Saturday, February 27, 2010

First real fever: Day Three

Symptoms: Low fever, clinginess (not as much as yesterday), a little color back on her face and expression in her eyes.
I still don't know what it is. No other symptoms appear.
In a way a child's illness causes the parents to be a prisoner. I had to cancel another day of playdates. Her fever is not as high as the first day but I would like good karma to follow. I wouldn't be happy with a mom bringing a fever laden tot over to my place even if he/she looks and acts fine.
The problem with that though is that I'm on day three of being TG's play partner. I know this shouldn't sound bad but when you've been attached to a radiator all day and night, the radiator can become quite heavy and hot. You start to wish for snow or rain.
To make matters worse this morning, Zoe threw up all over our living room rug, the very rug the toddlers usually play on the most. DH is in the process of throwing out the rug and will be heading out the day after the snowcaine to pick up a new cheap rug at Home Depot. We're of the opinion that if a kid plays on it, there shouldn't be any remnants of dog throw up on it. Even if it's cleaned, we know she threw up on it. It wasn't just one spot mind you. The dog must have decided that he'd do a rendition of the split pea scene of The Exorcist.
I'm feeling better than yesterday thanks to some much needed napping and sleeping yesterday and last night.
TG's appetite is still low but she's nibbling so I don't worry. Plus she has eaten an entire egg (protein) all three days she's been ill. I'd probably worry more if all she ate was pasta or grains.