swim classes at 6 months, the most advanced thing she did was sit on the edge of the pool and flop into my arms. I say flop because a 6 month old can't jump. They sort of sit there teetering and then plop into your arms.
So now my kid likes to 'hold her nose, breathe and blow bubbles.' I've seen her 'teach' her walrus and sea horse.
It's the physician way of learning, see, do, show.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old school, well, my old school church.

So the rehearsal was held in my old parish.
I haven't been back there in ages.
The church looks pretty much the same with some standard renovations but I never realized how dry the mass was. The lector sounded drier than Ben Stein.
The most interesting thing was listening the pastor quote Shakespeare in a thick Italian accent.
Now my mass, like most Catholic masses, isn't a lively rabble-rousing event either. Our second mass choir is less than desirable. It just took me back to being a little girl sitting in this church thinking it was the biggest church in the world.
At least the church is still packed with folks standing in the back for the evening mass.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day of rest and recuperation

After two nights of altered routine, my toddler is a big ball of toddler. DH and I have decided the next two days will simply be following her queues and getting back to her routine.
She was a super trooper during the rehearsal dinner and wedding. The crowds and loud noise are not her particular favorite things but she hung in there. She had several meltdowns as the sleepies started setting in but she was wonderful.
She slept hard last night.
Since we didn't nurse the whole day, she made up for it today. I don't mind.
Oh, someone asked me about the Yankees hair bows and clips. I never did find them but I bought a lanyard (overpriced as you would expect) and took a pair of pliers, pulled out the ribbon and made it into a ribbon for her hair. I made a ponytail, flipped it in and tied the ribbon around the ponytail holder. I then took one of the pretty handmade flower clips my mom made and stuck it on top.
She didn't fiddle with them at all.
The only thing she asked was to remove her cheap shoes. I wasn't about to spend $50+ for dress shoes. She never wears them. Since her dress is floor length, we just let walk around in her socks.
On both nights, we changed her into her pajamas around 10pm and DH took her to the car to drive her to sleep.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My little brother is married

So my bro is getting married. Nothing like your younger brother getting married to make you feel old.
At mass, the homily was about being thankful and remembering to thank God for our blessings. Every night I say prayers with my daughter. We always say thank you to God but as I sat there listening to Father Enrique, it dawned on me that I was truly thankful that my brother found his life partner and sole mate.
Yes, I'm a protective sister and no woman will live up to my standards for his mate but his wife sure does come close. She loves him body, mind and soul and I think that's all I could ask for.
I am truly glad for all that God has blessed my brother and my family. We thank Him for our blessings and hope others around us remember His love and gifts.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pie and Eats

Placed 3rd at local pie contest. It was a last minute entry. I wanted to cook something a little different than my usual cooking fair for the hubby and child. Figured, I'd bake a pie and not worry about having to eat it. The pie sales go towards the neighborhood children's harvest festival so it was a win win. Placing was a nice and much needed pat on the back though.
TG also was old enough to begin to understand some of the games at the festival. She was still too young for most but she got to decorate the brown paper bags, a wooden whistle and play the beanbag toss game.
She was also fascinated with the local fiddlers group. The youngest member is 3 and she kept staring at her as she played.
Afterwards, we had a nap that went past rehearsals. I made a lovely flower girl if I must say so. She was up for dinner though and although she was groggy, after the food kicked in, she was her happy and jolly self.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Bathtub built for two

My child has learned to climb in and out of the tub.
I loved having her play in the bathtub while I quickly sort the hamper or brush my teeth.
I learned she could climb in and out the other day when as I was sorting the hamper, I spied her climbing out of the tub and drying her feet on a towel. She toddled over and said, "Dry feet. Be careful." (I would tell her that we'd need to dry our feet so we don't slip after our bath.
So now, we've taken to either Mommy sits by the side of the tub washing her ducks or I bathe with her. At least I get a bathe more often.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wedding to dos

We are on a mission today. Exchange our white flower girl shoes and find some type of NY Yankees hair bows or ribbons. Oh and practice waking down the aisle
My brother is getting married this Sunday.
TG is the flower girl.
For the last three days, we've been practicing walking down our hallway throwing 'Uncle Papers' on the floor. So far, she's run down the hallway, then thrown the 'flowers', walked down the hallway picking up flowers and screamed for me to walk down the hallway throwing flowers.
Her shoes are too big so I need to exchange them asap.
As for the NY Yankees hair stuff, bro is a big fan and at first I was going to embroider her socks but then time flew by and I said, "Eh, we'll find some hair designs."
It's going to be a busy day.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Got my sleep gene

My child slept from 8pm-10am today. I have no idea why but I wish for more days like this.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Potty Potty Potty

