Thursday, September 30, 2004

My skirt is Magellan.

Why does my skirt always circumnavigate me when I'm walking?

Doesn't matter if skirt is an A-Line, Pleated or Fluted.

No, the skirt is the right size. It's not too small or too big.

Why is it I'm the only one with this problem? I don't see other New Yorkers walking around with their skirt spinning around their waist like a Hulahoop.

For a while, I thought it might be my hips and so I purposely walked very straight, no side to side movements, no underroos butt jiggling. [Not that I do that purposely.]

All that gave me was a stiff neck and more cab rides.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Voting in September. Is it a well-informed vote or simply party line voting?

Did you know that 31 states have early voting rights?  That's nearly 54% of the voting population!

People in Iowa have the ability to vote now for who should be president.

Now, I'm not sure what the rationale was to allow voting so early.  I suppose it has something to do with tabulating votes but who aside from the
die-hards are ready to vote?  I sure am not.  Yes, I have my party preferences but I still am researching where the candidates stand in key issues. 
Debates haven't started.  We just spent the last two months in military record murkiness.

If you look at the map of who gets to vote early, you will see that the east coast is the hold out states.  Maybe we're overly cautious.  Maybe we
just want to preserve the tradition of a national day of voting.  Maybe we're so pressed for time that having a standing appt on the Tuesday after the
first Monday in November as comforting.

If states wish to grant early voting, they should at least do so during October and not in September when even the candidates are coming back from

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

2 days to the Heavyweight championship debate...

Viewers of Jon Stewart's show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch "The O'Reilly Factor," according to Nielsen Media
Research. - David Bauder, Associated Press

Ok.  I hate it when I am asked me what's going on in the political front.  Not that I am annoyed with the topic of politics but how they ask

"What's going on with Dan Rather?  What's the story?  Obviously it's big because Jay Leno made a joke."

Ok, just because you get your political news from references made from late night talk shows warrants me not to explain/inform.  I'm not saying that
I'm the most in the know.  Heck, my hubby reigns in that department.  He has our tv programmed to change b/w Msnbc, Fox news, NY1 and CNN throughout
the day.  He then has it linked to the internet to allow viewing at our offices.  I'd like to say that I'm informed but can be more informed.

But, geez.  Do you not see how uninformed you look by asking me about Swift boats not because you saw the commercial or read a headline in the
newspaper but from a comment made by Conan O'Brien?  At least reference Jon Stewart.

Now, I love Jon Stewart.  And I'm pitching his book, America, the Book.  Run out and get it and share with friends.  I brought mine
into the office.  At first, I was worried I'd be reprimanded for partisanship displays in the workplace but thankfully, the people I shared the
book with realized that Jon may be partisan but heck the Daily Show is not.  If anything, they are equal opportunitists.  Ok, maybe not for this
election but it's hard not to be.

We're hitting the first debate in two days.  In my opinion, this is the time that voters should really start paying attention.  Forget the flip
flopping.  Everyone flips and flops on the campaign trail.  [BTW, if Bush focuses all his attention on Kerry's flips and flops, I'll be starting a
drinking game for the rest of the debates.  I mean, geez, not all of us can stick to our guns, regardless if we're blatantly wrong.]  Now is the time
for both candidates to step up and tell America what they stand for.

[Oh, and if Bush mentions 9/11 or terrorists, it's a free-for-all for me.  Seriously, can America be any more scared?]

I've heard of debate socials that are cropping up in the city.  Me, I think I'll sit this one at home with a cold beer and my Replay. 


Guess I was wrong:

Concerns that people who receive their political information from late-night comedy shows may not be adequately familiar with the issues in order to vote knowledgeably appeared to be laid to rest Monday by a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey. In a poll conducted between July 15 and Sept. 19, nearly 20,000 young adults were asked six questions about the presidential candidates' stands on various issues. Those who watched no late-night comedy shows answered 2.62 questions correctly. David Letterman's viewers answered 2.91; Jay Leno,'s 2.95; and Jon Stewart's (The Daily Show) 3.59. The results for Stewart appeared particularly striking to the pollsters, who noted that his viewers "have higher campaign knowledge than national news viewers and newspaper readers."

You heard it hear:

hey boss...

does this look weird to you? -- muthafunga on showing your boss his twigs and berries

Of course, this involved another miscommunication by pg.

muthafunga: i have to look it up now

pg: omg, i thought you wrote, i have to look at it now.

Monday, September 27, 2004

You heard it hear:

pg: frickin planning my days around when i can go pick up the
speciality dog food from the vet.

my pets are spoiled.

muthafunga: and the dog ice cream

pg: oh, bought that already.

but they ran out of the peanut butter flavored.

had to pick up vanilla.

my next life, i need to be a dog to someone like me.

muthafunga: kobe calf

funny thing is.. your kids won't be seeing the light of day

pg: they'll be nocturnal.

When your co-workers are suddenly roommates...

Met with friends from Vermont over the weekend.  Reminded me how patience is subject to the subject.

Beth had mentioned that patience for the children is about the only patience she has.  She's a special ed teacher.  I agree.  My tolerance
level is non-existent with adults.  Now, I really try.  Not everyone will color coordinate, label, evenly distribute columns within spreadsheets. 
I know this and I'm fine with it.  (Ok, sometimes.)  But I shouldn't have to show an adult with a 'normal' intelligence level how to create a query
or write an argument more than twice.  Three times if it's tricky but that's my limit.

