Thursday, September 09, 2004

I need to punch something.......

Stress is hitting me again but instead of freaking out I'm laughing it off now.

I finally hit Costco.  Mom tagged along.  Her home supplies cost more than the items I had for the party.  Costco with mom was a complete workout.  We had 3 pushcarts which we skillfully lowered to 2.  Pushing the carts to the car was a totally different story.  Since mom can't carry anything heavy, I unpacked the cart, packed the car and unpacked the car.

I had a thick layer of sweat on me by the time I got the last bag of stuff up the stairs.  I love my mother, but her idea of helping me was bring down a piece of rolling luggage and some shopping bags to put the food in.  Ok, if you've gone to Costco you know that nothing fits into a standard shopping bag.

But mom's been really helpful.  She's making her potato salad, lo mein (vegetarian and pork) and ribs.  And she's seasoning the chicken for me.

I hit Stop N Shop for the incidentals and finalized plans to get the grill tomorrow. 

Today's curve ball was hubby calling me to tell me he wanted to bring the car to hapkido.  So I raced home just in time for him to yell at me for saying I'm downstairs when I wasn't.  I was going around the block so the car could double park on our side of the street. 

You know, I understand I'm a bit more sensitive right now because I'm stressed but I seriously don't think he needed to do that.  He was anxious to show off his car and probably a bit upset I've driven it more than he has since we've gotten it.  In all honesty, it's an ok car to me.  I don't think it's that special.  I guess the car thing is a guy thing.

Oh, my day couldn't have ended worse when I check my email and find an email from my step dad grilling me again.  I suppose the first grilling (see 08.06) wasn't enough.  It left such a sour taste in my mouth, I'm going to need alot of beer to hold a smile if he shows up.

How are things going for you ???

I'm expecting to know if my son's mom is comming to the party Saturday.

As I mentioned, I wouldn't want to place current wife ( and daughter) in an
unconfortable situation !!!

Let me know, OK ??

How about calling your daughter in law and asking if she needs any help?  How about telling me that this would be a nice idea instead of grilling me?  How about realizing that she's running around like a loon while trying to hit curve balls thrown by her husband, your son?  How does this change your rsvp?  Just let me know.  Stop trying to dance around it.  Either your coming or not.  Thanks for calling me, pops.  Now let me change my mind about the gift for your daughter and say screw the extra 40 min trip to kids r us.  It's not like you're going to let her wear it or play with it anyway.  Well not in front of me.

Sorry.  PG is pissed.  She's got to fit a grill in her new car and plan to get everything done tomorrow.


Weather forecast for Saturday:

nbc: Mostly sunny. Highs around 80.

ny1: sunny. 80's partly cloudy. 78.