Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't want to shop for myself let alone you.

It has dawned on me that I have not done any shopping.  This is not good.  Christmas is around the corner and I can't get myself motivated to do any shopping.  One) it requires money which I don't have.  Two) it requires time which I don't have.  Three) I don't want to.  I can use that, right?  I mean, I'm in my 30's so I think I have earned the ability to say, "Because I don't want to." on occasion.  My kid can and she's only two.
Thankfully we don't have many gifts to buy but still it requires having to deal with either the mad rush at stores or the craziness of finding 'lightning deals' and 'coupons'.  By the way, can someone tell me how evil a person must be to always know that the items I want to buy is always $5.00 shy of the free shipping or other discount?  Evil, I tell you!  Evil!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm shopping for a dog coat. A dog coat.

My dog just ran into me at maybe 10 mph and I swear I'm going to have a bruise on my calf.
My dog so needs to go out an expend some energy.  In less than a week we can start walking her outside and potty training her.  Of course since she has no fur, we need to introduce to her a coat and possibly booties.
Yes, I've had dogs before and yes my dogs have worn booties on occasion but never a coat.  I can't express how I'm really sort of embarrassed about this.
I always thought coats and apparel for dogs was a bit kooky and slightly ridiculous.  Now I find myself shopping, yes shopping for a coat for my dog.  Tasha has no fur, just hair, so the vet said we need to keep her warm during the chilly winter months here in NYC.
That doesn't help me deal with the embarrassment I have shopping and eventually going out with a dog with a coat on.  I guess the embarrassment is something I need to get over.  It's purely based on my ideas that people who put clothes on their pets are either slightly short of a full stack or for the lack of a better word, 'richie'.  (I have watched 'Pretty in Pink' one too many times.)
I am so not in the 'richie' category which only means I may be slightly kooky.  I suppose I could live with kooky.  At least I'm not the kind of kooky where I'm talking to inanimate objects and collecting used candy wrappers.  Oh great, I've probably doomed myself.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

1st Holiday Window Display

Took TG to see Santaland for the first time today.  We skipped St. Nick as TG isn't into him and we agreed to only bring her if she truly asks.
In fact, at the end of Santaland she looked at Santa and then said, "No thanks.  Bye Bye." and walked away from Santa.  I found it humorous.  Apparently Egg Nog, Santa's camera elf, thought so too.
When she saw Santaland and the Train conductor, with spats, she went into a running frenzy rushing me into ride the train.  She loved the train.  I think I have to take her to the polar express train this year.  It's 2 hours away but I think it will be worth it.
She also saw her first holiday window display.  This year Macy's displays were Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus and of course, Miracle on 34th Street.
She seemed more interested in going inside than viewing the windows.
She did enjoy holding my hand and stepping on and off the escalator.  She held her Jay Raffe tightly and held my hand just as tight.  We went down 9 escalators and she loved every single flight.  She was so proud.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pats Self on Back

I did it.
I've been working on this forever.
Ok, I've been trying to work on it forever but I seriously needed a Time Turner to get it done.
I finished my daughter's 1st year memory book.
It's missing alot of 3D items but I'm just glad I finished the book.
I have one more item to add to it but it's easy.
Now I can work on her 2nd year book.
Maybe I'll be able to finish this one before she's driving.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I used to like post-turkey day eats.

So it's the day after and I'm already done with the turkey meal.  I think the reason I'm not so into it this year is that TG doesn't eat much of it and so I'm making a fresh meal for as it is.  So I essentially eat the leftovers while she eats fresh pasta or whatnot.
I'm feeling as if it's second skimmings instead of the usual post Thanksgiving treat.
That and I can't see the back of my refrigerator.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

