Tuesday, February 02, 2010


All this eating pasta and decreased protein, veggies, fruits and yogurt has lead to some tummy trouble for TG. I surmised this as this afternoon, I noticed she hadn't pooped yet. Plus, she kept taking DH to the bathroom and saying, "Poop." Everytime DH put her on the potty though, she just sat there.
Then she came up to me and pressed on her tummy deliberately and not in the 'I'm pointing to my tummy' way. I had just finished reading an article about signs toddlers use to tell you about tummy distress and that was one of them.
DH was oblivious of this and didn't think it was a bit deal. I'm sure it wasn't but I figured if my child is trying to communicate to me that she has a poop that won't come out, I'm going to help her. It also helps that I was a pretty constipated child back in the days. Yes, the anal retention manifested into physical form as well.
Mommy cook that I am, I prepared for her a nice yummy dinner of baked butternut squash, stewed cinammon apples and alphabet pasta.
30 minutes after her delicious meal, success.
Now, maybe TG will go back to eating a more balanced diet. I left a chicken loaf and some baked squash for tomorrow's lunch.