Sunday, September 01, 2013

Giant Sized Butterflies

My first real week before school and I"m excited, nervous and genuinely positive and enthusiastic.
Big things are coming our way. My kids' future is bright!
I suppose this is wear the OCD is a good thing (and a bad) but more good.
I want my child to be able to take advantage of what she has and I, Ms. KeepsToSelf, have tried to throw myself out there and introduce myself to other moms and dads and school administration.
I'm sending out emails to folks and planning playdates and picnics.
I think I'm this way (and I knew I'd be) because I want my children to know I am an active participant in their education. I do not believe that a building and its teachers are the only folks that provide education to my child.
I once told my child, "You will always learn something from everyone person you meet, whether you know it or not."
It's the community at large and the idea that we as a group can make this world a better place and make each other stronger and wiser that I want to instill in my child.