Luckily, in recent months, it hasn't happened that often.  When it has, I breathe and let it rolled down my spine.  Hubby keeps claiming that he's
worried that I'll lose patience and have no tolerance for children.  He may be right.  He may be wrong.  All I know is that nowadays, when I hear
a child screaming or throwing a fit, I tune them out.  I used to try to calm them down.  Now I look at the parents, smile and hand the kid over. 
I figure, if we have kids, I'll have plenty of tantrums to deal with myself.

I have other issues with professionalism.  Here is a list of items I 've seen in my office that deems unprofessional:

  • Clipping fingernails

  • Spraying your shoes with disinfectant

  • Scream out the bosses name and run towards her office (Exception is if there is a fire or the server blows up.)

  • Speaking of politically incorrect items that were told in the context of the office.  ie.  Doug said that the women here need to wear shorter
    skirts and get lower IQs.

  • Taking photos of co-workers and photoshopping them and displaying them on a bulletin board.  (Ok, the first part is fine.  Distribute it via
    email or im and that's it.  No need to outwardly display them.)

Honestly, we as a collective in this office have been together too long.  Hence the complete lack of personal space and privacy.

I'm still hoping to move my desk around in the office.  I'm seriously not liking the configuration.  Also, thinking of replacing my frog with
fish.  Since I don't have a window, I'm trying to fill it with live animals and plants to give the bunker a more homey feel.  Will see.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

You heard it hear:

pg:Is that the cantina?


pg:I swear, we'll be 80 and we'll always know the cantina.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Cerebral Aneurysm:

You see, I'm like an animal. When dogs see a dead bird, do they not sniff it? -- client on the subject of why he had cake with us the last time we had Elaine

Thursday, September 23, 2004

What ever happened to dressing for success?

Read an article about a father who was upset the principal duct taped his son's pants.  They were
too low under school dress code standards.

I see nothing wrong with this and in fact, believe it's darn time they do something about the disheveled, half-dressed look kids wear nowadays.

Maybe I'm from a parochial mentality.  But maybe a little embarrassment will stop him from having his ass hang over his pant's waist.

Hubby last night mentioned how in his pubescent years, the key was dressing to impress.  You want to stand out (ok, in the 80's standing out meant
fitting into several categories.  but nonetheless....) but you want to look clean.  Why?  Because you want to get laid and clean people generally
get laid more than dirty people.  [Please don't debate me on the later.]

It's true.  Sure I had high hair, blue eyeliner and pink lipstick.  Sure I wore 8 million scrunchie socks and bracelets.  Oh, and who can
forget the pale skin, stick straight hair, bright red lipstick phase I went through.  But my clothes fit and were clean.  My ass wasn't sitting on
my pant waist and my midriff wasn't bare to all.  (Ok, maybe a little belly button.)

I think all schools should have a little duct tape.  If I had to have ruler inspections of skirts, undershort inspections and hair cut regulations, a
little duct tape won't hurt kids today.

Heck, when I was in school, my classmate was duct taped to her seat, my girlfriend's boyfriend had us color in his head with permanent marker to avoid
detention for a too short buzz cut and our dean periodically inspected to ensure that we weren't wearing shorts under our skirts.  Ok, the last one was a
bit invasive and if anything spooky and creepy now that I think about it.

We were hit with rulers, chalk, chalkboard erasers.  We had to put gum on our nose if we were caught chewing it in class.

I say, bring back civics and civility back into the classrooms.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

PG's TV Break: Spawns: Miami and SVU (it's not an automobile?)

Fall Television has begun.  Spoilers ahead......

Good grief.  The two shows I watch last night had two children who will definitely need some serious counseling.

CSI: Miami and Law & Order: SVU

Geez.  Is this going to be the year of disturbed children?  One kid is left in swampland to be eaten by sharks and gators.  Another is
constantly being abducted.

CSI: Miami is not my favorite CSI but if I look at it with the knowledge that it could be a great drinking game show just by watching David Caruso, this
generation's Shatner, then it's entertaining.  But to go and kill off my favorite Miami CSI'r.  Good grief.  I went from disbelief to anger to
sadness then anger again.  And to blame him for his death is even worse.  Good grief at least give him some sort of hero ending.

What do I think about the New York CSI?  Thanks for making us look like we're the least technologically advanced (no need for that type of realism now). 
Good grief, we're they doing an autopsy under the Manhattan Bridge?  Then there is the Gotham of Batman's World dreariness.  Are they recycling sets
from Darkman?  Maybe the season premiere will lighten up.

I like Gary Sinise.  He's cute yet deranged looking.  Just the type of man I like.  I wonder what his kirkiness will be?  Horatio has his
sunglasses, or as TWP calls them, the Shades of Justice.  Grissom has bugs and let's face it, Sara.  CSI writers, just remember toothpicks, donuts,
chewing gum and lollipops have been taken.  Oh and nuts, if you count that guy with the round head from Magnum P.I. [Yeah. Yeah.  I know that was a

Sleepiness and cranky dogs make pg something something.....

I started cleaning my desk.  I have four big boxes behind me with more stuff to pack.  Can you believe I'm not even taking stuff that isn't
necessary?  Yes, I feel strange I'm leaving this great work environment to move to the bunkers.  It's not like I'm going to be disconnected from this
office.  I'll be working closely with them but in another capacity.  It's just weird going through my files and realizing all the events and
craziness that have happened in the last 5 years.

I'm also very sleepy.  For the last two weeks, I've wanted so badly to just sleep in and relax.  I haven't been able to sleep in.  The
closest I came to sleeping in was on Sunday when I woke up late for church.  With this new job, I don't get flex time either so I'm missing my 'me' time. 
I think I'm going to take 3 days off near my birthday to just veg.  I'd love to just do nothing.  Right now, I'd settle for just a little sleep. 

