Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nowhere did they mention Bob was Jewish.

Spent Sunday with my brother, cousins and friends eating like a pig. We took part in the treasure hunt of food around the Village. I don’t know how people do it with strangers. I found fascinating how everyone’s personalities and traits worked to our advantage when hunting for places, food and trivia.

We split up into two teams of 4. It was the perfect day for an outing. It wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cool. When you’re running around 7th avenue looking for obscure answers you break a sweat. The greasy grilled cheese sandwich, pizza, cheeses, paratha and an assortment of sweets didn’t linger long. The calories were burnt off in no time flat.

Highlights include:
Midge's root beer float does not equal coffee
Lrudlrick and I staring at a wall of newspaper clippings like idiots
Lakshmi's pineapples
Lrudlrick searching for Poe's house. He's lived everywhere.
Mom packing chicken roll and beef jerkey for me
0.6 lbs of biscotti
Muthafunga and his cheese
My obsessive compulsive self reading like my life depended on answering the trivia questions

In the end, we didn’t win but we did tie for third with my brother. Lrudlrick and I were so full, we didn’t have room for dinner.

I love that daylight stays around longer. I’m feeling a bit more productive now. When I get home, I get more done. The dogs are individually walked. This started after P-man got tangled with Z-girl during a territorial bark fest and pinched his nerve. For two days he couldn’t make left turns. Since then, when the weather is nice, I take them separately to allow him a more leisurely walk. Z-girl is more of a business minded walker. P-man socializes.

After the individual walks which increases my walk time to 45-50 minutes, I start dinner and then meditate for 30 minutes. I haven’t been faithful with this but I’m trying to get better. I really do feel better after I relax.

I’ve also been experimenting again with recipes. Now that I have time before dinner, I read and plot out different cooking methods. Now if only my bank account would allow for more meat purchases so I can experiment more.

All in all, I finally feel like Spring is upon us and I’m looking forward to storing away my heavy winter jacket and putting skirts back on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grumble Grumble Grumble... oooo a penny.

You ever have one of those days where you probably would have had a better day if you stayed in bed?

That’s my day today. I suppose it was a bit self imposed but I’m not going to grouse about it. I’m trying to be optimist and say, “Days like these make me appreciate the better ones.” It’s easy to think that but much easier to walk around saying, “I hate people.”

Today, I hate people. No one in particular. Ok, maybe myself. Today, I tried to renew my passport. I know. I know. But Pantrygirl, don’t you usually have a calendar of to dos to avoid any mad rushing before items expire? Yes, sue me. I updated my husbands but forgot about mine.

Anyway, there is a slim to none chance I’ll be going to the UK with my husband for business and of course my passport is expired. Without a confirmed flight date, I can’t go to a passport agency to renew. So I’m left with sending the passport via mail and asking for expedited process. Of course, I didn’t know this. When I went to the web site, it said I could go to a main post office and handle the paperwork.

The web site is wrong. The main post office only handles new passport applications not renewals. So if you live in Manhattan, don’t do what I did and waste and entire morning getting your passport stuff ready to find out you have to mail it.

I was about to give up and pray that the mail would make it in time to renew my passport ASAP when my brother told me that if I can get documentation that I have a trip within 10 days, I could go personally to get my passport and it would be ready within 7 days.

I’m gambling with this as I always like to be prepared but I’m going to have to wait until the possible trip is finalized, take a day off of work and spend another day in the 7th ring of bureaucratic hell.

I’m bringing everything short of a pint of blood in the hopes I have everything they need to expedite the request.

From that run around, I jetted to my office for meetings and now is the first time I could sit and relax. Then I received disturbing news about the executive leadership. Long story short, I’m really beginning to feel nervous. I usually try to keep myself away from the political doings of the workplace but I find that it’s becoming harder and harder. I’m not just talking about my workplace but everywhere in general.

Even at my church. Before I can present anything to the bishop, I have to get enough backing for my proposal and I have to do so as to not step on anyone’s toes.

Last night I went to the Parish Mission. The topic was family and the changing definition of family. I felt a bit out of place as I do not have children yet but it was interesting to see how quickly people can lean towards the positive or negative aspects of family. One question in particular asked to list positive aspects of the changing definition of family. One woman was adamant that there were not good things.

I have always called myself a pessimistic optimist. For the most part, I believe is the human spirit and feel anything can be accomplished with the motivation and dedication is there. However, as a project manager and former girl scout, it’s extremely important for me to be prepared for the worst.

This woman though really blew my mind. I love my family very much and yes my mom and I aren’t Joan and Melissa Rivers but when it comes down to it, we’re there for each other. Yes, there have been negatives but I’d like to say when I think of my family, more positives than negatives are there.

Even with my in-laws, I feel that for the most part, we do care for each other and probably are better off because of our relationship.

She mentioned how hard her life was and I could never understand her experiences but I wanted to say to her, your trials made you and your daughter what you are today, a stronger, more self sufficient person who can pass on these traits to others.

I suppose the one thing I learned from last evening’s discussion was that I really am an optimist. Yes, I’m cynical. Yes, I’m bitter and can be quite sarcastic but I’m also very hopeful.

There is too much negative in the world and I don’t need to add to it. Yes, I hate people today but tomorrow I’ll be back to my smiling at the sky self.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wii fun for all generations

It's good to see Wii is enjoyed by the young and old.

Lrudlrick and I finished two games so we treated ourselves to a swap. We're not playing Madden Football and SSX Blur.

I was apprehensive about Madden. I've been a dedicated Madden Playstation fan but the intuitiveness of the wiimote and nunchuk make it quite fun to play.

SSX Blur is alot of fun too. It's more challenging than Tricky but I still play Tricky's soundtrack in my head while playing. Do a search on YouTube and you'll find tips and tricks from fellow SSX gamers. One was extremely helpful in passing the slalom courses. Thanks to those who spent the time to share tips.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A 30 minute hike in the snow and ice...

We took the kids out to the park for a hike in the snow. Sure, it was a bit nippy but watching them hiking without their leashes in the snow and ice was worth it. I love how P-man will occasionally look behind to check up on me as I carefully make my way up and down the icy staircase.

Lrudlrick nicknamed P and Z, Buck and Balto for the day. By the time we made up to the last tier of steps, both the dogs and the humans looked ready for a nap. To make sure the kiddies would have a good night’s rest, we sat at a bench and took turns brushing their fur to give them a cool down massage. The fur was definitely flying and I wound up with more fur on my coat than on the brush.

Right now, the pooches are passed out cold in our living room, a true sign of a successful long walk.

The past few weeks haven’t been different in the work front. It’s still too busy for one person. Lrudlrick is still too busy. The only difference is I’m trying to remember once again, my life should not revolve around my job. I know I lapse often but I’m making a diligent effort this Lenten season.

It’s not only for my benefit but the benefit of my loved ones. If I allow my job to consume me completely, I will never ever have the time to be with the ones I love or do the things I liked to do.

I’ve signed for CCD classes and will begin training to be a teacher in April. I’m also trying to spend at least an hour each day on myself. I spend this time doing something good for me. Sometimes it’s reading, sometimes it’s meditating, sometimes it’s cooking.

With the weather warming up, I hope to pull myself out of the hibernation soon and get myself back out into the world.

The bear hopefully has awakened and I’m ready to leave the cave.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Not everyone is a first adopter...

This is brilliant. This can apply to my day to day interactions as a systems project manager and my interactions with my mom and MIL.

Notice how calm the tech support guy is. He must do alot of chanting or meditation.