Wednesday, January 26, 2005

How to get your brother to stop IM'g you:

pg(4:47:44 PM): had a meeting last night with my boss.

pg(4:48:35 PM): she goes off the cuff with she has to cancel her colonoscopy

pg(4:48:45 PM): and that it's been over a year.

pg(4:48:49 PM): and i'm like

pg(4:48:51 PM): i don't want to know these things.

pg(4:48:55 PM): then her right hand woman turns to me and says, "i have to pee... i think i have a urinary tract infection."

pg(4:49:16 PM): and i'm like

pg(4:49:18 PM): dude.

muthafunga signed off.