I'm sure P-man would like the same.  Hubby spent last night constantly waking up the P-man.  By the fifth wake up, he starting whining like a
baby.  We were really comfy too.  He had his chin on my chest and was totally relaxed when Hubby rolls him over and starts tickling his belly. 
Why did he make it his mission to keep him up?  Who knows.  Hubby did say though that he didn't understand why he's so tired when all he does is sleep
during the day.

Mind you, my tiredness isn't helped by me consistently falling asleep no earlier than 1:30am.  I try to relax but my mind hasn't slowed down. 
It's like my brain is running in 4th gear and can't settle down to 2nd until late night.

My brother and I are going to the San Gennaro festival tonight.  Of course, it can't go as planned.  I called hubby to ask him whether he wants
to bum a ride with bro, take a train or drive the car.  He tells me that my file cabinet came in and I need to go to the Flatiron district to pick it up. 
When I ask him what he'd like to do, he tells me it's up to me.  If it was up to me right now, I'd take a nice nap, snag a ride then scarf a ton of Italian
sausages and zeppoles.  But of course, I want my cabinet too.  So I'm hoofing it home and grabbing the car, going to pick up my cabinet and then
heading to the feast.

Oh and I need to change my shoes.  For goodness sakes, I've walked home in these shoes and yet today my soles are killing me and I've sat down most of
the day.  But alas, my vanity has hit me again.  Hubby just called and asked if I want some other shoes and I couldn't think of another pair that works
with the outfit.  He said he'll give me time to think about it and call me back.  If I was a guy, would I be this vain?  Geez.


Monday, September 20, 2004

Dog Poo, Coalmines and Doppelgangers

I love these crisp autumn feeling mornings.  I'm a huge fan of the transition seasons. 

Today, as I walked the dogs, the cool wind circling around me felt wonderful.  I felt like fresh air was sweeping in.  It sounds weird but I felt like
Pocahontas (the Disney one) when all those symbols sweep around her.  Then I a slight sniff of dog poo brought me back to reality.

My grumpiness subsided yesterday.  I guess hubby knew I was a bit grouchy and was trying extra hard to be understanding. 

I'm sorry but this may sound like a chicken way out but sometimes I know I'm getting to the grumpy point and UI just let it happen.  I mean, I don't
want to stay grumpy and if I can prevent it I do.  But sometimes it's like a keg and it has to blow.  I don't recall being like that before. 
It's just recently that I've noticed that I get this funk and no, it doesn't coincide with Flo.

Lord, I have a headache.  I'm tired, hungry and know that I'm getting to a point where if I don't go home, my head won't stop calculating and I won't get
a good night's rest.  My co-worker is making me promise we leave in ten minutes.

Thankfully I just finished the calculations.  They look awful but I'll deal with trying to figure out why were not footing tomorrow.

BTW, all this calculations and validations made me realize, I do not want to be doing this when I'm 60.  Seriously.  I'm not saying change my
profession.  I'm saying I do not want to be working in my 60's.  A picture of me hunched over a paper drenched desk with a single lamp and my
monitor providing light is too scary.

Tonight, I rest for tomorrow promises to be insane.

Oh, so my brother calls me yesterday and says that my doppelganger is sitting next to him at Mickey Dee's @ the Intrepid scarfing on a Big Mac.  Ok,
there was a time I would be insulted.  There is only one PG.  But When I was 9, I met my doppelganger.  I was having tea with my parents in
Chinatown when a couple sat at the opposite end of the table.  (In chinatown, you share tables.)  They sat the little girl right next to me. 
She spoke fluent English, had her hair in pigtails (ok not a big coincidence) and wore a
similar pink dress.  She turned to me and said, "Hi my name is
PG."  Turned out we had the same name, same birth month and same favorite color.

Back to yesterday, so my brother said he saw my doppelganger.  He said she had the same mannerisms, dress and appearance.  Which lead my hubby to
say that one night at a bar with his buddies he saw a doppelganger of me.  He was a bit wigged and then thought it would be hot if we made out.  Men.

Now, ok.  All Asian people look the same.  I've heard that.  So maybe it was just the common denominator of being Asian.  But then it
made me wonder, if my family swears that there are doppelgangers of me floating around, do they have any tips for me?  Any lessons I haven't learned yet? 
Come on.  If you are my doppelganger, give me some life lessons and I'll share with you mine.  'Cause it hard enough to do it alone. 

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Tired, grumpy and unable to bake :-(

I am so tired.  I haven't had a chance to collect myself. 

It seems like I'm backlogged with home to dos.  I'm trying to catch up with work, transition work and learn my new work.  Plus, it seems like the
world is continuing on like 'sands in an hourglass.'  The gas being shut off.  The laundry piling up.  The mail needs to be read. The car has to be tempermental. The dog has to throw up on our bed. The lightning and thunder has to keep us up.

We just bought a toaster oven and I'm busy trying to clear the kitchen a bit while I try to ignore the rest of the world around me.  Hubby has decided
that we no longer need the ac and wants to take it down and replace it with fans.  Of course, this probably will involve me helping him move it. 
He then wants to place fans in the window.  I'm a spoiled princess and enjoy my air conditioning.  To understand my trepidation, you have to
realize that our apartment is always 10 degrees hotter than outdoors.  We live on a top floor and our windows face our courtyard which is enclosed. 
But I'm sure I'll be fine.

