Monday, January 24, 2005

Stop staring at my wife's boob.

Last Thursday was Lrudlrick's office shindig. The shindig that started with little information and ended with a tummy full of red wine and sugar loaded desserts. Dress attire, dining arrangements, time and meeting places were never established. Dress attire was determined after viewing some to be quite honest, awfully heinous photographs from a party a few years ago. Now, I'm not saying the people in the pictures were heinous, just that the person photographing them seemed to enjoy the zoom and flash mode of his/her camera. No one looks good 6 inches from the lens.

Anywho, I didn't find out that dinner would not be served until I was on CPW freezing my tukas off in my silk dress and stockings. I spent the evening filling up on their shrimp cocktails and desserts. I completely missed out on the dumplings which by most were below average. As typical planned/unplanned events go with us, Lrudlrick and I wound up having a disagreement with meeting times:

L: Where are you?

pg: Just finished walking the dogs. I'm grabbing the car now.

L: That was hours ago. When I last called you were doing that.

pg: No. When you last called, I said I just got here and I'm about to take the dogs.

L: Well, you were supposed to be here already.

pg: I thought it was at 6.

L: It is but you're supposed to pick me up.

pg: Yeah, 5:30/quarter to 6 should be plenty of time to get there.

L: You were supposed to pick me up at 5.

pg: When did you tell me that.

L: I assumed.

pg: Well I assumed that since you were stressed out about the amount of work you had, you didn't want to leave so early. Just go to the darn thing and I'll meet you there.

L: But what will I say about you not being there?

pg: Say your wife has to hike her ass home to change, walk the dogs and then hike her butt downtown.

L: I'll call you when I get out of the train.

pg: Fine.

The event was quite nice and if not for me spilling oil on my left boob within the first half hour, it was just about accident free.

Lrudlrick was quite stylish in his suit. We had both decided that the pre-requisite black suit/dress wasn't going to cut it. I mean, we weren't going to come out like Bootsy Collins and George Clinton but we wanted some color. Lrudlrick looked dapper in his brown suit and I went Hollywood with a Silver Satin dress and cashmere cardigan. Sure my ankles were aching from the chilly winds but I looked sweet with my crocodile skin pumps.

I actually found it humorous the band thought Usher and Beyonce were good additions to their setlist. I found it more humorous to see the clients dance to said setlist. Obviously someone was really getting down because there were remnants of pasta and shrimp on the floor from an apparent boogie shaking accident. I figured the appropriate moment to leave would be when Snoop Dogg songs started making their way into the setlist.

All in all, it was a nice affair and it was nice to meet hubby's colleagues. It wasn't too formal that I'd be relegated as the 'Spouse'.