Monday, January 10, 2005

Who thought up cotton for an anniversary?

I just finished purchasing my hubby’s anniversary present. I am so excited. I think he’ll love it. It’s very difficult to get something for the second anniversary that is cotton. I mean cotton is everywhere but I don’t think a pair of Gap briefs is an appropriate wedding anniversary gift.

You want it to be symbolic yet without the cheese factor. Last year, Lrudlrick got me a gift certificate to my favorite spa. I recall how proud he was that he figured out the perfect ‘paper’ anniversary present. Of course, when he got there they gave him a plastic gift card and he completely flipped. Apparently, he explained that it was our paper anniversary and if they could write a note on paper it would help him immensely. I recall how upset he was when he presented it to me. I laughed and told him the paper he wrapped it in counted. Heck, I was more impressed he knew what a ‘paper’ anniversary was!

Although Lrudlrick rarely reads this (or so he says) I’m again refraining from telling you what his ‘cotton’ anniversary present is until I give it to him. All I can say, is, it kicks butt and for those who know what it is, ‘zip it’.

Mom’s coming home tomorrow so I guess I’ll try to get together with her this weekend. Funny, I haven’t received a single call from her; not even a call to speak to grandma. I hope there are pictures but honestly, I’m not counting on it. Mom doesn’t take pictures. She’ll be in pictures but she prefers others take the picture. I still need a picture of Lrudlrick’s grandfather on his mom’s side to complete my grandparent frame but I don’t want to pressure his mom. I’ll mention it again when I call her for our weekly chat on Tuesday.

So I have Jury Duty this week. It’s actually the selection pool. I hope they don’t pick me. I seriously do not need the inconvenience. {Please don’t comment on my civic duty, yada-smada.} All I know is I have to get my butt downtown before 9am. 9am! I wake up at 9am! I called the court to see if I could bring my laptop and they said yes and I could even get internet connection for $9/day or $45/month. I might just do that. I can surf the news, watch Luxtv and chat online. Sure I can catch up on reading but reading is overrated. LOL.

So I’ve decided to donate my frequent flier miles to a charity to help the tsunami victims. Of course, like most New Yorkers, I’m skeptical of most non-profit organizations. I prefer to know what my money is going towards. If it’s 80% administrative then, I search elsewhere. I’ve so far narrowed it down to Americares and Operation USA . Most know about Americares. Operation USA is a privately funded organization. Donations are used to help fund sea and air carrier deliveries to remote areas. If you know of a worthy organization that I should check out, comment/email/im me.