Wednesday, September 22, 2004

PG's TV Break: Spawns: Miami and SVU (it's not an automobile?)

Fall Television has begun.  Spoilers ahead......

Good grief.  The two shows I watch last night had two children who will definitely need some serious counseling.

CSI: Miami and Law & Order: SVU

Geez.  Is this going to be the year of disturbed children?  One kid is left in swampland to be eaten by sharks and gators.  Another is
constantly being abducted.

CSI: Miami is not my favorite CSI but if I look at it with the knowledge that it could be a great drinking game show just by watching David Caruso, this
generation's Shatner, then it's entertaining.  But to go and kill off my favorite Miami CSI'r.  Good grief.  I went from disbelief to anger to
sadness then anger again.  And to blame him for his death is even worse.  Good grief at least give him some sort of hero ending.

What do I think about the New York CSI?  Thanks for making us look like we're the least technologically advanced (no need for that type of realism now). 
Good grief, we're they doing an autopsy under the Manhattan Bridge?  Then there is the Gotham of Batman's World dreariness.  Are they recycling sets
from Darkman?  Maybe the season premiere will lighten up.

I like Gary Sinise.  He's cute yet deranged looking.  Just the type of man I like.  I wonder what his kirkiness will be?  Horatio has his
sunglasses, or as TWP calls them, the Shades of Justice.  Grissom has bugs and let's face it, Sara.  CSI writers, just remember toothpicks, donuts,
chewing gum and lollipops have been taken.  Oh and nuts, if you count that guy with the round head from Magnum P.I. [Yeah. Yeah.  I know that was a