Monday, September 27, 2004

When your co-workers are suddenly roommates...

Met with friends from Vermont over the weekend.  Reminded me how patience is subject to the subject.

Beth had mentioned that patience for the children is about the only patience she has.  She's a special ed teacher.  I agree.  My tolerance
level is non-existent with adults.  Now, I really try.  Not everyone will color coordinate, label, evenly distribute columns within spreadsheets. 
I know this and I'm fine with it.  (Ok, sometimes.)  But I shouldn't have to show an adult with a 'normal' intelligence level how to create a query
or write an argument more than twice.  Three times if it's tricky but that's my limit.

Luckily, in recent months, it hasn't happened that often.  When it has, I breathe and let it rolled down my spine.  Hubby keeps claiming that he's
worried that I'll lose patience and have no tolerance for children.  He may be right.  He may be wrong.  All I know is that nowadays, when I hear
a child screaming or throwing a fit, I tune them out.  I used to try to calm them down.  Now I look at the parents, smile and hand the kid over. 
I figure, if we have kids, I'll have plenty of tantrums to deal with myself.

I have other issues with professionalism.  Here is a list of items I 've seen in my office that deems unprofessional:

  • Clipping fingernails

  • Spraying your shoes with disinfectant

  • Scream out the bosses name and run towards her office (Exception is if there is a fire or the server blows up.)

  • Speaking of politically incorrect items that were told in the context of the office.  ie.  Doug said that the women here need to wear shorter
    skirts and get lower IQs.

  • Taking photos of co-workers and photoshopping them and displaying them on a bulletin board.  (Ok, the first part is fine.  Distribute it via
    email or im and that's it.  No need to outwardly display them.)

Honestly, we as a collective in this office have been together too long.  Hence the complete lack of personal space and privacy.

I'm still hoping to move my desk around in the office.  I'm seriously not liking the configuration.  Also, thinking of replacing my frog with
fish.  Since I don't have a window, I'm trying to fill it with live animals and plants to give the bunker a more homey feel.  Will see.