Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's it to my husband if I continue to breastfeed?

So DH wants me to stop nursing when TG turns 2. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I am leaning towards reducing nursing but not completely stop.
It's a little psychological for me. Just like my period, it symbolizes my body ramping up for the possibility of another child. Plus, I know nursing gives my daughter comfort.
Nowadays, I nurse mostly at night but during the day if she asks for it. I generally don't nurse in public as frequently but if TG is having a time of it and requests it, I may do so during her playgroups.
Remember how I wondered how moms would shift away from doing it in public? It just naturally happens. Don't get me wrong, if TG is having a fit and honestly needs it, I'll offer it but when she's just asking for quick comfort I usually tell her later and offer her a hug or a cuddle instead. She has a favorite chair she likes me to nurse her in so I tell her later when we are home in the chair. We sit there and she brings her puppy puppet and a book for me to read while she nurses. I can clearly see it's just bonding time she's after.
Still, I'm not sure how to broach my husband's request. I think I need to speak to the other nursing mothers in our support group. I mean, the burden is more on me than him. Why should he have such a strong opinion? Maybe if I broach it as, nursing in private only he'd be more receptive. He clearly sees and announces the benefits of breastfeeding to others. TG has only been mildly ill twice. Her cognitive development is high. Her social skills are strong. Her connectivity to us is tight. The toddlers we know who continue to breastfeed are less likely to catch the bug that passes around the group, seem more attached to their parents and appear to be thriving and happy.
I'm really proud of our bond and our connection and our triumph over the breastfeeding difficulties of infanthood. I'm not just ready to say goodbye to that and the prospect of discussing the even more difficult conversation of a sibling for TG.