Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tinted windows. Bloody tinted windows.

Today started off well.  I woke up early and did my "going to work"
routine.  Kissed hubby goodbye for the day and immediately started calling
everyone to confirm.

I called my friend who will be grilling and my cousins, one who will be
driving hubby to the surprise.  An hour later, I've had breakfast,
showered, changed, subscribed to AAA, transferred the EZ-pass and headed out to
drop the deposit and access the party area.

I passed a supermarket and thought dropping off the coins in that Coinstar
machine would be a quick stop.  I'm stumbling around all over the
supermarket with this giant sack of coins looking for the Coinstar machine. 
I went to the customer service desk to ask but when I got there the line was
long.  I turned to the bag lady (not an actual bag lady but a lady who was
bagging groceries) and asked her where the machine was.  She pointed behind
me.  Right behind me in blazing green lights was 'Coinstar'.  I
tottered my bag to the machine a shade reddier.

As I was driving out of the supermarket, my phone rang.

h: You're not at work?

pg: Remember I said I had a meeting downtown?

h: Oh.  Well i took a half day to get the spare keys made and get the
car tinted.  I'm heading home now.  The Manhattan dealership said they
needed the title with me.  Dad said that we can just do it at his
dealership so I'm heading there.

pg: Where are you?  (Trying to sound calm.)

h: I'm in a taxi going home.

After that I blanked out.  My heart started pumping.  Thoughts were
racing in my head.  "pg, I told you not to lie.  he'd find out." 
How the hell am I going to pull this off?  Another day set back!

All I recall is venting to my mother and sharing the story to friends and
family as I sped down the highway to make it home.

Hubby called me again and sounded agitated.

h: You took the keys?

pg: yes.  I'm meeting my brother for dinner.

h:  You weren't going to go home first to walk the dogs?

pg: No I was going to pick up the car then walk the dogs.

The rest involved hubby saying he wasn't upset at me but the situation. 
Apparently he took a half day off for nothing.  Dad said that the spare
keys wouldn't be ready until Tuesday.

Since the rest of my day was shot, I thought I should pick up hubby and take
him to the auto store for car stuff.  Hubby unfortunately was still grumpy
and started ranting about how I was trying to pacify him like a child. 
Good grief.

I tried my darndest to keep myself composed. 

Then as I dropped him off he went on a rant about why we didn't just get the
car tinted instead of going to the auto store.

Of course I had a few drinks with dinner with my brother.  He had a
great laugh at the story and I'm still a few days away from D-day.

The day wasn't a complete loss.  I was able to go to the party store by
my brother and pick up a few serving bowls and such and the threat of hubby
coming home early has been subdued with a late night trip to get the car tinted. 
I also told him I was off tomorrow. 

Hoping things go a bit more smoothly tomorrow.

BTW, hubby, when and if you do finally read this, taking the afternoon off to
get the car tinted is not what i deem a good surprise for me.  Let's admit
it was for you and let it go.


Weather forecast:

nbc: partly cloudy highs in the 80s

ny1: sunny and 81

weather.com: partly cloudy 77