Monday, January 24, 2005

Quick note to the dog:

Thanks for stepping in your own excrement this morning.

As if it isn't bad enough I have to walk the two of you bundled up stiff like I'm wearing a Sumo Wrestler costume. I lose all peripherals with my hood on.

Now I know it isn’t easy wearing boots and the foot of snow you have to travel across to get to the curbside to poop isn’t a picnic either but good grief, girl.

I was late for work because I had to clean your bootie. Mind you, that was not the most thrilling thing to do this morning.

Your brother doesn’t step in his own pee or poop. In fact, he’s rather careful around other animal’s droppings as well.

Get with the program dog. If you can’t deal with the salt/snow, you are going to have to wear booties. No amount of poop on bootie is going to stop this.