Monday, February 08, 2010

I need sleep from last night's sleep

Have you ever woken up feeling more tired than refreshed? Such is my day. I can't seem to concentrate and I feel like I'm in front of tennis ball machine and I'm getting pelted left and right.
I suppose it was a restless night's sleep but surprisingly, I got more sleep last night than most nights.
I noticed DH looking a bit haggard as well. I think we both need something to refresh ourselves. What I don't know.
TG has been testing now. She seems to have started to test what she can and cannot do with us. The latest is not eating her eggs and feeding them to the dog.
Personally, I'd probably just stick with the yogurt for breakfast and give her a protein for lunch until she's past this whole no eggs kick but DH feels its important to have a protein for breakfast. I agree but I'm not going to fight it, especially when I feel this tuckered out. Maybe tomorrow I'll make the egg into 'spaghetti strips' and see if she'll eat it.
We have another crazy week ahead with Chinese New Years and Valentine's falling on the same day. I usually don't make a big deal about Valentine's but since DH and I seem to need some type of pick me up, I've got something up my sleeve.
Oh, I looked over my recipe book I was compiling for my future kids and I realized, wow, I have tried to make a lot of stuff and a lot of it sounds yummy. Maybe I should take a page or two and make those dishes instead of just the same old same old.
I know that sounds simple but for some reason, I've completely forgot to look back at my homemade recipe book.
Oh and just because I'm feeling non sequitur, two nights ago, I dreamt my husband was Jack Bauer and our house kept getting invaded by foreign military. Strangely enough, even though it was annoying, I felt my daughter and I were safe knowing my husband was Jack Bauer. It was bizarro as they literally would come in with guns pointed at us but I wasn't scared. Now if this was really '24' and not my dream, I'd be peeing myself as family seems to be the first to go on the show but I was calm enough to offer the folks who held us hostage something to drink. What the heck does that mean?