Spent Thanksgiving with my husband's cousins.  It was nice as TG had some young kids (3, 5, 6) to play with.  It was also nice because we had older kids (15+) that fawned over her.  This allowed this Mommy to have a beer and relax a little.
This year, TG started to eat mashed potatoes.  For a while it was a no go on mashed potatoes but this year she seemed rather keen on it.
Only mishap was when the 3 year old decided she was tired of the 2.5 year old and locked her in the bathroom.  We heard banging and she was rescued by her second cousin, Monica.  She settled down after a few minutes of cuddling and then she went off with the older cousin girls.  Apparently every time they walked near the bathroom, she would hold her cousin's hands and point out that she was 'stuck in the potty over there'.
I'm actually pretty proud she got over it rather quickly and was even able to express what had happened.
That's my girl.
She also was in awe at her second cousin's bedroom which is completely Thomas the Engine-fied.  I  think she had more fun with the 5 year old boy's room than the 3 year old girl's room.  She did seem thrilled at the dollhouse.  Perhaps that will be her birthday present?  I think she's still a bit too young for one though.
I spent 30 minutes giving the 2.5, 3 and 5 year old rides on a ride along police car.  Apparently I provided the thrust.  Boy howdy did they love that.  TG sat inside and steered while the 5 year old boy rode on the hood and the 3 year old ballerina rode on the side.
We went home and we had a quiet Thanksgiving meal as well.  Of course, this means we have Thanksgiving eats for the rest of the weekend.  Usually, I'm pretty psyched about that but this year, I suppose all the cooking at 5am put a damper on it for me because I'm really not looking forward to turkey all weekend.  At least I only made enough for the weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Very Big Balloons

We went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloon Inflation.  It was the first for all three of us.  We went early as 1) a two year old doesn't need to be up so late and 2) we figured she's still not aware of all the balloons or characters so a day time viewing of it would help.
It was cold and very crowded but we all had a blast.  It was a lot of fun to point out the colors and shapes.  (My kid has no idea who Pikachu, Snoopy or the Wimpy Kid is yet.)
Afterwards we continued our cold weather holiday tradition and grabbed a hot chocolate on the way home.  The kid is usually very cautious with her drink cup but with the hot chocolate, it's as if she has liquid gold in there.  The kid is extra careful not to spill any.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Advent preparations

Elf is already on television.  I'm not complaining.  I love Elf.  It's my new tradition since I received the DVD from DH that we play it as we decorate the tree.  This year, I plan to decorate the tree after December 8th.  I'm not in any rush as I really don't know where I'm going to place it.
Plus I was reading about how we should remember advent as a time of preparation and waiting. 
I'm also thinking of making an advent wreath with TG.  She's still fairly young but I"m still a bit upset I wasn't able to get the advent calendar I've been eyeing. 
Actually I had some Mothra inspiration and thought it might be more appropriate at this age to just bring our our nativity scene and every night pull out characters and animals one a day until Christmas.  I don't have 24 items in our manager scene but at this age a toddler only has a limited time span so 12 days should suffice.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A sprinkle here. A sprinkle there.

My kid pooped in the potty for the first time.  Of course this was the end to an hour block in which I had pee pawprints behind me and toddler pee footprints in front of me.
TCFC and daughter came over and well, the puppy became so excited she jumped onto her and peed next to my daughter's piano.
Then as I was finishing cleaning that up, I went to TG's play kitchen to find her friend had an accident and so I had to take her clothes off and dry her up and then clean up the foam mats and floor.  As I finished that, TG tried to take her clothes off to join the pee festivities and then the pup continued to pee as if she had just drank a venti latte.
In the midst of the great pee fountain that my apartment has turned into, my daughter decides to push me away and asked for that mommy.  Way to make me feel better, espeically since that's the TCFC Neighbor.
Seriously, I need a pee break.
Oh and what is it about kids and how they have to be completely stark naked to pee?  Seriously, I even have to take off necklaces and barrettes so she can go to the bathroom.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mmm Hot Chocolate

TG woke up and exclaimed, "I'm hungry.  Hot chocolate?"
Guess hc made a big impression.
Oh and just in case you wondered, hot chocolate comes out looking and smelling just about the same as it goes in.  I'm just saying.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jolly Holiday