He has some other plans as well.  He is thinking of selling the fish tank and getting a smaller one.  What I would like is the household items
I've asked for to be done first.  But alas, my fellow married co-workers have told me to keep wishing.  Many have done them all themselves. 
Some hire a handyman to do the work.  I would do it myself but I can't pick up the damn tool box.  Maybe when my hubby cleans out the coat closet (a
request that may be completed with the removal of the ac).  I can ask him to keep the toolbox on a lower shelf so I can reach the drill and stuff.

I've seen the tool kits made for women.  Personally, I don't want to just run out and get it.  Seriously, aside from the hammer, the tools are
the same as a guy's tools except they are packaged in a pretty box.

Well, starting next week, I will no longer wait for hubby to help me decide on furniture and household items.  My first item to purchase, the dvd/videogame

Forgive me if I sound grumpy.  I just am.  Now I must get back to tidying up.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Quote of the day...

...basically your job is to pass work on to other people and just make sure it gets done. -- one of the office assistants on what my role is in my new job.

I Want My Gas!!!!!!!!

So we're out of gas.  Well not out of gas, just gasless.

Con ed found a leak in our building's gas pipe and need to shutdown our gas for indefinite period of time.  Rumors say 2-3 months.  Hot water
thankfully is back up though.

Guess my artillery of electric appliances will have to carry us through.  Great excuse to learn how to use the pressure cooker. Mom is even offering to lend me her electric wok.

This means Thanksgiving and Housewarming is cancelled.  I'm slightly relieved. But I know as the time approaches, I'll be longing to cook. :-(

Rumors also have it that the board wants to give us each hot plates.  Bad move IMO.  Instead, they should work out discounts with the local
eateries and laundry centers. Hey, maybe a New Yorker can grill. I wonder if the board would approve a simple charcoal grill to be placed in the courtyard for communal usage.


Work has been hectic.  Trying to transition my stuff and learn the new stuff is tiring.  Not to mention, since everything is going at light speed,
everything is due ASAP.  My actual move date is set for October 1st.   I'm breathing and hanging in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Quote of the day:

I swear, on paper, this looked totally different. - Malcolm

The Swami predicts......

i know i'm gonna be cursed with 8 hot daughters -- pg's brother

Squeaking, Leaking and Scratching........

Yesterday was my first day doing actual work for my new job.  I am completely exhausted.  I did not spend more than 20 mins in my office.

My new office will be ready by October 1st.  In the meantime, I'm still in my old office and need to transition my work over while learning the ropes at
the new place.  I have two heavy projects already and am a bit tired already.

I haven't had a chance to do many of my household errands and am
feeling slightly guilty of my lack of daily cooking.  I get home to relax and do some of the household paperwork when the security guard tells me that Con
Ed turned off the gas because of a gas leak indefinitely.  So now, the laundry I was dreading to do has to wait another day and well, unless we have
Ramen, we're ordering out.

To add to the craziness of the day, hubby comes back home to tell me there is a leak from the ac hose in our brand new car and
the passenger side floor is drenched.  He also heard a weird squeaky sound from the back tires.

So he's now spending his birthday at the car service

He just called me.  They fixed the ac leak but need him to leave the car overnight for the squeaking.  As he was pulling off to
the DMV, he noticeed a scratch on the dashboard.  He immediately stopped the car and told the manager.  Now the car has to spend the next few days
at the shop for the squeak and scratch.

Well, hopefully, when I get home, there will be gas and I'll make him a steak dinner and ice cream cake for
dessert.  Can you fit 30+ candles on a "little love" cake?

Monday, September 13, 2004

Aches and pains then back to the daily grind

As you can imagine, Saturday and Sunday flew by.

Thankfully, we had wonderful weather and hubby was totally surprised.

I left the house on the pretense that I needed to drive my mom to the doctors.  Of course I realized that I forgot the cash to pay the lifeguard
and other deliveries and such.  I went back in saying I needed to take an allergy medication.  Hubby was too busy playing his Xbox, I doubt he
noticed I came back.

Then at 9:15 I realized that I forgot the dips.  So off I went from my mom's to my apt.  I figured hubby would be out of the house since his
cousin told me he'd be sure to get him out by 9:30.  I enter to see my hubby, still in his pjs on the couch playing video games.  He looked like
he was going to be in that state for the rest of the day.

pg: Isn't (your cousin) supposed to pick you up?

h: Hasn't called yet.  [Barely looking at me.]

I make it out the door with a giant bag filled with dip without him noticing. 

I settle at my mom's for a quick breather when she tells me that she broke her oven.  Yup, last night at 11pm, she called me freaking out she couldn't
find the salmon.  Then at 2am, while cooking the ribs, her oven stopped working.  I told not to worry and that we can always use the grill. 
Funny how there always is a sane person when you need it.

I spent the rest of the morning setting up the site, panicking that the balloons hadn't been delivered, the water was turned off in the bathroom and
that the lifeguard didn't know where the skimming supplies were to skim the pool.  When his cousins started to arrive, I was still in bummy sweats and
no makeup.

I freshened up and started on one of many needed beers.  By the time hubby arrived, I was thoroughly relaxed.  I've never seen him so frolicky
before.  I know frolicky is a bad word to describe it but he was the happiest I've seen him.  Yeah, yeah.  What about our wedding? 
Well, to be honest, he was nervous and fidgety.  He spent more time away from me getting stuff than actually being with me.  Not that I'm upset at
that.  I guess I was the nervous and fidgety one for this shindig.

I have to say, I could never have done this without my mom, my friends and his family.  And I left realizing I had a great family, both his side and
mine.  And I'm really grateful.

