Thursday, January 06, 2005

Pilfering Sons of B*&^$#!

3 months in my new office. No less than three months and I’m already violated.

Two days ago my mouse was acting fritzy. Figuring it was time for new batteries (it’s a wireless), I brought 2 Duracell Ultras and popped them in. This morning my mouse is dead and in the place of the two Ultras I find two knock off Duracells stamped 2003 with some asian scribble on them.

What the hell, people! The only people that have keys to my office are housekeeping and security.

A few months ago, Susan had a box of pop tarts stolen from her office. Pop Tarts!
Now, there are far more valuable things to take in my office other than batteries but I guess petty larceny is a misdemeanor so why risk anything higher. Now I feel a compulsion to lock up my keyboard and mouse and lock the rest of my file cabinets.

I should not feel like I have to lockdown my office. My co-worker said to report it to security but seriously, they’ll probably just laugh at me and throw me three bucks for new batteries.

Damnit! Don’t make me pull out my webcam and catch your pilfering ass!