Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Cook. Cook." with a grin on her face.

"Eggs. Eggs! Eggs!" TG said as she grabbed my hand and attempted to pull me up from the bed. Groggily I stumbled into the kitchen, led by my 19 month old. "Chair. Chair." I turned over one of the dining room chairs which have been stacked up along our wall. TG has mastered climbing chairs and tables.
I placed TG onto the chair with her whisk and bowl. I grabbed the eggs and TG and I made scrambled eggs together. She plays with the cracked shells (clean), she sort of helps me whisk and she watches as I fry up the eggs.
Such is her new obsession, watching eggs. Yes, watching. She says this now when DH cooks. "Watch. Watch."
I sit TG down in her chair, strap her in, wash her hands and mouth. I put on her bib and give her a fresh glass of water. I hand her fork and plate with eggs to her. "No no no. Hot. Cherry?"
She refused the eggs and asked for cherry yogurt. By the way, Cherry = yogurt regardless of the fruit I put in it. Blueberry yogurt = cherry. Prune yogurt = cherry.
Oh and No No Hot = "I don't want." This works out well sometimes as DH will say to her "No Hot." when he wants her not to do something our touch something. She seems to understand and scampers off to scale another furniture piece.