Wonderful day today.  It was a day that even a trifecta of our car being towed, cell phone batteries dying and a massive poop explosion that beats any newborn or infant blow out couldn't get me down.
We went downtown and TG experienced watching an ice skating performance.  She saw one last year at Rockefeller Center but I think she was still too young to process it all.
This year she was extremely responsive and descriptive. She at first described it as rollerskating.  She still confuses it a bit but she understands the concept.  She described the spinning and backwards skating and even told me when the girls skated in a circle.
TG seemed to really enjoy the Zamboni machine as well.  She called it the Boney Machine and said it 'cleans the ice'.  Man do I hope this whole cleaning phase lasts.
We were watching a juggling troupe when TG turned and exclaimed, "Like Daddy."  As soon as we she said that we met up with DH and watched the rest of the juggling and a few more entertainers before we saw what DH and I and probably every parent there was looking forward to, a performance by Bob Dorough.  If you were a SchoolHouse Rock fan, you are a Bob Dorough fan.
TG has been listening to "Three is a Magic Number" since she was born so when he started to sing, she stopped in her tracks.  She had this stillness that said, "Hmm, how does he know that song?"  She then jumped onto the stage and danced along.  She also seemed to enjoy the jazz standards which only confirms she heard these aplenty while she was incubating in my belly.
We ended the day with TG's first taste of hot chocolate.  She seemed to be taken aback by the term "hot chocolate" but as soon as took the first sip, she was hooked.   I thought ending the 1st holiday family outing with some hot chocolate seemed appropriate.  I'm glad we did.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lap Sitting

We've decided not to bring TG to Santa until she requests it.  If Santa is around during an event, that's one thing but we're not about to bring her to Santa to sit on his lap yet.

I was never a bit Santa fan.  As a child, I was apprehensive of sitting on Santa's lap.  I found it odd that he'd want  a stranger to sit on his lap.  I also thought it strange that he would know all about me and whether I was good or bad.  I mean, how would he really know unless he was spying on me.  If he was spying then he's shifty and I shouldn't trust a shifty person.
I guess I was a New Yorker from day one.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting too jazzed about the holidays. Hope I don't burn out.

Our dog gets snipped tomorrow.  We are one step closer to getting a green light to start walking her.  I cannot wait.  I am very tired of cleaning up pee and poop in her little potty area as TG calls it.
On one hand it's easier as I'm not dressing my kid up in winter clothes and taking our dog our to walk every few hours but between TG pottying and the dog pottying, I'm living in a latrine.
Plus, I have no idea where I'm going to put the tree.  I have to say though my idea of putting all the breakable and sentimental ornaments away in storage and buying a fake tree and shatterproof ornaments seems like the right move.  Sure I miss my ornaments but I figure in a few years, I can pull them out and TG and I can go through them and hang them up together and share the stories of each one.
The tree is the last thing on my mind as 1) Thanksgiving hasn't come and gone yet and 2) I'm just too excited about creating a holiday to do list with TG.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spending time watching.

Another long night at the office tonight.  It's getting ridiculous.  I'm really feeling burnt.
I generally don't say anything but I think I need to tomorrow.
I'm also trying to get into a rhythm to help combat these crazy days filled with meetings that prohibits doing anything to prepare for the next day's meetings.
TG has been asking for me a lot since I've been away from her.
She's not clingy but more wanting to be with me and participate with me.  It's a little different than when she was younger.  Now I'm guessing she understands I need to be away but I'll be back and when I'm back, she wants to help me do things that need to get done.
"Mommy go to work?"
"Yes, Mommy go to work."
"Be back later?"
"Yes, TG."
When I get back she wants to help me vacuum and wind the cord up.  She wants to help me empty and fill up the dishwasher.  She wants to sit with me and talk about the day.
She wants me to change her diaper and watch her get dressed. (She can put her pants on and shirt on with minimal assistance.)
It's kind of nice and its the sort of thing I need after a long day staring at the computer or in meetings.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas spirit and avoiding grinchiness

