Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Randoms Thoughts from a Dayquil addict...

I am so tired right now.

I’m back at work because I couldn’t stand being cooped up in the house. Sure, I was home but it wasn’t like I could do anything. Well, I could; I just didn’t have the energy to do it.

So I’m at my desk now and I’m trying for the life of me to stay up. I’m cold and groggy.

BTW, Nyquil Cough does not work for what I have. Last night, I passed out, literally, on a paper towel because I didn’t have the strength to get up and hack my lung up again. I’d cough, hack, wipe and throw it in a bin I placed next to me.

I will tell you that this illness has just led me to be a mindless drone. I’ve sat in three meeting so far and each time they turn to me for an opinion, all I can do is nod and go “yes, I concur”.

You ever try to figure out the logic to what you did eons ago and it just seems circular? That’s what’s happening now with the rationale to extract pre-payments from my total figures for my boss. Why didn’t I just remove all pre-payments not specific pre-payments and why did I remove them in the first place since I want to see all payments posted into the bank? More Dayquil will help me solve this.

Don’t you hate it when your favorite nail polish becomes discontinued? I’ve hoarded two bottles of my favorite nail polish for two years now. I even tried EBay. Last night as I was doing my nails, I pulled out one and put it on. Then I felt guilty that I used it. Isn’t the purpose of nail polish to be used on my nails? Why did I feel guilty for using it for its purpose? And why am I hoarding it like it’s going with me to the great beyond? its frickin’ nail polish.

My mom is sort of like that except she hoards useless things and thinks things don’t expire. I swear she has blush from the 70’s in her makeup bag. Once, she pulled out a bottle of honey she said was really good. When you looked at the bottle, it was crystallized honey with an extremely suspect crusty top. Yes, I know of the “protective coating”. Honey should not have protective coating. For all I know that honey could have been farmed by bees when I was 10.

I was worse. I used to keep everything. I had my kindergarten books and everything. When I started dating Lrudlrick he started weaning me from my pack rattage. Now I only hoard the super important stuff like nail polish. ROFL. So back to the nail polish. So it got me thinking, there has to be a company that can replicate the nailpolish you love. They do it for lipsticks. They do it for china. Why can’t they do it for nailpolish? Someone jump on this will ya and give me a cut!

Oh, and if anyone has a bottle of “sea violette” from L’Oreal they are willing to part with, email me.