Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Immunity shield on full

So TG's playmates apparently are coming down with something so I've been on immunity booster mode. I don't know if it works but it settles my mind and that in itself helps build the immunity.
Immediately, I've made a quick chicken noodle soup with extra carrots and garlic for TG. Thankfully, TG doesn't mind the garlic I add to her food. I think it comes from my taste for garlic.
TG also followed me around the house with my organic disinfectant while I spray and wipe down her toys and books. TG is also receiving more warm baths to wash off the day and relax her.
I'd like to think that this helps in some way. Who knows.
Illnesses aren't the only thing that she's picking up from her playmates. She also started to putting things in her mouth and taking after some bad habits, like banging toys on the floor and her utensils on the table.
I'm not happy about this as she knows she's not supposed to do this but she sees the attention her friends get by doing these tricks. I try to ignore them to hopefully show her it won't get the same attention and reaction but it's been hard, especially when she's sitting a few inches from you and banging a Chinese soup spoon on our wooden dining room table. How do you ignore the bad habit without just letting it go as if it's ok to do it?
The stuff in the mouth drives me a little nuts. She never put anything in her mouth and now, she sees a penny, in it goes. Play dough, in it goes. It's the reason why we put the crayons away when her friends come and I have to rethink any arts and crafts with her playmates that include small objects like marbles and tiny stickers.
Of course I get all crazy thinking about whether its good or bad she's imitating them. They imitate her in her speech and talking and now she's imitating them by banging things and putting things in her mouth. Now I know this doesn't reflect how she'll deal with peer pressure later on but this is the first time I see that she's learning from others and in some aspects, correlating action and reaction and applying learned skills.
One of the moms jokingly said, "Oh man, here my kid is learning words from your daughter and she's learning how to pretend to cry from mine. Sorry."
I know she was joking but for a bit I did feel sort of like I was getting the short end of the stick. I laughed it off after a few minutes though I realize as TG grows, I'll probably feel this way again at some part even if it's in humor.