Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Let the stress begin...... Ok, the rsvps have come in and the countdown begins.

Last night was possibly the last night I had to work monthly data compiles. Of course, it could not have gone smoothly. 6 calls and a half dozen curse words at my hiccupping VPN later I completed month end compiles.

In the midst of this, I receive a half dozen calls or so RSVP'g for my shindig.
Now I'm slowly panicing. Honestly, I'm beginning to feel like I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The total count is now 40 but I still haven't had a chance to invite hubby's co-workers. In fact, I'm contemplating whether or not he would be upset if I did. I don't see why he'd be upset but I seriously don't know them. I can call one of his co-workers and ask him to ask whom he deems is right but is that right? Eh, I'll make my final decision tomorrow.

I also hate this sneaking and fibbing that's going on with this darn party. Will the plans blow up?

After a discussion with the resident party planner in the office, it was decided that me trying to actually prepare all the dishes is ridiculous. People will have to be darn happy with Costco's potato salad and macaroni salad. If I went ahead with the plan to cook for everyone, I'd go grey in a matter of days.

Not that I couldn't handle it. Not to toot my horn, but I believe I could. It's just I'm feeling ill already with the lies and deception. Hubby and I made a pact the first year we went out to never lie to each other and I can truly say, I've never fibbed. But with this surprise party, I find myself having to tell him a lie next week and I'm not sure if I can get away with it.

I'm thinking of all the ways he can catch me and I seriously can't think of a solid answer for why I need the car and why I'm not in the office.

His gift is suppose to arrive today in the office. I'm going to have to come by the office next week and pick up the party supplies and wrap his gift.

The party was almost blown by the way. This morning, I left my call forward on my cell and his cousin called to rsvp. Of course, it bounced to the house phone. Luckily, hubby was in the loo and I was able to erase the voice message before he came out.

Geez. Guess this tells you I probably could not have an affair. I'm getting an ulcer from sneaking around to plan a party for him. Guess I better pick up some Tums when I head home.


In the obsession arena:



Hubby didn't even have to ask.

I asked him what he had for lunch and he responded, "parfait."

Total count for the day: 4

Total count for obsession: 16

However, I believe hubby's obsession is coming to an end. He called me and asked me if I needed anything at the store and I said ice cream sandwiches. He immediately said that he shouldn't since he's been parfaiting it up. (Is that a word?) So it looks like parfait obsession may be slowly reaching it's conclusion.