Sunday, September 05, 2004

Panic setting in

Yesterday Hubby tells me he wants to buy a smaller car. Ok. Little did I know
that by the end of the day he would have sold our SUV.

Panic. How the hell am I going to get the grill to the party? Mom calms me
down and tells me we can use hers.

And Hubby's idea of getting a two seater sports car was thankfully ruled
out. After a very lengthy discussion about family we decided on a luxury car

But my real panic is the weather now. Weather channel is predicting
thunderstorms on Saturday!

I can't afford to have it at the restaurant by our house. My only prayer
now is to see if some restaurant in Westchester will be affordable. Otherwise,
I have to cancel and I really don't want to do that.

At first I thought, ok, I'll just pay a deposit down for the Sunday after
but now the weather on Sunday looks worse than Saturday!

I know it is wrong but I prayed at church for good weather. Then
embarrassed I asked for such a petty thing, I asked God to drop my request.
I'm sure there is someone is a more desperate time that needs their prayer
answered. But now I'm wishing I didn't. Ok, I don't wish that. I just wish I
hadn't even mentioned it. Damn Catholic guilt.

All I can do now is just hope that 1. the weather will be ok 2. there is a
viable solution that I can come up with in less than 5 days.

Keep your fingers crossed folks. I'm really really nervous.