Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sun Leen Fai Lok

That's Happy New Year in Cantonese. Literal translation = New (Sun) Leen (Year) Fai Lok (Happiness).
That's your language lesson for the day.
Went to my Mom's for the traditional new year gathering.
Dressed TG up in her cheongsam but American-style. It's freezing in NYC so she had a henley on underneath. She also had red tights and rainbow legwarmers. What? She's a toddler. I can do this to her now.
I also put the henley on underneath because I have this thing about her having 100% cotton on her skin.
She had a grand old time playing the very out of tune piano at my Mom's. She also enjoyed walking around the kitchen. My Mom's kitchen has two entrances.
This reminded my mother of how my father decided to buy the house many moons ago. Apparently after an exhaustive day of searching and dragging me in my stroller, I ran around the kitchen like a kid letting steam out. This was taken as a sign that this is the house we should buy. I'm not sure how true this is but I've heard it so many times, I take it as so.
TG was so exhausted, she fell asleep on the way home and slept a total of 6 hours straight! This gave DH and I a chance to enjoy Valentine's Day together. We spent the morning having a V-day breakfast, Steak, Eggs and Potatoes. It was a big feast allowing DH to have a big meal before heading over to my Mom's. We had heart shaped blueberry pancakes on Saturday.
While TG slept and dreamt of out of tune pianos and circular kitchens with beaded entrances, DH and I caught up on the Olympics while noshing on chocolate ice cream with blackberries and dark chocolate covered strawberries. We promptly passed out on top of each other like beached whales. We woke up at 2am when TG toddled over to us half dazed with her lovely firmly grasped in her hands. "Bed? Bed?" she inquired. "Yes, let's go to bed, TG."