Friday, January 21, 2005

pg's thoughts on '24':

  • What kind of stupid tune was Debbie’s phone playing? Didn’t sleeper cell son realize that he should turn off the phone or at least tune it to vibrate?

  • I seriously think this filler piece about mentally challenged child for Driscoll is to evoke sympathy. Well Driscoll gets no sympathy from me.

  • Firstly, I understand that Driscoll needs to show authority but leaving herself a man short and a bunch of newbies to handle the current conflict may not be the best approach. She’s lost her wannabe Jack and is relegated to having to rely on the man she fired and despises. She’s now just fired/forced resigned the team lead and is now left with Breck girl, conniving girl and lispy. Now I love Lispy. He’s got a good heart and I hope that he doesn’t go to the dark side. BTW, nice speech there Chloe. Your social skills may need some tuning but you’ve got heart kid. Thank you for not selling out your ‘friend’. Extra gold star goes to your little jab at Breck girl and her amateur spy techniques. Now go find Lukas Haas and have strange looking geek babies.

  • Is it me or should presidents not live in cocoons. Seriously, seems like no one can get to Keeler? And how long is he going to be on that damn Air Force One?

  • Holy crap, Bill Devane willing to commit suicide for the country. Who votes Heller the new president if he gets out of this alive? Keeler isn’t presidential enough. I want a kick butt president. BTW, is his son still in that room receiving sensory deprivation? The kid must be jello by now.