Monday, September 13, 2004

Aches and pains then back to the daily grind

As you can imagine, Saturday and Sunday flew by.

Thankfully, we had wonderful weather and hubby was totally surprised.

I left the house on the pretense that I needed to drive my mom to the doctors.  Of course I realized that I forgot the cash to pay the lifeguard
and other deliveries and such.  I went back in saying I needed to take an allergy medication.  Hubby was too busy playing his Xbox, I doubt he
noticed I came back.

Then at 9:15 I realized that I forgot the dips.  So off I went from my mom's to my apt.  I figured hubby would be out of the house since his
cousin told me he'd be sure to get him out by 9:30.  I enter to see my hubby, still in his pjs on the couch playing video games.  He looked like
he was going to be in that state for the rest of the day.

pg: Isn't (your cousin) supposed to pick you up?

h: Hasn't called yet.  [Barely looking at me.]

I make it out the door with a giant bag filled with dip without him noticing. 

I settle at my mom's for a quick breather when she tells me that she broke her oven.  Yup, last night at 11pm, she called me freaking out she couldn't
find the salmon.  Then at 2am, while cooking the ribs, her oven stopped working.  I told not to worry and that we can always use the grill. 
Funny how there always is a sane person when you need it.

I spent the rest of the morning setting up the site, panicking that the balloons hadn't been delivered, the water was turned off in the bathroom and
that the lifeguard didn't know where the skimming supplies were to skim the pool.  When his cousins started to arrive, I was still in bummy sweats and
no makeup.

I freshened up and started on one of many needed beers.  By the time hubby arrived, I was thoroughly relaxed.  I've never seen him so frolicky
before.  I know frolicky is a bad word to describe it but he was the happiest I've seen him.  Yeah, yeah.  What about our wedding? 
Well, to be honest, he was nervous and fidgety.  He spent more time away from me getting stuff than actually being with me.  Not that I'm upset at
that.  I guess I was the nervous and fidgety one for this shindig.

I have to say, I could never have done this without my mom, my friends and his family.  And I left realizing I had a great family, both his side and
mine.  And I'm really grateful.

What about his dad?  Well, he didn't show up.  And although I was disappointed in the end I'm hoping the discussion that came from his absence
opens the door to something better in the future.  He called and apologized after hubby spoke to him and we had a long (ok long by our standards)
conversation on what the day meant.  He promised me he would never let his pettiness and past hurt and anger get in the way of his relationship with his
son anymore.  I know it's just words but I drove home feeling something good came out of it.

I went home to hubby ordering me Chinese for dinner.  I was so pooped, though, that all I remember was him coming towards me with the food and me
passing out.  I can't even remember if he got it to my table before I nodded off.  I remember briefly thinking I felt like Sylvester the cat at
the animal hospital all drugged up and Butch the dog is coming towards him with a bat.  He knows it's coming but is too tired to do anything about it.

Sunday was spent:

running around cleaning the grill.  [Hubby and I can probably bet that the next bbq will involve picking up a phone and dialing.]

returning some borrowed goods.

driving to Staten Island to visit his sister for her birthday.

I have to say, I really had fun with his sister.  She showed me her photo album and asked my help decorating goodie bags she made for her parents
for her birthday party. 

And aside from the asswipe that gave my sandwich away to another customer who was behind us, I had a nice time with his pop.

The rest of the night was spent trying not to move too much.  I had aches in parts of my body I hadn't realized were there.

Which leads us to today.

Today I got to work to my new boss calling me from home to tell me that I have been appointed the position as of today.  {Pat on back.  pat.
pat.}  However, I will need to allot transition time for my old position.  So I will be doing a bit of both until it's time.  Also, I'm in limbo again
about where I'll be.  Now I'm back at the main office instead of the side office.  I'll see.

Oh, and hubby is already planning our next get together, our belated housewarming in October!