Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's like the passing of the Olympic torch but with less fanfare

On the way home from the museum of natural history, DH sprinted with TG home as I trudged up the stairs with our toddler bag of goodies. Moments ago, as we were in the elevator of the subway station, TG turned to me and asked for her lovey. As I handed it to her she replied as always with a clear, "Thank you." eliciting numerous awes from the fellow passengers.
As she giggled and chuckled as DH carried her home, a fellow rider turned to me and said, "So it does turn out to be fun, right?" I looked over to see a weary man with day old scruff staring at me pleading that the light was in sight.
"My wife and I just had a baby 14 days ago. It gets to be fun, right?"
"Yes but you are in the thick of newborn-hood and sleep deprivation."
"It just lies there."
"Yes, it's a lump of dough essentially until about 3 months when it's a lump of dough that looks perplexed all the time. Then it drools for Lord knows how long and then starts making interesting gurgling sounds. Until then, it's just sleep, eat and pump." is what I wanted to say.
Instead I just said, "Yes, it's a doughy mass you have no idea what to do with until one day it starts interacting with you."
"I just can't wait until she's 2 and she's rational."
"I'm sorry to break the news to you but rational is not what I'd describe a child at any age."