This is the year I'm really getting back into the Christmas spirit.  The last few years have been good but this year in particular, I'm really feeling that holly jolliness.  It reminds me a lot about my Dad.  He had faults like all humans but he geniunely wanted to do good and to be a good dad to the best of his abilities.
I remember my Dad taking us downtown for Christmas festivities. 
This year I think TG is old enough to begin these traditions.
We've done some already.  We've gone to Rockefeller but we get to delve into some other items.  I'm pretty psyched.
I know this is an iffy situation.  It can go sour if DH and I wind up having another miscommunication.  So I know I need to be open-minded and roll with the punches.  I suppose it's a good exercise.
I know I can be a bit crazy with my to do lists.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Puppy Pottying and Toddler Pottying

Here is some potty news.
TG is still happily peeing in the potty when she is sans pants.  Sometimes she'll even hold her pee until she knows we'll slap a diaper on her (usually when we go out).  Then boy howdy does she fill that thing.
Tasha for the most part has only one accident at home now.  We still can't start allowing her to go out to potty so I know I have a long road ahead with both potty milestones.
Right now, DH and I are in the hard realization we are surrounded by poop.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Up and out

TG loves to try to do everything now.  She can now put her pajama pants on by herself (sometimes backwards).  She isn't quite there yet with the shirt but she makes it into a great little skirt around her waist.  She also ties the long sleeve arms around her waist like a belt.
She can put her velcro shoes on and she is slowly learning how to take her sweaters off.  She can unzip zippers but can't get quite get her arms out of the armhole.
All this is great because it does help with getting ready in the morning but right now we're at this point where it takes longer than usual to put and take things off.
It's making getting out of the house a little longer than folks without kids can understand.  Add DH Time and we barely get out of the house.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Parenting like no one but yourself

I have a realization that I think I realized before but it still hits me like a ton of bricks.  I like to spend as much time with my daughter because that's what I had wanted as a little child with my mom.  My mom is an immigrant and as a child, I didn't have the luxury of a mom and dad who could spend a lot of time with me or experience times of discovery with me.  They tried they best they could and went above and beyond to the best of their means.
Now, I'm trying to do the best with my means and I'm trying to hone in on experiences and time together because that's what I wanted as a child.
Plus, I'm am awestruck at times when I see my child discover or use inference or memory to correlate actions, items or thoughts.  It is absolutely amazing to watch a person learn.
My husband was raised where he didn't have the luxury to explore his environment and socialize so all he does is allow our daughter to socialize and explore.
We both think it's important for her to have the freedom to discover using all of her senses.  We don't think she she be placed in an environment where she is meant to feel boxed or restricted. (Both of us had a degree of this in our childhood).  We make it a point to discover and search out places that are child friendly but not over-commercialized or bubble wrapped.  We try to be honest with her and both don't talk to her in a deeming way.  (Kids don't just follow grown up rules.)
We don't use the terms 'good' or 'bad' to describe a chid and this is hard for our parents to understand.  My mom still tells her she's a 'good girl'.  I've decided to just let this slide as she only sees my daughter at most once a month.
We don't press the image of a princess or the stereotype of a weaker sex.  We hope to help her grow in confidence, self reliance and the importance of social justice.  The last one started after reading a million articles about bullying and kindergarten and noticing that my daughter would allow everyone to go down the slide before she would go.  I don't think it was bullying but she wanted to not feel pressure.  Still, we also remind each other the importance of waiting our turn and she's starting saying this to her friends, too.
DH and I are building our parenting based on our desires and wishes from when we were younger.  I guess that's what we all do to some degree.  Parenting is completely personal.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sleep and more sleep please

