Thursday, September 16, 2004

I Want My Gas!!!!!!!!

So we're out of gas.  Well not out of gas, just gasless.

Con ed found a leak in our building's gas pipe and need to shutdown our gas for indefinite period of time.  Rumors say 2-3 months.  Hot water
thankfully is back up though.

Guess my artillery of electric appliances will have to carry us through.  Great excuse to learn how to use the pressure cooker. Mom is even offering to lend me her electric wok.

This means Thanksgiving and Housewarming is cancelled.  I'm slightly relieved. But I know as the time approaches, I'll be longing to cook. :-(

Rumors also have it that the board wants to give us each hot plates.  Bad move IMO.  Instead, they should work out discounts with the local
eateries and laundry centers. Hey, maybe a New Yorker can grill. I wonder if the board would approve a simple charcoal grill to be placed in the courtyard for communal usage.


Work has been hectic.  Trying to transition my stuff and learn the new stuff is tiring.  Not to mention, since everything is going at light speed,
everything is due ASAP.  My actual move date is set for October 1st.   I'm breathing and hanging in.