Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Paints and Stickers

Stickers are a big hit with TG and her playmates. Even on the airplane, she took stickers and placed them on the television monitor. Thankfully, this mommy was smart enough to bring along the repositionable stickers.
We also started introducing painting with a brush and that seems to be a hit. The crayons were being used more as teething devices than for actual coloring, unless you count coloring of ones teeth.
To save money to help tiny toddler fingers, I have started making stickers out of heavy stock construction paper. I punch out 1.5" square pieces and stamp them with numbers, letters and shapes. I then place them on wax paper and the kids can peel them off and place them on paper or back onto wax paper (TG's favorite).
I'm trying to think of a cool project for Valentine's day for a nearly 2 year old. Since she seems to like the heart shape (she placed heart shaped stickers all over her Dad's foot the other day), I'm thinking of drawing a heart and then using red construction paper to practice tearing and gluing. I think it's a bit advanced and I' not sure how the tearing will be interpreted (books? magazines?). Maybe next year. I can always just make heart stickers again. We'll see.
Oh, apparently the food strike is going around. All her playmates have been leaning towards the finicky end this week. We did manage to get two out of three kids to eat breakfast one day when all three sat together at the dining room table and ate. Of course, my daughter, the one who likes to feed everyone, initiated this with a very clear exclamation, "Hungry." I love how my 18 month old can tell me clearly she's hungry. Next thing you know, she's passing pancakes to her playmates and their noshing and gabbing at the table.
I may have to start making the sweet potato pancakes again. Still a no go on whole green veggies.