Tuesday, January 25, 2005

pg's thoughts on '24':

Disclaimer remains: If you haven’t seen hour 6, do not pass Go.
  • Is Keifer Sam Fisher? I think so. I think it’s time for a Splinter Cell-like ‘24’ game for Xbox. Only Jack could go in with one, yes one gun blazing and take out the hostages. Was it just me or did Jack take too much pleasure out of the neck snapping? Aw, heck, I got a shot of adrenaline watching it.

  • Is this a record? 6 hours before Keifer gets shot/stabbed/killed/drugged/tortured? Only took 4 24 hour assignments for Keifer to realize, hey, I need a bulletproof vest. BTW, I’ve never been shot and hope never to be shot but according to what I’ve read, you don’t bounce right back up like a Weeble after getting shot.

  • Mmmm. Keifer/Devane sandwich. OMG, now that’s the kind of SOD I can go for. {Can any of us see Donnie Rumsfeld pull a pose-tumble-crouch-shoot move like Devane?} Holy crap, Bill Devane is a smoking old guy. See, Blondie, that’s how you cover a person’s back. Oh and notice the picking up of dropped weapons? You don’t need to play Xbox to know you pick up any weapon lying around.

    Note from Lrudlrick: How convenient a car was parked just outside the door. Notice that it wasn’t a Ford.

  • What no Black Hawks? You’d think they’d pull the guns out for the SOD. Eh, but it was still quite satisfying to see the fatigues come in and storm the place. Reminiscent of Counter Strike. Hello, EA Games. You heard it hear. When are we going to get the chance to be Jack Bauer fighting terrorists?

  • Ok, the click of the knife was echoing. I suppose Marines jumping out of copters and machine gun firing would muffle it but it certainly was a loud click.

  • Keifer was more than happy to jump back into his old position. In fact, I think I even saw a smile come across his face. What Driscoll? I have to follow your orders. Yeah, sure. If you’re not the President (preferably the Black one who now sells insurance), I’m not listening.

  • How did Audrey hook up with PBS dude? That relationship seemed colder than my freezer. No hugging. No running towards each other. Even the dialogue was frigid. BTW, is that all that actor plays, frigid emasculated men?

  • After 2 hours, someone goes, hey, where is teen spirit? Of course, the sensory deprivation didn’t do much. I’d think he’d be jell-o by now. Bill, you did the right thing. Obviously this kid has been coddled and needs two more hours of high pitched noises in a pitch black room. See you around 3pm, kid.

  • Good for you Behrooz. I was waiting for you to show your skills. Personally, I would have grabbed the gun but hey, everyone knows how I feel about dropped guns by now.

  • This season on ‘24’ we delve into the psychological effects of dysfunctional father-son relationships. Disappointed fathers. Ingrate sons. Behrooz, TerrorPop, BillDevane and Teen Spirit need to go to group counseling.

  • Anyone else notice that spawn seems to be the weak link for terrorists and government employees alike?