Monday, September 06, 2004

Hubby's happy and I continue to pray....

Happy Labor Day!

It's 9am and I'm rushing out the door to meet my stepdad to have C3

Hubby got the car detailed last night.

At 11am, we were the new owners to C4.  {Show name to be determined.} 
We just had to kill time until 2pm when we could pick her up.

Hubby takes me home so I can at least do laundry and maybe some grocery
shopping.  5 loads, vacuuming, dusting and a haircut later, we were driving
C3 for the last time around the neighborhood and then dropping her off.

Hubby was happy as a clam.  He even offered to drive me to my favorite
supermarket since we didn't have time before.  I decided to eat instead.

Lately I haven't been able to go without eating every 5 hours.  I get
dizzy and naseous.  So we went to my hubby's childhood joint.  I think
it capped off his day nicely.

Oh, we even stopped by a friend's place to pick up hubby's "driving glasses"
and to show him his birthday present.

Now the weekend is done.  Hubby is reading all the manuals and I'm
praying that his new toy's accessories (tints, keys, detailing, etc) can wait. 
Of course, I'm sure I'll be wrong.

Off to bed to get ready for what surely be a hectic day.


Today's weather check for Saturday:

ny1 = partly cloudy but nice

nbc = partly cloudy high 80's

weather channel = thunderstorms