Monday, September 20, 2004

Dog Poo, Coalmines and Doppelgangers

I love these crisp autumn feeling mornings.  I'm a huge fan of the transition seasons. 

Today, as I walked the dogs, the cool wind circling around me felt wonderful.  I felt like fresh air was sweeping in.  It sounds weird but I felt like
Pocahontas (the Disney one) when all those symbols sweep around her.  Then I a slight sniff of dog poo brought me back to reality.

My grumpiness subsided yesterday.  I guess hubby knew I was a bit grouchy and was trying extra hard to be understanding. 

I'm sorry but this may sound like a chicken way out but sometimes I know I'm getting to the grumpy point and UI just let it happen.  I mean, I don't
want to stay grumpy and if I can prevent it I do.  But sometimes it's like a keg and it has to blow.  I don't recall being like that before. 
It's just recently that I've noticed that I get this funk and no, it doesn't coincide with Flo.

Lord, I have a headache.  I'm tired, hungry and know that I'm getting to a point where if I don't go home, my head won't stop calculating and I won't get
a good night's rest.  My co-worker is making me promise we leave in ten minutes.

Thankfully I just finished the calculations.  They look awful but I'll deal with trying to figure out why were not footing tomorrow.

BTW, all this calculations and validations made me realize, I do not want to be doing this when I'm 60.  Seriously.  I'm not saying change my
profession.  I'm saying I do not want to be working in my 60's.  A picture of me hunched over a paper drenched desk with a single lamp and my
monitor providing light is too scary.

Tonight, I rest for tomorrow promises to be insane.

Oh, so my brother calls me yesterday and says that my doppelganger is sitting next to him at Mickey Dee's @ the Intrepid scarfing on a Big Mac.  Ok,
there was a time I would be insulted.  There is only one PG.  But When I was 9, I met my doppelganger.  I was having tea with my parents in
Chinatown when a couple sat at the opposite end of the table.  (In chinatown, you share tables.)  They sat the little girl right next to me. 
She spoke fluent English, had her hair in pigtails (ok not a big coincidence) and wore a
similar pink dress.  She turned to me and said, "Hi my name is
PG."  Turned out we had the same name, same birth month and same favorite color.

Back to yesterday, so my brother said he saw my doppelganger.  He said she had the same mannerisms, dress and appearance.  Which lead my hubby to
say that one night at a bar with his buddies he saw a doppelganger of me.  He was a bit wigged and then thought it would be hot if we made out.  Men.

Now, ok.  All Asian people look the same.  I've heard that.  So maybe it was just the common denominator of being Asian.  But then it
made me wonder, if my family swears that there are doppelgangers of me floating around, do they have any tips for me?  Any lessons I haven't learned yet? 
Come on.  If you are my doppelganger, give me some life lessons and I'll share with you mine.  'Cause it hard enough to do it alone.