Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shoes or as TG says, "Sneak-hers"

I am so done with winter, at least winter in NYC. The wintery white has now become grey ice with flecks of brown and yellow. Ewww.
I've been on a shoe hunt for TG. She's a size 6 shoe now which means I need to buy size 6.5. First of all, can I just say, can the shoe makers pick a size for toddlers already? One shoe company has her as a size 22-23. Another has her in a size 6.5. Another has her in a size 7. What gives?
I tried measuring her feet in inches or centimeters to use as a gauge but some companies don't even offer that kind of measurement on their website.
I'm obsessed with this one pair from See Kai Run. It's the Brenna shoe. It is so gosh darn adorable and of course I can only find it in a size 3 toddler.

For a woman who was obsessed with shoes BC(before child), you would think my toddler would have a million pair of shoes. Not so. She has only had 6 pairs of shoes so far, 2 dress, 4 sneakers. This is my thought. 1) Kids feet grow at an exponential rate so why buy a million shoes. 2) Toddler is still learning to walk and balance and run and jump. Sneakers, soft and flexible soled seem like the logical choice. 3) I'm cheap but in a good way.
I figure I'll spend more money on quality versus quantity. So she may only have 3 pairs of shoes that fit her now but they are of good construction and quality.
At this point, she doesn't have any dress shoes. On the occasions we've had to go out to a dressy function, she's worn her sneakers but I think she can get away with that now. 1) It's winter here in NYC and 2) Toddlers look so darn cute in anything you put on them.
The spring it coming though so I'm the hunt for a spring dress/play shoe. I'm a fan of classics and new classics. Hence my obsession with the shoe above. It's classic but in a new way and they are super flexible and come in wide which is a plus for TG who has inherited DH's and my wide foot.
You'd think shoe shopping for my kid wouldn't cause me such grief.