Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Are you sure you speak whale?"

It's no secret my daughter and husband love the Museum of Natural History. I suspect I'm going to have to save my money now for the sleepover she is going to want when she's older. Yes, they offer sleepovers at the museum.
One of her and every other kid in NYC's favorite rooms is the whale room. DH thinks it's because of the giant blue whale suspended overhead. I think it's part whale and part atmosphere. It's dark and cozy and the lullaby sounds of underwater resemble the womb atmosphere.
"There is no way that's the reason the kids love this room."
"We don't know but I suspect it's a reason."
"If you ask any kid here, they are going to say it's because of the whale."
"Well, it's not like a kid here is going to say, "This is reminiscent of my previous abode. If TG said, "Well the sounds are eerily familiar, Mommy. It's like the sounds in your tummy when I was incubating," I'd be on the phone with Mensa."
By the way, I can't help but think about Dory in Finding Nemo whenever I go in there.