Friday, February 26, 2010

Day Two: Fever but no boogie

Symptoms: fever (high but not as high as yesterday), ruddy complexion
I think we're in full sick mode or at least I hope this is it. I am exhausted. TG didn't sleep well at all last night. It was as if she recalled how awful it was the night before and fought sleep left and right. She woke up twice and headed out to her play area. DH watched her for those 20 minutes while I just lay in bed for a breather.
Running on little sleep and DH and I are snapping at each other. The bone of contention at 5am is DH does not want me to take her temperature with a thermometer. His theory, it doesn't matter what temperature it is. She's hot. I think it's psychological.
From the minute she woke up, 9am, thank goodness, she's been attached to me like a chimpanzee to her mommy. I've peed with her on my side, brushed my teeth and practically changed her diaper while she was on my lap.
Learned that animal planet HD with the african safari is a big hit. She seems to find running cheetahs and lions hunting hysterical. I don't know what to make of that so I'll just chalk it up to it's educational.
I passed on a Mom's night out tonight for obvious reasons. DH doesn't understand why but hello, we have a sick kid who seems to want mommy and the breast 24/7.
What is eating me though is that we are in the midst of snowcaine 2010 and the snow is just the perfect mixture for playing in and we are stuck inside. Looking outside my kitchen window I saw our neighbor with her two girls making snowmen. I'm so jealous.