Saturday, September 04, 2004

No rest for the obsessed and their spouses

I woke up this morning realizing that I should enjoy the weekend before my
week of party planning craziness begins.  Hubby thought otherwise.

h: I've been thinking we should get a new car.

pg: ok. 

h:  Maybe a faster, funnier car.

pg:  This isn't because of the Carmen Gia we saw, is it?

h: a little (blushing)

pg: ok.

5 hours later, I'm near tears as hubby decides that a Honda S2000 should be
the next car.

Because he worked from home last week, I couldn't do anything for the party
so it's been all pushed to this coming week.  Now how the heck am I
supposed to get the grill, propane tank, food, serving buckets and coolers,
presents, tchotckes and what not to the party?  So during his test drive, I
called mom and told her emergency plans must be made.  I might need to
borrow her suv to transport stuff.

Hubby comes back and I tell him that as a primary car, it seems impractical. 
3 hours later we're arguing about the car.  I'm near tears.  I can't
tell him not to get it and why and yet he's begging me for an enthusiastic
approval of his choice of car.

Long story short, I wound up sobbing about how he had primed me for a more
family friendly car and then threw me a curve ball.

Now I realize that any rest I hoped to receive during this Labor Day weekend
before party planning will be completely lost.  My hubby is in new toy mode
which means I must go and buy some Tums.