Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sleepiness and cranky dogs make pg something something.....

I started cleaning my desk.  I have four big boxes behind me with more stuff to pack.  Can you believe I'm not even taking stuff that isn't
necessary?  Yes, I feel strange I'm leaving this great work environment to move to the bunkers.  It's not like I'm going to be disconnected from this
office.  I'll be working closely with them but in another capacity.  It's just weird going through my files and realizing all the events and
craziness that have happened in the last 5 years.

I'm also very sleepy.  For the last two weeks, I've wanted so badly to just sleep in and relax.  I haven't been able to sleep in.  The
closest I came to sleeping in was on Sunday when I woke up late for church.  With this new job, I don't get flex time either so I'm missing my 'me' time. 
I think I'm going to take 3 days off near my birthday to just veg.  I'd love to just do nothing.  Right now, I'd settle for just a little sleep. 

I'm sure P-man would like the same.  Hubby spent last night constantly waking up the P-man.  By the fifth wake up, he starting whining like a
baby.  We were really comfy too.  He had his chin on my chest and was totally relaxed when Hubby rolls him over and starts tickling his belly. 
Why did he make it his mission to keep him up?  Who knows.  Hubby did say though that he didn't understand why he's so tired when all he does is sleep
during the day.

Mind you, my tiredness isn't helped by me consistently falling asleep no earlier than 1:30am.  I try to relax but my mind hasn't slowed down. 
It's like my brain is running in 4th gear and can't settle down to 2nd until late night.

My brother and I are going to the San Gennaro festival tonight.  Of course, it can't go as planned.  I called hubby to ask him whether he wants
to bum a ride with bro, take a train or drive the car.  He tells me that my file cabinet came in and I need to go to the Flatiron district to pick it up. 
When I ask him what he'd like to do, he tells me it's up to me.  If it was up to me right now, I'd take a nice nap, snag a ride then scarf a ton of Italian
sausages and zeppoles.  But of course, I want my cabinet too.  So I'm hoofing it home and grabbing the car, going to pick up my cabinet and then
heading to the feast.

Oh and I need to change my shoes.  For goodness sakes, I've walked home in these shoes and yet today my soles are killing me and I've sat down most of
the day.  But alas, my vanity has hit me again.  Hubby just called and asked if I want some other shoes and I couldn't think of another pair that works
with the outfit.  He said he'll give me time to think about it and call me back.  If I was a guy, would I be this vain?  Geez.