What about his dad?  Well, he didn't show up.  And although I was disappointed in the end I'm hoping the discussion that came from his absence
opens the door to something better in the future.  He called and apologized after hubby spoke to him and we had a long (ok long by our standards)
conversation on what the day meant.  He promised me he would never let his pettiness and past hurt and anger get in the way of his relationship with his
son anymore.  I know it's just words but I drove home feeling something good came out of it.

I went home to hubby ordering me Chinese for dinner.  I was so pooped, though, that all I remember was him coming towards me with the food and me
passing out.  I can't even remember if he got it to my table before I nodded off.  I remember briefly thinking I felt like Sylvester the cat at
the animal hospital all drugged up and Butch the dog is coming towards him with a bat.  He knows it's coming but is too tired to do anything about it.

Sunday was spent:

running around cleaning the grill.  [Hubby and I can probably bet that the next bbq will involve picking up a phone and dialing.]

returning some borrowed goods.

driving to Staten Island to visit his sister for her birthday.

I have to say, I really had fun with his sister.  She showed me her photo album and asked my help decorating goodie bags she made for her parents
for her birthday party. 

And aside from the asswipe that gave my sandwich away to another customer who was behind us, I had a nice time with his pop.

The rest of the night was spent trying not to move too much.  I had aches in parts of my body I hadn't realized were there.

Which leads us to today.

Today I got to work to my new boss calling me from home to tell me that I have been appointed the position as of today.  {Pat on back.  pat.
pat.}  However, I will need to allot transition time for my old position.  So I will be doing a bit of both until it's time.  Also, I'm in limbo again
about where I'll be.  Now I'm back at the main office instead of the side office.  I'll see.

Oh, and hubby is already planning our next get together, our belated housewarming in October!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Closing my eyes and diving in

This past week has been draining. I sometimes look back and look forward to
returning to work.

I'm too tired to go into detail about today's events.  Let's just say,
today can be summed up with the following:

1 bad morning phone call

3 trips to the dealership

3 trips to the party store

1 trip to the office

a broken nail

a grill half put together

1 woman in desperate need of a manicure and pedicure

and someone calling to tell me he locked him outside of the house with the

On the positive side:

Thanks to his wife, hubby now has:

duplicate keys made

a detailed car

Hubby's curve ball was a minimal one but he did make up for it.  He's
currently asleep on the couch.  This has allowed me the liberty to:

Make the dips (He called me while I was getting ready to prepare them at my

Clean and pack the portable radio


Blow dry my hair

Pack his bathing suit, towel

Pack a set of clothes for myself

Make a list of things to buy tomorrow

Paint my toes (it will have to do until I get them done Monday.)

Breathe and relax

And write a little ditty here.

Hubby bought me my favorite video game, Burnout.  Apparently he saw me
drool when I saw the commercial for the 3rd edition and bought it as a surprise
for me.

Now there is nothing more for me to do than to take a deep breath and get a
good night's rest.

Keep your fingers crossed folks.


Weather forecast:

ny1: warm and bright 78

nbc: mostly sunny.  high in the 70s partly cloudy 76

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I need to punch something.......

Stress is hitting me again but instead of freaking out I'm laughing it off now.

I finally hit Costco.  Mom tagged along.  Her home supplies cost more than the items I had for the party.  Costco with mom was a complete workout.  We had 3 pushcarts which we skillfully lowered to 2.  Pushing the carts to the car was a totally different story.  Since mom can't carry anything heavy, I unpacked the cart, packed the car and unpacked the car.

I had a thick layer of sweat on me by the time I got the last bag of stuff up the stairs.  I love my mother, but her idea of helping me was bring down a piece of rolling luggage and some shopping bags to put the food in.  Ok, if you've gone to Costco you know that nothing fits into a standard shopping bag.

But mom's been really helpful.  She's making her potato salad, lo mein (vegetarian and pork) and ribs.  And she's seasoning the chicken for me.

I hit Stop N Shop for the incidentals and finalized plans to get the grill tomorrow. 

Today's curve ball was hubby calling me to tell me he wanted to bring the car to hapkido.  So I raced home just in time for him to yell at me for saying I'm downstairs when I wasn't.  I was going around the block so the car could double park on our side of the street. 

You know, I understand I'm a bit more sensitive right now because I'm stressed but I seriously don't think he needed to do that.  He was anxious to show off his car and probably a bit upset I've driven it more than he has since we've gotten it.  In all honesty, it's an ok car to me.  I don't think it's that special.  I guess the car thing is a guy thing.

Oh, my day couldn't have ended worse when I check my email and find an email from my step dad grilling me again.  I suppose the first grilling (see 08.06) wasn't enough.  It left such a sour taste in my mouth, I'm going to need alot of beer to hold a smile if he shows up.

How are things going for you ???

I'm expecting to know if my son's mom is comming to the party Saturday.

As I mentioned, I wouldn't want to place current wife ( and daughter) in an
unconfortable situation !!!

Let me know, OK ??

How about calling your daughter in law and asking if she needs any help?  How about telling me that this would be a nice idea instead of grilling me?  How about realizing that she's running around like a loon while trying to hit curve balls thrown by her husband, your son?  How does this change your rsvp?  Just let me know.  Stop trying to dance around it.  Either your coming or not.  Thanks for calling me, pops.  Now let me change my mind about the gift for your daughter and say screw the extra 40 min trip to kids r us.  It's not like you're going to let her wear it or play with it anyway.  Well not in front of me.

Sorry.  PG is pissed.  She's got to fit a grill in her new car and plan to get everything done tomorrow.


Weather forecast for Saturday:

nbc: Mostly sunny. Highs around 80.

ny1: sunny. 80's partly cloudy. 78.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Flood gates opening but as long as it dissipates by Saturday.....