So we've decided to do child-led pottying. Ok, I decided on it.
My husband thinks the idea of letting our child go around pantless is disgusting.
He thinks that when she can stay dry in a diaper, we can try the underpants.
My thought is, the kid is not going to want to stay dry in a diaper when she knows that pottying takes time away from play so if we want her to discover pottying, she needs to go pantless for a few days.
The agreement, whether he knows it our not has been this, when she's with me and he's out of the house, I let her go pantless.
So far, she's only had one accident.
Now I don't go the whole day without pants. Naps and bedtime still have diapers and when we have guests over, we put on diapers and pants.
Again, I'm just playing it by my daughter's rhythm.
I've been doing this for about three days now and once a day, at least, she asks to go to the potty, even when she has a diaper on.
I'm not going to fight it or rush it and I'm just going to see where this takes me.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Socializing a dog with a toddler

Extremely harried day today.
A long awaited children's concert was much loved by TG.
Then we shuttled to Queens to celebrate my sister's (SIL but she's my sister) impending wedding.
It was a lot for me, let alone TG. TG had a solid nap in the car and joined the festivities afterwards.
Tasha has become our traveling pet. She pretty much goes where we go. She's still very young so we need to wait until she's older to introduce her to other pets in public areas but we're also trying to socialize her and get her used to being handled.
With toddlers coming in and out of our place, we want Tasha to be comfortable with the noise, excitement and possible toddler handling.
So far her personality seems to be amenable to kids and being hugged and held and petted and gently tugged on.
Every day I make it a point to rub her ears and play with her teeth and spread her paws out a bit just so she's used touch.
TG isn't too keen on Tasha off leash and prefers her closed off but loves holding her on a leash and will happily 'assist' with walking Tasha in the house with the leash.
I think DH is right, with a puppy in the house, TG is learning a bit more about pet care and being gentle. With Z and P, they were pretty much enjoying the senior years and didn't have as much interaction with TG.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Central Park in the Fall

I took my daughter to Central Park today.
It reminded me of the trips to the park with my dad when I was younger.
There is something about the fall and Central Park that reminds me of my dad.
My daughter loved playing at the biggest playground in the park. She spent 2 hours there and passed out promptly afterwards.
I love the park in the Autumn. Something about the changing winds turns the park into this magical place for me.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Introducing Tasha

Obviously DH kind of felt some of my emptiness because today, after work, DH picked me up and the family went to the local shelter and adopted a new four legged family member.
I'll be honest, even though I missed Zoe and felt her presence in the house, I was a bit relieved that I could focus on DH and TG for a bit. I didn't have to worry about not only going home in time for a decent nap or bedtime for TG but also getting home in time for a nice walk for the dog.
I wouldn't have to worry about late night walks, snowy walks, rainy walks. I wouldn't have to juggle making sure I fed DH, TG and the dog.
But DH really wanted a dog and the look in his eyes when he said he wanted one turned him into an 8 year old boy.
When DH texted me that he wanted to pick me up and included a video of our daughter saying, "I want a puppy." I immediately knew my husband's mind was set.
So off I went and put some feelers out at our local rescue groups.
The only pets I found that were young child friendly at the rescue groups on short notice were over 6 years old.
Normally, I would have no problem with this but after having to say goodbye and watch our elderly dogs deteriorate in the past two years, I'm a bit beat and cannot deal with another heart wrenching goodbye.
We went to the shelter and TG had a lot of fun looking at the doggies. She was only apprehensive if one became too rambunctious or one was barking loudly.
We went through at least three passes and tried to spend time with at least 5-6 dogs but the fit wasn't right. Too loud. Too rambunctious. Too nervous. Too ill. It's one thing when it's just DH and myself but we now have to find a fit for our young toddler.
TG seemed to be keen on Rex but when we brought Rex out, all he did was pounce repeatedly on TG. We all liked Mattie but the shelter staff said that the vet recommended a family with children 12 and older only. The hardest part was having to say sorry and watching the pooch go back into his/her kennel.
We were going to head home and contact the rescues on Monday.
TG asked to see the kitty cats and cows so we decided to go see the cats.
Apparently they keep the cats and puppies together. That's when we spied a quiet big eyed puppy, white with light brown spots. She kept just staring at us and was gently trying to sniff us. She was quiet and just kept gently pawing at us to get our attention. Her cage was the last on the floor and she was so tiny, you wouldn't notice her unless you squatted down.
DH asked to hold her and he brought her over to TG. TG hid but this little pup just gently sniffed her and licked her hand.
I think we were all smitten.
DH and I had a talk. We were hoping to help an adult shelter animal. We weren't expecting to take home a puppy.
"We are full with toddler to dos. Can we handle a puppy and toddler?"
DH reminded me of what I said on the drive over, "We should use God's gifts to help everyone big and small and if God wants us to take another four legged friend into our family, we should."
I proudly introduce to you, Tasha.