I'm so wiped out from the last few days.  I'm fighting a tickle in my throat and a low immune system and am taking oscillococcinum.  I'm in desperate need of sleep and I'm getting very sick of having to clean up my freaking dog's pee and poop.  (I cannot wait until we can start to walk her outside.)
I am at a point where I just go with the flow and just say, "It is what it is."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

God Bless Military Men, Women and Families

For all the craziness that DH and I put each other through.  For all the times we wish we had more time to spend together.  For all the times where we fight.  I know I'm still absolutely blessed to have him by my side and to be near me.
On this day in particular, it humbles me to know of the thousands of women, men and children who don't have their spouse, father or mother with them because they are out there protecting me and my family.
I know God has blessed us not only with what we have but for being where we are and having folks who sacrifice so much more than most could probably understand.
Thank you to all the veterans and armed service men and women who sacrifice their time, safety and their family's time to protect my family's freedom and safety.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beyond tired

I spent over 12 hours at work today.  I went home realizing I had less than 10 hours before I had to be back in the office.  That is all.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cupcake Nibbler

My kid thinks every cupcake or cake is a birthday cake.
It's very cute.  She runs and grabs her birthday hat and put it on and sings Happy Birthday.
TG and I made some delicious banana muffin cupcakes with 5 very overripe bananas that were taunting me.
Of course, it dawned on me as I handed her her cupcake, she didn't know how to eat it.
First, she made her first under the table tent today.
Well, I made it.  She went in it, grabbed her flashlight from her bedroom and a pillow and said she was going to take a nap there.  It was adorable.
I figured since she's been asking for these 'hideaway' spaces, it may be something I can work with for Christmas.  More on that later.
The cupcake was sort of her special treat inside her hideaway.
She honestly didn't know how to eat it.  At birthday parties and even her own party, we had cupcakes but she never wanted to eat one.  Now she showed interest.
I had DH show her how to eat one.  She didn't seem to like the peeling and biting off a chunk too much so I split the cupcake into four pieces and she nibbled on 2 of the 4 pieces.
I'm not complaining.  Some kids probably would wolf it down.  I'm happy with a cupcake nibbler.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Soups and stews

My daughter and husband are on a beef soup kick.
They can't get enough of beef stew (beef soup is what TG calls it).
TG loves the broth and beef.
DH loves everything except the onions.
I've made beef soup for three weeks straight now.  Once a week, I make a giant batch and keep it in the refrigerator.
I'm kind of beef souped out but they love that stuff and I'm comforted knowing that he's giving her something nutritious for lunch.
I do plan not to make it next week though.  I guess I'll go back to my staple of slow baked tomato meat sauce.  Right now, soups and sauces are the best means of making me feel as if my family is getting a healthy portion of veggies, protein and what not.
I think my slow cooker needs a break from beef.
I'd try chicken soup but it's not that big of a hit nowadays.
TG used to love her some chicken soup.  Give her a straw and some warm broth and she was loving it.
Maybe after thanksgiving, I'll bring back a soup.  Hmmm, I think I may make Italian Wedding soup next week.  That's a yummy soup and TG loves the broth.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Is this what she thinks is a midnight snack?

TG is more verbal and has now taken to telling us when she is hungry.
Usually this is at 10pm just when I think she's about to fall out.
What the hell is that all about?
We ate dinner together at 7pm kid.  We took a bath.
We read our Goodnight Gorilla and said our prayers.
It's time for bed not snack.
I've been trying to combat this with making sure I have the following in her room: 'fresh water', bunny crackers, daddy crackers and if we had pasta at night, some plain whole wheat pasta.
That way, if/when she says she's hungry, I have it all in the bedroom and she can snack in the dark.
Sometimes, I notice she says this after she's had a massive poop at 9pm.  Maybe she really is empty.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


