Monday, February 22, 2010

Non-sequitar: My kid thinks Grover is a frog.

I'm a loon. I just bought my 19 month old daughter an interactive map of the United States. You put it on the wall and it has removable parts that let you puzzle piece the states together.
I know she's only 19 months old.
This didn't stop me from purchasing it though. It's so darn cute.
Two days ago, TG pointed to the letter 'R' in her book and said, 'K'. I have no idea where she got this but this has no started me on a alphabet kick. We've always sang the alphabet song and played with her alphabet magnets but now I'm pointing them out to her everywhere.
It then dawned on me that we spend a lot of time sitting and eating on the dining room table. Most of the time, I place her in there to begin eating while I plate up in the kitchen. Why not make use of that time and place alphabets along the wall for her to look at.
I'm not expecting her to recognize and memorize them but hopefully staring at them and pointing at them every now and then will help things stick.
So off I went to find alphabets to stick on the wall. Normally, I'd probably make them myself and I plan to do a letter project a week with TG when she's older. For now though, time is limited. So I picked up a set of alphabets to place on the wall and that's when I found the US Map. I had to have it. My eyes lit up. Heck, maybe DH can find this useful. The man is awful with navigation and geography.