Thursday, February 11, 2010


TG is sprouting molars. I noticed them when she gave me a giant grin and cocked her head back. I think I see 4 popping out. This could explain how extra clingy she has been.
DH makes comments every now and then that he finds it strange how she wants to nurse as often as she does. Lately, it has been a lot. Since nursing triggers pain relief, I'm fairly certain this is the reason.
DH has also voiced his opinion that she should be weaned and not self weaned.
Currently I'm of the opinion that I'll cut back from nursing in public but if she wants it in private, I would like to continue.
I know it's not for everyone but I feel like nursing is a powerful tool and has many benefits for her and me that I would like to continue it until either of us are uncomfortable.
I'd like to meet with my nursing mother's group to discuss it soon.
As for the teeth, thankfully, aside from the extra nursing and cuddle time she requests, I think she's a trooper. I've heard of some toddlers who are just an absolute mess with teething.
Now if I can only convince her to eat her proteins and leafy greens again.