My husband keeps trying to get me to go to the movies or do something outside without my daughter.  Sure, I don't do many things alone nowadays but it hasn't been an issue to me.  I'm not complaining.  I'm not daydreaming about it.  It's getting to be really freaking annoying.
DH: You know, if you play nice with my gal pal, we can see Harry Potter together.
Honey, although I love HP, I'm not into watching it in the theatre.  I can watch it when it comes out on cable.  And trying to entice me by mentioning I should be nice to your neighbor mom, isn't the carrot that I need.
Want to know what I'm daydreaming about? 
  • Not having to do the dishes in the morning because I fear if I get up while you are up you will yell at me for being up doing dishes at 3am.  
  • Being able to finish my daughter's 1st year scrapbook before she turns 16.
  • Not having to figure out what to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so my that even when I'm in the office, I'm not worried that my kid is having a kashi bar and bunny crackers for lunch.
  • Not being afraid to come home after work for fear that I'll be left with a puppy to watch and clean up after,  a toddler who hasn't napped, a house that looks like a tornado blew by, twice and maybe some pop by friends who you graciously welcome in just as you are heading out the door and I'm stepping in.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Can bear to be home a little more often now.

I alluded to my husband a concern I have with DH having an open door policy with a neighbor mom and her daughter recently.
Honestly, I really don't have a huge concern.  I have a concern but not an antenna raising concern.  Ever since I mentioned it to him, I think he's been simmering down with the visits and open door policy. 
I think DH is really into her because he feels that he can rely on her for things like dropping off our kid at their place.  Personally, I don't feel comfortable about that and only because not two days into their move, my husband started to do so.
Anyway, it's still a bone of contention with us but I noticed a different air about his fights with me about her.  It's not longer about how I don't like his friends or that I have don't know how to be neighborly.
I'm not feeling as claustrophobic or fearful of staying at home these days.  Maybe that's slowing my uneasiness.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who has time for holiday crazies?

The days are getting crazier and crazier and I feel as though days are melding into each other.  I'd like to say it's the holiday crazies but I'm too busy with everything else to do anything holiday oriented.  Between DH's school and my work and a toddler and a puppy in the house, it's just been a whole lot of poop and pee.
Oh and for the love of God, can someone tell me why my puppy is eating her poop?  It's is the most heinous thing in the world.  Our vet says no one really knows and what not.  He says it's a keeping clean thing he surmises.
We have 4 more weeks before we can allow her to go outside.  Although the idea of having to take her out every 3-4 hours in between everything else I need to schedule into my day is not exciting, I will be glad to get ready of these freaking wee wee pads.
I've changed her diet to no corn, no fillers and added pumpkin.  I don't know if that works like some articles have suggested because, well, I'm the only one doing that.  DH is giving her regular food and not adding pumpkin.
Whatever.  I have pumpkin leftover and it's not going to last for pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving so the pup gets a treat.
Oh and can someone give me a suggestion for a side dish to bring to Thanksgiving? 
I told my mom that I really can't handle two thanksgivings for awhile.  I explained with a toddler it's really hard to do more than 1 major event in a day.  I think she understood.  She gave me a massive guilt trip last year I was afraid of her reaction.
So we're just going to DH's but I usually bring a veggie dish.  I brought Julia Child's Ratatouille last year.  I haven't been hit with an inspiration bug yet for a dish.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Host with the Most

DH is continuing the daily visits and playdates and borrowing of items with our neighbor.
I've taken to follow another friend's husband's approach of coming home and retiring to the bathroom and bedroom.
If it's a school night, DH has the choice of kicking everyone out or entertaining them.
It shouldn't be my responsibility if he is hosting or allowing folks to come and go as they please.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Things Daddy can do that Mommy can't.

Say, "Ok, bye bye." and pretend to leave.
She calls my bluff and continues on her merry way.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Stress and more stress.

I'll tell you one thing, the one thing we aren't short of in this world is stress.
Stress is getting the better of us and the last three weeks have been filled with snippy comments back and forth.
It's getting to be too much.
Different parenting ideas and interactions aren't making it any easier.