Hubby doesn't realize it but he's throwing me curve balls everyday.

Today, I told him that the project I was working on this week is put on hold because the person I'm working with is in the hospital.  His wife is in
labor.  So this should give me a good two days.

Free and clear of having to pretend I'm not using the car (yes, he looked at the odometer and for a brief moment looked a bit confused about the mileage.), I
picked up the first round of items at the office and then drove to the school to drop off the deposit and do a last count on tables.

My first snag was completely blanking out on my pin number and having to go to the bank's customer service to reset it.  But that was minor.  I
finalized the school (I'm either getting older or high school boys are getting younger.  I think it's the later.), counted the tables (19) and was signing
the agreement for the cake when hubby called.

h:  I might need you to pick me up.

pg: when?  everything ok?

h:  Well, I might need you to pick me up and drive a few people home.

pg:  sure but why?

h: The rains shut down service on the subway.

Ok, if you weren't in the Tri-State area, you didn't see the massive flood or the giant ark that floated by Central Avenue.  The skies opened up like it
was watching 'Beaches'.  XM Radio kicks ass though, cause they had all the major closings for traffic and transit. 

So now, I have to pick up my husband and his colleagues.  Costco must wait until tomorrow.

Back to the cake, it's an ice cream from Carvel.  Of course it had to be custom made.  Hubby doesn't prefer the vanilla part of the standard Carvel
cake.  So now I've got a custom cake all chocolate with tons of chocolate crunchies with both his name and his sisters name on the inscription.  I
told the guy, "This cake is for a guy.  Please no flowers or other frillies."  I hope he also interpreted that as a guy that isn't under 12. 
Cause if a cowboy is emblazoned on it, I'm in trouble.

I had just enough time to go to the party supply store and then drop off the stuff at muthafunga's.  As I was deciding b/w the paper or plastic tablecloths, I
realized I hadn't gone to the bathroom all day.  To add to the urgency my bladder felt, the downpour outside was teasing me.  I quickly grabbed a
pack of forks and what not and went to the register to pay.  One register and the slowest teenager alive.  I was about to slide over the counter and
swipe my own credit card in the machine.   I ran to the car and decided I couldn't make it to my brother's without going but we were in the
middle of boonyville.  Plus, after my experience with the bathroom in Mickey Dee's on Broadway, I was weary of any public loos.  So I drove to
cross county figuring I need to eat, pee and get wrapping paper.  [This probably will be my epitaph:  She ate, she peed, she bought wrapping

Get to the strip mall and book to the Burger King.  Surprisingly, the bathrooms were in good shape.  Good enough to do what I had to do.  I
grabbed a kids meal and ran to the card shop where another slow processing teen couldn't understand why I brought two bows to the counter but only wanted one.

hallmark: So you want the blue one with the price on it.

pg: No.  I want the red one without the price on it.  That's why I
brought you the blue one to scan.

hallmark:  He he.  So you want the blue one.

I made it to my mom's just in time to drop the stuff off and scarf down my cheeseburger.

Now, we all know I'm always looking to feed people.  Well, I sort of get it from my mother.  Now I'm not saying I'm like my mom.  That's too
scary to say or admit.  But let's just say, I know where the trait comes from.

pg's mom: You want me to make noodles for you?

pg:  No time.  Have to go pick up hubby and his co-workers.

pgmom: ok.  You want ribs?

pg:  No thanks mom.

pgmom:  Duck?

pg:  Duck?  No thanks mom.  Have to go.

So aside from the curveball of chauffeuring, I think I did ok. 

Tomorrow is crunch day.  Costco, Grill and what other zaniness that arises.


Weather forecast:

ny1:  80's sunny

nbc:  Upper 70's mostly sunny 78 degrees partly cloudy

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Quote of the day:

...Wouldn't it be on top?

No, I have a system.

What system would that be?

You wouldn't understand.

--- Monk

Tinted windows. Bloody tinted windows.

Today started off well.  I woke up early and did my "going to work"
routine.  Kissed hubby goodbye for the day and immediately started calling
everyone to confirm.

I called my friend who will be grilling and my cousins, one who will be
driving hubby to the surprise.  An hour later, I've had breakfast,
showered, changed, subscribed to AAA, transferred the EZ-pass and headed out to
drop the deposit and access the party area.

I passed a supermarket and thought dropping off the coins in that Coinstar
machine would be a quick stop.  I'm stumbling around all over the
supermarket with this giant sack of coins looking for the Coinstar machine. 
I went to the customer service desk to ask but when I got there the line was
long.  I turned to the bag lady (not an actual bag lady but a lady who was
bagging groceries) and asked her where the machine was.  She pointed behind
me.  Right behind me in blazing green lights was 'Coinstar'.  I
tottered my bag to the machine a shade reddier.

As I was driving out of the supermarket, my phone rang.

h: You're not at work?

pg: Remember I said I had a meeting downtown?

h: Oh.  Well i took a half day to get the spare keys made and get the
car tinted.  I'm heading home now.  The Manhattan dealership said they
needed the title with me.  Dad said that we can just do it at his
dealership so I'm heading there.

pg: Where are you?  (Trying to sound calm.)

h: I'm in a taxi going home.

After that I blanked out.  My heart started pumping.  Thoughts were
racing in my head.  "pg, I told you not to lie.  he'd find out." 
How the hell am I going to pull this off?  Another day set back!

All I recall is venting to my mother and sharing the story to friends and
family as I sped down the highway to make it home.

Hubby called me again and sounded agitated.

h: You took the keys?

pg: yes.  I'm meeting my brother for dinner.

h:  You weren't going to go home first to walk the dogs?

pg: No I was going to pick up the car then walk the dogs.

