Sunday, November 13, 2011

This little piggy became bacon

Tonight, DD and I read My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza. Midway through, I turned and looked at the expression on my daughter's face. She had this perplexed look on her face and it dawned on me, she doesn't understand the concept of meat being animals.
This morning as we were reading her Highlights magazine, we went through one of those 'What's Silly in This Picture' and she remarked that the Thanksgiving turkey on the dining room table was silly because it had bones in it (drumsticks).  I recall thinking that was cute but it really didn't hit me until we read My Lucky Day.
When and how do kids realize this? I don't recall when I realized chicken was actually a chicken. I wonder what her reaction will be when she finds out that this used to be a live animal and now it's on her plate and she's eating it. I don't care if she's a vegetarian or if she decides that she likes meat. I can go either way I will support her on her decision. I'm curious to see how and what her reaction will be.
What really threw me in this book was this pig is a thrill seeker. At the end of the book the pig is checking off a list of animals that he is visiting and most of the animals would want to devour him as a meal. Are we encouraging thrillseeking?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Proud to be a breastfeeding mama

We are in week 3 and my very hungry caterpillar and I have been attached at the boob.  I'm no sure folks realize this but breastfeeding is probably harder than labor and delivery.  Both are very emotional and physical. Personally breastfeeding though is much harder because it runs through the highs and lows of every emotion and it goes against what most women in the Western hemisphere are told is norm.
The most important thing about breastfeeding is support. All women need a good support system for breastfeeding. There are so many myths and old wives tales associated with breastfeeding that many mean well but only make it that much harder for a breastfeeding mom.
The stress of breastfeeding can be high and if you ever wanted to see how stress can effect your body, breastfeeding is a visual cue. Stress will cause your milk volume to decrease. Your baby will tell you by giving you the signs he/she wants more. If you pump, you'll see a low quantity.  Both will cause you to stress more.  
That's when your support group will reassure and and remind you to relax and to allow the natural cycle and instincts to kick in.
The other hard part of breastfeeding is how all giving it is. Especially in the first weeks. There will be times where you feel like all you are doing is nursing. From what I see, this is normal.
For me breastfeeding is the tougher than labor and delivery but it is just as fulfilling if not more. I know it's not for all and that's ok. I just hope that women give it a try and ask for the support and get the support one needs to make the experience as best as possible. I fear most women, especially in the US don't get the support they deserve and need.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Bought DD a play violin. She freaking loves it. Anyone have a lead on a sturdy play violin? Think I'm going to need a more realistic violin for her. She won't let go of it. Should I sign her up for lessons next year?

In other news, I have told DH the next time MIL asks about the christening to tell her to give us a date range that works for her. She's been talking about the christening even during my second trimester of pregnancy. She's even called my mother to ask her if she knows when we plan on doing it.
Honestly, I'd do it this Sunday if I could. I'm not making a big deal of it. Yes, I want him to be welcomed into our church family but I don't want a big to do about it. Maybe I'm strange like that or maybe MIL's fixation has brought stress to this event and I'm not up for adding more stress in my life.

It's so ridiculous to me now how often she asks about the christening that it's beyond a drinking game. I'd be in rehab. 
So I told my husband the next time she brings it up, to tell her to give us dates that work for her because obviously this means more to her.

I'd have him baptized this Sunday but MIL would probably kill me if I don't wait until she's here.

Here's the funny thing, my husband was baptized later in life and only so he could attend a parochial school.  I'm not sure why she's fixated on this.  It's kind of sucked the joy out of the event for me.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

1st Subway Ride

DS took his first subway ride today. He slept through the initial ride. On the return ride, his senses were in full stimulation. The wind from the tunnel, the sound of the squeaky brakes, the bright lights of the train car, the unique smells of the station all kept him at full attention until he passed out 10 minutes later from overstimulation.
DS and I met up with DH and DD for lunch at our neighborhood diner and then spent some time at the local playground enjoying the pleasant warm fall weather. That is until the freaking tiger mosquitoes started nibbling me. My newborn already has three mosquito bites. It's November. Go away, mosquitoes!

