Saturday, September 18, 2004

Tired, grumpy and unable to bake :-(

I am so tired.  I haven't had a chance to collect myself. 

It seems like I'm backlogged with home to dos.  I'm trying to catch up with work, transition work and learn my new work.  Plus, it seems like the
world is continuing on like 'sands in an hourglass.'  The gas being shut off.  The laundry piling up.  The mail needs to be read. The car has to be tempermental. The dog has to throw up on our bed. The lightning and thunder has to keep us up.

We just bought a toaster oven and I'm busy trying to clear the kitchen a bit while I try to ignore the rest of the world around me.  Hubby has decided
that we no longer need the ac and wants to take it down and replace it with fans.  Of course, this probably will involve me helping him move it. 
He then wants to place fans in the window.  I'm a spoiled princess and enjoy my air conditioning.  To understand my trepidation, you have to
realize that our apartment is always 10 degrees hotter than outdoors.  We live on a top floor and our windows face our courtyard which is enclosed. 
But I'm sure I'll be fine.

He has some other plans as well.  He is thinking of selling the fish tank and getting a smaller one.  What I would like is the household items
I've asked for to be done first.  But alas, my fellow married co-workers have told me to keep wishing.  Many have done them all themselves. 
Some hire a handyman to do the work.  I would do it myself but I can't pick up the damn tool box.  Maybe when my hubby cleans out the coat closet (a
request that may be completed with the removal of the ac).  I can ask him to keep the toolbox on a lower shelf so I can reach the drill and stuff.

I've seen the tool kits made for women.  Personally, I don't want to just run out and get it.  Seriously, aside from the hammer, the tools are
the same as a guy's tools except they are packaged in a pretty box.

Well, starting next week, I will no longer wait for hubby to help me decide on furniture and household items.  My first item to purchase, the dvd/videogame

Forgive me if I sound grumpy.  I just am.  Now I must get back to tidying up.