The rest involved hubby saying he wasn't upset at me but the situation. 
Apparently he took a half day off for nothing.  Dad said that the spare
keys wouldn't be ready until Tuesday.

Since the rest of my day was shot, I thought I should pick up hubby and take
him to the auto store for car stuff.  Hubby unfortunately was still grumpy
and started ranting about how I was trying to pacify him like a child. 
Good grief.

I tried my darndest to keep myself composed. 

Then as I dropped him off he went on a rant about why we didn't just get the
car tinted instead of going to the auto store.

Of course I had a few drinks with dinner with my brother.  He had a
great laugh at the story and I'm still a few days away from D-day.

The day wasn't a complete loss.  I was able to go to the party store by
my brother and pick up a few serving bowls and such and the threat of hubby
coming home early has been subdued with a late night trip to get the car tinted. 
I also told him I was off tomorrow. 

Hoping things go a bit more smoothly tomorrow.

BTW, hubby, when and if you do finally read this, taking the afternoon off to
get the car tinted is not what i deem a good surprise for me.  Let's admit
it was for you and let it go.


Weather forecast:

nbc: partly cloudy highs in the 80s

ny1: sunny and 81 partly cloudy 77

Monday, September 06, 2004

Psychosomatic symptoms...

I am soooooo nervous.

All I keep hoping for is no rain. No Showers.

Why did I think I could do this?

We're on a budget. What made me think that I could hold a party?

I want to call and cancel.

I'm a nervous wreck. I have symptoms that I haven't had since my PCP
diagnosed me with a nervous stomach when I was 16.

I've been jittery. I've been cramping. I've been nauseous, dizzy and light

I know I cannot control the weather.

I've been looked at possibly indoor alternatives. I can't possible afford
them. says rain. The local weather says partly cloudy. Please please
please let it be a nice day. All I want for my birthday is to have wonderful
weather and a nice party for my husband. I don't want anything else.

And the sneaking around is killing me. I feel sick. The fibs I've been
telling. And I love hubby but buying a new car is not helping me.

My hubby is a gung ho man. He wants everything done immediately when it comes
to his new toys. As for the laundry and putting up that hook I've asked for in
my closet since March, they can wait. All I need is for him to take the car for
some bloody installation mid-week or worse, Saturday.

I'm so scared. Please please let this party happen. All I want is a nice
family party.

Hubby's happy and I continue to pray....

Happy Labor Day!

It's 9am and I'm rushing out the door to meet my stepdad to have C3

Hubby got the car detailed last night.

At 11am, we were the new owners to C4.  {Show name to be determined.} 
We just had to kill time until 2pm when we could pick her up.

Hubby takes me home so I can at least do laundry and maybe some grocery
shopping.  5 loads, vacuuming, dusting and a haircut later, we were driving
C3 for the last time around the neighborhood and then dropping her off.

Hubby was happy as a clam.  He even offered to drive me to my favorite
supermarket since we didn't have time before.  I decided to eat instead.

Lately I haven't been able to go without eating every 5 hours.  I get
dizzy and naseous.  So we went to my hubby's childhood joint.  I think
it capped off his day nicely.

Oh, we even stopped by a friend's place to pick up hubby's "driving glasses"
and to show him his birthday present.

Now the weekend is done.  Hubby is reading all the manuals and I'm
praying that his new toy's accessories (tints, keys, detailing, etc) can wait. 
Of course, I'm sure I'll be wrong.

Off to bed to get ready for what surely be a hectic day.


Today's weather check for Saturday:

ny1 = partly cloudy but nice

nbc = partly cloudy high 80's

weather channel = thunderstorms

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Panic setting in

Yesterday Hubby tells me he wants to buy a smaller car. Ok. Little did I know
that by the end of the day he would have sold our SUV.

Panic. How the hell am I going to get the grill to the party? Mom calms me
down and tells me we can use hers.

And Hubby's idea of getting a two seater sports car was thankfully ruled
out. After a very lengthy discussion about family we decided on a luxury car

But my real panic is the weather now. Weather channel is predicting
thunderstorms on Saturday!

I can't afford to have it at the restaurant by our house. My only prayer
now is to see if some restaurant in Westchester will be affordable. Otherwise,
I have to cancel and I really don't want to do that.

At first I thought, ok, I'll just pay a deposit down for the Sunday after
but now the weather on Sunday looks worse than Saturday!

I know it is wrong but I prayed at church for good weather. Then
embarrassed I asked for such a petty thing, I asked God to drop my request.
I'm sure there is someone is a more desperate time that needs their prayer
answered. But now I'm wishing I didn't. Ok, I don't wish that. I just wish I
hadn't even mentioned it. Damn Catholic guilt.

All I can do now is just hope that 1. the weather will be ok 2. there is a
viable solution that I can come up with in less than 5 days.

Keep your fingers crossed folks. I'm really really nervous.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

No rest for the obsessed and their spouses

I woke up this morning realizing that I should enjoy the weekend before my
week of party planning craziness begins.  Hubby thought otherwise.

h: I've been thinking we should get a new car.

pg: ok. 

h:  Maybe a faster, funnier car.

pg:  This isn't because of the Carmen Gia we saw, is it?

h: a little (blushing)

pg: ok.

5 hours later, I'm near tears as hubby decides that a Honda S2000 should be
the next car.

Because he worked from home last week, I couldn't do anything for the party
so it's been all pushed to this coming week.  Now how the heck am I
supposed to get the grill, propane tank, food, serving buckets and coolers,
presents, tchotckes and what not to the party?  So during his test drive, I
called mom and told her emergency plans must be made.  I might need to
borrow her suv to transport stuff.