Monday, November 07, 2011


My newborn son pooped. This wouldn't be news except, he had some tummy issues this weekend. Oh and with this particular poop, during his diaper change, he apparently kicked his foot into it and then kicked his foot onto his face leaving a nice poop smear.
All wasn't that terrible as DH said he then peed and his stream shot straight to his face as if he was trying to wash off the pee.
Naturally a bath was called for.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Newborn has some noxious toots

DS has been letting out some noxious fumes today. They smell like poop but they are just toots. DH exclaimed, "I do not look forward to the adolescent years if his toots smell like this now. What are you {me} eating?"
He hasn't pooped yet either. I wonder if he has some tummy trouble. He's usually a 3-4 times a day pooper.
I increased my leafy green intake a few days ago. I wonder if that's leading to the gassiness in him. If he doesn't poop today, I plan to lower my dairy intake and anything else that may be binding and up the fiber to see what happens.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Tag Team Nighttime Parenting

It's been a while but tonight I helped with the the bedtime routine for DD. With the virus, we had to keep DD and DS separate and so bedtime was defaulted to DH.
I missed doing bedtime with DD. It was nice to cuddle and read and talk about what we were thankful for.
We also nursed a bit before bed. 
Before we could even finish our prayers, she fell asleep.
It was nice and sweet.
Since her brother was born, she's waking up twice to three times a night. If she wakes up before 11 or midnight, I try to handle it.  I feel like I may be a bit tougher on this point.  If DH goes in, he's in for the rest of the night. Partly because he falls asleep and partly because I think he allows continued conversation with DD.  With me, I tell her that she needs to be quiet and go to sleep.  I'll rub her back for a little while or sing a few lullabies but we won't have a conversation.  DH will rub her feet and continue some conversation.  It works for him though.
The only qualms I have is I think it keeps her awake and he gets annoyed in the morning saying he wanted to do 'x' but couldn't.
So I am trying to do the early night (before 1am) to allow him some time to do what he wants to do.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Me and my breast pump

I started pumping. I hate the pumping relationship. Ok, it's not that I hate it. Pumping could be worse. It's the whole time and emotional aspect I hate about it. As humans we focus on quantitative properties. Pumping though should never be used to quantitate your milk output. Your child is the best at extracting milk. However, I am human and so each pumping session becomes this emotional high and low. Am I getting enough? Is my baby getting enough? Will I be able to pump enough?
Add the time it takes to pump which a new mom doesn't have time for and the knowledge that stress reduces your pumping output and top that with the week 2-3 hormonal fluctuations and post partum baby blues and I'm one mean sexy machine.
DD was eager to help feed DS. It was very cute and special to watch her help feed him. 
Here are some fun facts: My son needs to be burped. My daughter did not. My son is a big hiccuper and sneezes often.
On the post partum baby blue front, I think the emotional roller coaster I had at the cusp of delivery was more intense but then again I'm still in the early stages of the hormonal release.  So far so good though.  I'm continuing to try to up the Vitamin D and I also know that I am the best role model for my kids and with a preschooler in tow, I think I'm trying harder than ever to keep my spirits up and not let my hormones completely take over.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Lovey Found

DD found her backup lovey.
I was folding laundry in the wee hours of the night.  I was placing the clean folded laundry on the ottoman. DS woke up and I dropped everything to tend to him. 
In the morning, DD came to greet me good morning and snuggle and found the second lovey. According to DH, her response was of excitement.  She exclaimed he looked just like Jay Raffe and that Jay Raffe now had a friend.  Ever since, she has kept the twins together. She even gave both of them to DS to hold during his nap.  In the words of her friend, Tuna, she's "a good sharer."
On the illness front, today seems to be a better day for DD. Fever broke and no more breakouts.