Thursday, January 13, 2005

Can I Tivo to the good parts?

My boss said that coming into work after jury duty to finish some reports would be fine by her. I never asked her. I understand she’s crunched but I really don’t want to come in after hours of either sitting in the ‘hopper’ or trying to convince the lawyers why I would not be a suitable candidate for their respective cases.

So in between voir dire, I plopped myself down at a workstation and hastily worked on two projects. I finished one major report that needed to be Fed Ex’ed to Tennessee just as I was called in. At lunch I printed it out to my office printer and had the asst send it to my boss for approval. By afternoon break, the approval was received and I called in the Fed Ex pick up. Isn’t there a law or something that says I shouldn’t have to work while on Jury Duty?

Anyway, it’s been 5 years since I’ve been called to jury duty. Things have changed though. Instead of group q/a sessions, they now interview each individual. Now, I understand the reasoning but in all honesty, by hour 2 I was begging to go out and continue working on my laptop.

This made me think, would I be a good juror if I was picked? Seriously, my attention span seriously wanes when I am subjected to frivolous banter. Now, it’s not frivolous for the lawyers but my brain can only store so much info. My fellow juror’s personal relationships are immaterial in my world. Let me get back to the twenty million things I need to do and call me when you need me. If I feel this way during selection, how will I be in an actual case?

I know, I sound bitter. Don’t mind me. It’s the sleep deprivation. I actually slept on the train this morning. I had to. I placed Lrudlrick’s laptop backpack on my lap and used it as a pillow. If not for that nap, I would have seriously crashed during questioning.

I guess I should get to bed now to avoid another crash. Good grief, how do you morning people do it?