Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Time for pg's thoughts on '24':

Again, if you have not seen last night's episodes, do not proceed.

  • Good going there Miss Driscoll. She's not into protocol unless it's hierarchy of command. She's the only woman I know who cannot multitask. Come on. Let's put all our resources on one suspect. Think globally Miss Driscoll. Then the writers try to show sympathy by plopping a mentally disturbed kid in the picture. In the words of Lrudlrick, "There are some people who shouldn't be mothers."

  • Why do we need another Sherry? Aisha, go back to CSI. You'll do better there.

  • Now I’m the first to admit it but I’ve opened my mind to Chloe and her snarkiness. Maybe it’s because she’s loyal to Jack. Maybe it’s because she’s snarky to those I dislike. Either case, I’m the first to say it; I’m starting to like her.

  • What in God’s name did he have to get at the gas station? Gas? Should have filled up the night before, buddy. Gum? Ok, I’ll give you gum but honestly, when the line is that long, skip the gum and move on.

  • Jack, what made you think that holding up the Kwik-e-Mart was smart? Seriously, slash some tires. Get into a major fender bender with the terrorist’s car. Let armed robbery be the last resort, buddy.

  • Talk about parents messing with the mind of a teenager. Don’t you know teens have a very fragile brain. It’s all slushy in there. All those hormones slosh around in that brain and distribute everything. Drugging and having your teen son kill his first love will leave deep scars. Evil mom, you beat Betty Davis hands down. Oh, and Diana Ross called. She wants her wig back.

  • My man, Bill. Bill should have left his daughter. How could you be the daughter of the Secretary of Defense and not know hot to run, hit someone and/or pull a gun off an unconscious person? Lesson one: Take off the Easy Spirit pumps. Lesson two: Tiptoeing through the tulips won’t get you away from your captors. Lesson three: When daddy leaves the gun for a machine gun, pick up the hand gun and protect your back. Lesson four: When dad’s fighting with a captor, don’t just stand there and stare. Punch, kick, grab gun.