Thursday, September 23, 2004

What ever happened to dressing for success?

Read an article about a father who was upset the principal duct taped his son's pants.  They were
too low under school dress code standards.

I see nothing wrong with this and in fact, believe it's darn time they do something about the disheveled, half-dressed look kids wear nowadays.

Maybe I'm from a parochial mentality.  But maybe a little embarrassment will stop him from having his ass hang over his pant's waist.

Hubby last night mentioned how in his pubescent years, the key was dressing to impress.  You want to stand out (ok, in the 80's standing out meant
fitting into several categories.  but nonetheless....) but you want to look clean.  Why?  Because you want to get laid and clean people generally
get laid more than dirty people.  [Please don't debate me on the later.]

It's true.  Sure I had high hair, blue eyeliner and pink lipstick.  Sure I wore 8 million scrunchie socks and bracelets.  Oh, and who can
forget the pale skin, stick straight hair, bright red lipstick phase I went through.  But my clothes fit and were clean.  My ass wasn't sitting on
my pant waist and my midriff wasn't bare to all.  (Ok, maybe a little belly button.)

I think all schools should have a little duct tape.  If I had to have ruler inspections of skirts, undershort inspections and hair cut regulations, a
little duct tape won't hurt kids today.

Heck, when I was in school, my classmate was duct taped to her seat, my girlfriend's boyfriend had us color in his head with permanent marker to avoid
detention for a too short buzz cut and our dean periodically inspected to ensure that we weren't wearing shorts under our skirts.  Ok, the last one was a
bit invasive and if anything spooky and creepy now that I think about it.

We were hit with rulers, chalk, chalkboard erasers.  We had to put gum on our nose if we were caught chewing it in class.

I say, bring back civics and civility back into the classrooms.