Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Isn't my ass supposed to stop my skirt from hiking up to my waist?

So I just finished my meeting. I got out of the station and hauled ass. I finally got to the building at ten past two.

In the elevator, I quickly took my jacket off to try to make myself presentable. I look down and there is a huge bunch near my stomach. It looks like a bloop. I keep trying to smooth my skirt and it just stays there. Apparently as I was doing my hurry up walk/skip/run in 4inch boots, I shifted my lining on my skirt up past my ass.

Why does this only happen to me? Honestly. I know how my skirts like to circumnavigate me. So I chose a sheath dress with a cardigan. Now my lining is giving me grief?

Since I was late, I had no time to search for a bathroom and walked into the conference room hoping to find a sit quick to avoid having to walk around with giant bloop. Of course, the first person I meet is the Treasurer of the school and she proceeds to introduce me to what I can only imagine to be 20 or so people. Did I mention they were all seated in four separate tables arranged to face the inner circle?

I spent the next two hours with my skirt bunched up by my waist. Am I the only person with these types of wardrobe maladies?