Friday, January 07, 2005

When I get your grubby hands, I'll... I'll... I'll something.

Feeling violated and frankly pissed off regarding the whole, switching my batteries ordeal, I left my office last night with all my cabinets locked, my mouse and keyboards stored away, my phone cord tangled so I would notice tampering and all my candy jars at a perfect 45 degree angle to my lamp. On my now empty desk, I left the two imitation batteries on my blotter, dead center. What I hoped to accomplish by this feat, I had no idea.

Well this morning, everything was exactly in it's original place. I felt that I made my point and proceeded to work when I looked over to my bulletin board. On my board I have an assortment of photos, work related figures and miscellaneous memorablila. One such token is a gold doubloon from our wedding. Now, knowing how pantrygirl is, you can expect that this doubloon is positioned straight. Well this doubloon was now tilted at an angle and the pushpins I surrounded that were holding the doubloon were shifted! Did whomever switched my batteries think it was a valuable coin with larcency possibilities? Damnit. Now I'm pondering Lrudlrick's idea to set up a webcam and record overnight. I just want to see who this person is who feels it's his/her right to go through my crap. I'm so pissed. Going home to make soup and plan my next move.