Hubby comes back and I tell him that as a primary car, it seems impractical. 
3 hours later we're arguing about the car.  I'm near tears.  I can't
tell him not to get it and why and yet he's begging me for an enthusiastic
approval of his choice of car.

Long story short, I wound up sobbing about how he had primed me for a more
family friendly car and then threw me a curve ball.

Now I realize that any rest I hoped to receive during this Labor Day weekend
before party planning will be completely lost.  My hubby is in new toy mode
which means I must go and buy some Tums.

Friday, September 03, 2004

You heard it hear:

It’s been a crazy day. Work has been busy. Target dream dead. Dogs don't like
beer. --- Hubby

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Family Affair? and could someone rent Chicago for the DNC?

So I'm contemplating inviting hubby's co-workers. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I know this sound silly but I was thinking this was more of a family thing. I
asked my brother but he just ignored that part of our conversation and focused
on our plans for dinner together on Tuesday.

I guess I still have time to mull it over.

I spent last night checking out the daily show's indecision 2004 website. I love
these guys. Lewis Black has a web video log running that is hysterical. Jon
Stewart also had some good banter with Ted Koppel on his show as well as

I have to say, watching the DNC and RNC, the RNC is quite a sexy beast. Zell
Miller was like that tough grandpa that speaks his mind. As I listened to him
bash the creditibility of Kerry as president, I couldn't help wonder with the
DNC and Kerry was thinking of. Come on Dems! Give 'em the old razzle dazzle! You've got Hollywood bigwigs! "Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it. And the reaction will be passionate." Remember, for the general public, it's not what you say but how you say it!

Oh, if you get a chance, check out the Daily Show's montage for Bush. It had me
giggling right up to my first eye flickering of REM sleep.

Daily Obsession:


Hubby threw out the extra container of guacamole I received with my burrito
leaving me with nothing but sour cream to finish my meat rolled in bread. I was
really looking forward to it too.

h: Well, i figured you don't eat it cause the container was full.

pg: The container was full cause I ate your container of guacamole because you
don't eat it. It was to be my treat.

h: Well, then go out and buy some.

pg: You don't just go and buy it.

h: Well, then make it.

pg: I don't want to make it. Besides, I'd have to let it marinate and set before
enjoying it's yummy avocado goodness.

h: Want me to go out and buy an avocado?

pg: No.

Defeated, I ate my leftover burrito sans salsa and guacamole. Now, I am guilty.
Timer would look at me with scolding. I love drowning my food. Not everything
but most foods. I just love mushing my food together and eating it. Hubby has to
have everything separate. Peas can't touch rice. etc...

Moose on the Loose:

Today's moose news comes from Maine.
Two moose pull a pump fake on a tractor-trailer driver causing him to loose control.

And from our brothers in Norway, the moose movement has started to gain
Tourists are stealing the moose crossing signs.
Anyone have an extra one to
share, contact me!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's old but it's funny and yes, a little pee did come out of pantrygirl

Ok, we've all seen this but I have to say, this by far had me on a long overdue giggle loop two weeks ago.

On the scene reporter

Let the stress begin...... Ok, the rsvps have come in and the countdown begins.

Last night was possibly the last night I had to work monthly data compiles. Of course, it could not have gone smoothly. 6 calls and a half dozen curse words at my hiccupping VPN later I completed month end compiles.

In the midst of this, I receive a half dozen calls or so RSVP'g for my shindig.
Now I'm slowly panicing. Honestly, I'm beginning to feel like I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The total count is now 40 but I still haven't had a chance to invite hubby's co-workers. In fact, I'm contemplating whether or not he would be upset if I did. I don't see why he'd be upset but I seriously don't know them. I can call one of his co-workers and ask him to ask whom he deems is right but is that right? Eh, I'll make my final decision tomorrow.

I also hate this sneaking and fibbing that's going on with this darn party. Will the plans blow up?

After a discussion with the resident party planner in the office, it was decided that me trying to actually prepare all the dishes is ridiculous. People will have to be darn happy with Costco's potato salad and macaroni salad. If I went ahead with the plan to cook for everyone, I'd go grey in a matter of days.

Not that I couldn't handle it. Not to toot my horn, but I believe I could. It's just I'm feeling ill already with the lies and deception. Hubby and I made a pact the first year we went out to never lie to each other and I can truly say, I've never fibbed. But with this surprise party, I find myself having to tell him a lie next week and I'm not sure if I can get away with it.

I'm thinking of all the ways he can catch me and I seriously can't think of a solid answer for why I need the car and why I'm not in the office.

His gift is suppose to arrive today in the office. I'm going to have to come by the office next week and pick up the party supplies and wrap his gift.

The party was almost blown by the way. This morning, I left my call forward on my cell and his cousin called to rsvp. Of course, it bounced to the house phone. Luckily, hubby was in the loo and I was able to erase the voice message before he came out.

Geez. Guess this tells you I probably could not have an affair. I'm getting an ulcer from sneaking around to plan a party for him. Guess I better pick up some Tums when I head home.


In the obsession arena:



Hubby didn't even have to ask.

I asked him what he had for lunch and he responded, "parfait."

Total count for the day: 4

Total count for obsession: 16

However, I believe hubby's obsession is coming to an end. He called me and asked me if I needed anything at the store and I said ice cream sandwiches. He immediately said that he shouldn't since he's been parfaiting it up. (Is that a word?) So it looks like parfait obsession may be slowly reaching it's conclusion.

Words to live by

What are the needs of the people around me?

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