Thursday, February 04, 2010

Not a fan of Chaka Khan's 'Everywoman' right now.

Feeling overwhelmed today.
It's hard being everywoman. It's even harder trying to keep my ideals and beliefs into play. When it comes to food I'm a stickler for healthy low processed foods. I believe what I put into my family's body affects their health and well being. I spend a little more, invest a little more time so my family benefits.
Occasionally time gets the better of me. One of the benefits of my OCD is I usually have backup plans. I try to have something marinating or parcooked in the freezer or fridge. I used to make large batches of food and freeze for such an occasion.
If you followed my pregnancy you know that I made large quantities of food and labelled them for my husband to cook. You can blame my OCD or whatever but the instructions were for naught.
With DH's attention to calorie counting preparing a meal has gotten a little more stressful. I try not to leave extra portions and meals premade to prevent him succumbing to temptation.
That means more on the fly cooking. I don't mind as it is healthier to avoid family style meals but that means my nights are a whirlwind of activity. It's gotten to the point where I know my eyes don't seem focused and I may appear at a distance.
As soon as I get home it's a card game of spend time with TG, clear the kitchen, prepare a meal, tidy up the play area (the entire apartment essentially), catch up with DH before he leaves, decompress from the day & prepare TG to go to bed. All this while trying to convey a tranquil soothing going to bed atmosphere.
I know I'm not the only mom out there who is going through this. Some have it better. Some have I worse.
I'd just like a lifeline right now. Ten minutes locked away would be nice.